Sister 35


Kasumi's side

05/13/1992 , Wednesday

For those who know Ranma; WE know he has many bad habits, is not safe around power outlets as water would find him in the Desert in the middle of a drought, eats twice his body weight in food, when he does not have his foot in his mouth.

We also know he has two fears; Cats and Pink lace.

Today he was facing a fear that just did not want to go away.

"Make sure the bra and panties fit properly." Nadoka was saying as looked through Tokyo's version of Victoria's Secret stock.

Ranma stood just off to the side. "Not pink. White, blue, I prefer Green. Thank the Kami I am the same size in the hips as Nabiki as I am borrowing a thong from her. I just hope no Hot water finds me?"

"What is the problem?"

"My hips and waist is slimmer in this form then in my male form. If I get hit by hot water, I will get cut in half more ways then one."

"Thongs, non pink bras," Nadoka flipped through the racks, "Full cup? half Cup? Sleazy or Proper?"

"Both, She has to learn both sides the female dynamic." Kasumi spoke up as she brought over a few samples of stockings. "She already has walked to the market in a short skirt, and knows how to deal with unwanted attention, but she needs to learn how to cultivate interest in her prey. She needs to learn how to hunt."

Ranma looked a bit spooked.


Nabiki Licked her lips. She was looking out the window, dreaming of the sweet treat that she has been playing with at home. Here was a male that sparked her interest in more ways then just money.

He was meaty to the bone, Graceful as a could be, and then he was the best in martial Artist in the area. Then there was all the ways this one could bring her profit.

and then to top it off, There was a shade in her closet. She liked women too.


One guy just happened to look at Nabiki, shivered before the predatory look on her face. The Ice Queen was going to 'HURT' someone. Kami help them

if only he knew the truth...


Now she knew what she wanted, How was she to get it?

She pulled out a pad of paper and pencil. She began to list off what stood between her and happiness;


What I face in the way off opposition; At this time my biggest challenge is Akane. I might face others down then line.


Elevate self above Akane, Challengers and Rivals


How to elevate myself above the others;


1, be more 'friendly'

2, push the line between proper and improper, and

3, improve in my families Art to the point where I can challenge Akane for the title of heir.

Con; 1, being friendly in not that easy to a barbarian, he might misread my attentions. 2, Need to balance honor against ambition. 3, That is a lot of effort, will it be enough?


Talk to Auntie, Her favor could tip the scales in my favor.


Akane frowned as she thought about the brutish male. Did she want him? or was she more interested in keeping him from her sister?

Then there was the little piggy. She like P-chan, he was sooo cute. and the bandana made him look so tough. then there was the mystery of what he looked like as a human.

121 flash back 121

She was woken up by Ranma shouting at her father about throwing her out the window. Getting up, she changed into her gi, and picked up the little pig that was facing away from her.

'it seems that Kasumi was correct. He is still