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Journey To The Past- Epilogue.

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Anamaria sat frozen, chills running down her spine as she stared at the man before her. He held her hand gently, supportively, lovingly. There was a soft glow coming from his face as he held her gaze, his eyes reflective pools of sincerity. Had she heard him correctly? Or was she just imagining the words he whispered softly to her. She felt an added weight upon her hand and shifted her glance downward to stare at it in surprise.

She lost sense of everything. Her body was numb, her eyes welled with tears and all she could hear were Jack's words echoing in her ears. She felt herself nod, a smile appearing on Jack's face as he scooted closer. Through the haze, she heard some where in the background the priest say, "You may kiss your bride."

And Jack did just that.

Ana was caught unaware as Jack captured her lips, the kiss fierce but passionate. She relaxed in his grip as her fingers entwined with his, her actions bringing their hands to rest on Jack's chest above his heart. Ana pulled away first, her forehead still resting against his as she whispered, her words brushing Jack's lips.

"Do you mean it?"

Without hesitation Jack answered, "Yes." His usual slur was absent as he spoke, his words forming properly.

Ana dropped his hand as she reached up behind her neck, her fingers fumbling with the clasp of her necklace. Jack watched with odd curiosity as the chain went slack and Ana slid something from it before clasping the necklace together once again. She held up a large silver band for Jack to see.

"It belonged to my father," she whispered. "I don't think he'd mind."

She slid the band over one of Jack's fingers as she drew his face to hers, the tips of their noses slightly touching. She spoke in a low voice in hopes of trying not to draw attention as she said, repeating the same words Jack had moments before whispered to her, "I, Anamaria, take thee Jack to be my wedded husband. To have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part."

Ana realized she had been holding her breath and slowly exhaled, her hands slightly shaking as she sat there, Jack's arms securely around her.


The reception afterward was a grand event, and Jack soon lost himself to the crowd and the abundant bounty there was to offer. He was however, deeply disappointed when he found no rum on the beverage table, but instead found plenty of champagne, wine and brandy. Selecting two glasses of the finest champagne, Jack looked around to find his bonny lass.

A smile spread over his face as a new word formed on his lips. My… wife. Jack tilted his head, the word, he had to admit had a very nice ring to it. Skimming the numerous faces, he finally found her, sitting alone at a table in a corner.

Ana sat admiring the small silver band that now occupied her left hand, her mind jumbled with mixed thoughts and emotions. It had really happened, she kept telling herself, trying every way possible to assure that she wasn't dreaming. An odd feeling washed over her, a feeling that had been embedded in the pit of her stomach since the wedding.

She felt an awkward pulling sensation in her gut and brought her head up like she felt compelled to do. The smallest hint of a smile made itself known on her face as she saw Jack sauntering through the crowd in her direction. He finally reached her side, a contemptuous scowl upon his face at the nobles milling around blocking his path.

The pirate captain set the flutes down with a bow as he announced, "Your drink, m'lady."

"Have you seen Will or Elizabeth?" Ana asked taking a sip of her champagne.

Jack raised an eyebrow at the question and leaned back in his chair, tipping his glass back as he drained it. "Nope, but I'm sure they're around here somewhere."

Ana rolled her eyes and drummed her fingers on the table as she looked around the large room searching for the Turner's. It had been a while since she'd seen them, or Norrington and his new bride for that matter. She had hoped to congratulate the Commodore, but had not seen him since his departure at the chapel.

Her fingers suddenly stopped moving as Jack covered her hand with his own, the roughness of pirate hands sending a spark of longing through her. Her gaze was met by his- his dark brown eyes reflecting what she felt inside.

"What say we get out of here, savvy?"

Ana wrinkled her nose. "But what of-"

"Oh, they'll be just dandy on their own," Jack cut her off with confidence.

Nodding, Ana stood up as Jack linked his arm through hers and led her from the bustling gala. The sun was low in the sky, but still hours from setting as they walked the streets, Jack leading and Ana in tow.

"Aren't we going back to Will and Elizabeth's?" Ana asked curiously as she noticed Jack taking a different route that lead away from the Turner's household.

Jack grinned at her. "Nay, Ana. We're goin' somewhere else."

"Like where?"

The pirate captain shook his head in mock refusal. "You'll just have to wait an' see, savvy?"

Ana's brow puckered in confusion. "Savvy."

As they eventually left all the hubbub of the wedding reception, Ana could see the shore come into view, the crystal waters of the Caribbean shimmering in the afternoon sun. Jack turned off the main path and led his follower through a small grove of trees that ended in a clearing sheltered in a cove. Just off shore, rested the Pearl, a magnificent sight in the brilliance of the sunlight as the black sails fluttered in the cooling breeze.

"We're going to the Pearl?" Ana asked incredulously as she walked down to the water.

Jack pointed up where the canopy of several trees offered shade over his head. "Just wait," he told her, the grin still on his face. "Listen."

Ana scrunched her face up as she tilted her head listening, waiting. "I don't hear anything, Jack," she told him annoyingly. Almost after the words left her mouth, she heard a shrill call sound from the trees above her. The cry was loud and lonesome as it echoed off the cliffs.

"A whippoorwill?"

Jack nodded. "Odd I know. Considerin' their natural habitat and all. I heard him last night when I came to see Gibbs. Most lonesome sound in all of nature," he said as he sidled beside her, an arm wrapping around her shoulders protectively. "They're playin' for ye, Ana."

Ana glanced at Jack and leaned into him, her hand gripping his shirt. "Don't you mean us?"

The pirate captain nodded with a content smile on his face. "Aye, for us. Come on," he took her hand and led her down to where the surf met the sand. Ana stopped and took her shoes off, the feeling of dampened sand under her toes bringing back memories.

Jack helped her into the longboat they had hidden in the brush and rowed them out to meet the Pearl as she floated aimlessly in the small cove.

"Where are the crew?" Ana inquired as she walked across the deck of the ship.

"Oh, betcha never guess that while Port Royal is a quiet, civilized place, that it would actually have a tavern on the outskirts of town," Jack said nonchalantly as he stepped up to the helm. "So with the permission of the Commodore, I let the crew have a night off for themselves. Provided, that they don't get into trouble." Yeah right.

"I see," Ana whispered slyly as she ran her fingers across Jack's back, her hands stopping on his shoulders as she pulled the stiff suit jacket from its position. Tossing it aside, she added, "Meaning, we're alone. You are quite the furtive one, aren't you?"

Jack turned in her arms, his face unreadable. "Ana," he didn't get any further as his need drove him, his need for her. He cupped her face in his hands, kissing her fervently.

Ana wrapped her arms around his neck as his hands slid downward tentatively, his fingers bunching in the fabric of her skirt. She pulled away slightly and took one of his hands as she backed up across the deck.

Jack cocked his head to one side at her actions as he asked, "What are ye doin'?"

The only answer he got was a sultry filled chuckle as Ana stopped, her path being blocked by a door. She pulled his head down to hers, her kiss deepening at his touch. Ana reached behind her, her hand pushing on the door allowing it to swing open. She took a step back only to halt unsuspectingly. Jack stood firmly in place unwilling to let her guide him any longer.

"Jack?" Ana gave him a slight tug of the arm trying to get his attention.

He glanced over at her and smiled. Gone was his usual grin or smirk, replaced with a genuine smile as he shifted his weight. Leaning ever so gracefully in Ana's direction, he scooped her up into his arms and stepped over the thresh-hold of his cabin, his foot closing the door behind him.


"Have you seen Jack or Ana lately?" Elizabeth asked her husband as they were readying themselves to leave.

Will looked up from feeding his daughter to stare at his wife, a knowing grin upon his face. "I saw them leave hours ago. Guess they got tired of sitting around in a room filled with upstarts."

Elizabeth frowned. "Do you think they went back to the house?"

"There is no telling with those two. There's no need to worry. I'm sure they're fine," Will assured.

"I sure hope you're right, Will. Who knows what kind of trouble they could get into!"


Ana rapidly blinked the sleep from her eyes as she awoke. The beginning signs of sunset were evident as the luminous shades of red, orange and pink cascaded through the open window of Jack's cabin covering the two figures in the bed. A yawn escaped the female pirate as she forced herself awake, dreading having to get up.

Her legs were entwined with Jack's, his arms around her as she rested comfortably in his grasp, her head using his bare chest as a pillow. Images of them together swept through Ana's mind as she reminded herself that she was now, legally his. Anamaria may never let herself be owned or consider that she belonged to any man, but her heart belonged to Jack.

She winced in pain as she pushed herself up on one elbow, her eyes adjusting to the bright light. Jack lay peacefully beside her, his arms securely wrapped around her waist. Every muscle in her body screamed out as she moved slowly trying to sit up. Through the aches, Ana remembered the events that had taken place in the cabin only hours before.

It wasn't how she thought it would be, but then again, it never was how anyone thought it would be. Just another lesson in life, she guessed. There was so much more in their actions than just lust or pure need. There was desire and passion, longing and fervor. And pain, Ana quickly remembered. Pain as she had never before experienced. Pain warranted from being untouched, pain she didn't want to deal with any time soon.

But she was at least thankful that Jack had been patient and gentle. He hadn't encouraged her to the point where she felt guilty for not giving of herself or that she was forced to do so, but he hadn't talked her out of it either, thus not making her feel weak, petty or cowardly. It was an experience in itself, but it was totally unexpected. Jack never left her thoughts as he whispered to her, kissed away her tears and held her.

In reality, Ana could have cared less about anything going on around them- all she wanted was Jack, wanted to be with him, in both body and soul. And she had.

Ana moved ever so slightly until she hovered above Jack, her arms on each side of him as she kissed him squarely on the lips bringing him from his slumber. The pirate captain's eyes fluttered open taking in the beautiful sight, his arms tightening around her as he deepened the kiss he was locked in.

The two finally broke apart, much to the disappointment of both as Ana slid from the bed and gathered her things. "Where are ye goin'?"

Ana paused in her task as she looked up at Jack who was intently watching her from the bed. "Getting this stuff together to take back to Will and Elizabeth's. Do you see how late it is?"

Jack looked out the window and nodded. "I suppose you're right," he agreed as he sat up. Ana grinned at his statement to which he added, "For once."

The pirate captain jolted back in a daze from the pillow Ana had flung at him. "I don't think I deserved that," he pouted as he found his clothes.

"Ohh, shut up!"


Elizabeth stared from one pirate to the other, the scrutiny and questions written all over her face. Ana fidgeted under her stare as she handed the dress back to its owner as Jack did the same with the suit. The pirate captain spent a few more fleeting moments with the Turner's daughter before handing her back to Elizabeth as they said their good-byes.

Elizabeth Turner stared at the door the pirates had left through, the curiosity evident in her expression. "That was odd," she commented, chewing on her lower lip.

"What was?" Will glanced up from his book.

"Ana was wearing a ring," Elizabeth stated as she sat down.

The young blacksmith gazed at his wife perplexed. "Ok, and this causes you worry how?"

Elizabeth made a face. "She wasn't wearing one earlier."

"Well maybe she had taken it off or perhaps she was and you just didn't see it."

"No, no. She wasn't wearing it."

Will sighed with exasperation. "Darling, does it really matter that Ana had on a ring or not?"

Elizabeth looked up from her task of playing with her daughter, a frown on her face. "Yes Will, it was a wedding band."

Will peered at her from over his book. "Interesting."

"What is?"

The blacksmith shrugged. "That she was wearing a wedding band. And she and Jack did disappear for a while there after the wedding."

Elizabeth blushed at her husband's comment. "What are you trying to say, Will Turner?"

Without looking up or skipping a beat Will said, "At least we know Jack isn't a eunuch."


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Jack borne in 1642.

Ana borne in 1654 - Jack is 12.

7 years later (1661) Jack- becomes Captain of the Black Pearl at age 18. Ana is 7.

5 years later (1666) Battle at Bloody Bay between Harman and Flood. Jack (24) comes upon the village ransacked by Flood. Ana is 12.

2 years later (1668) Jack (26) is marooned by Barbossa. Ana is 14.

3 years later (1671) Port Maria is destroyed, Ana is 17. Jack is 29.

For 7 years Ana lives in Tortuga while Jack is rescued and does 'dis n 'dat.

In 1678 (10 years after Jack was marooned.) Ana (24) Jack is 36, meets up with Will and Elizabeth, fights Barbossa, wins his ship back. (This would be the year the movie took place.)

2 years later (1680) Ana is 26, Jack is 39, this is the year the story Joy of the Hunt takes place.

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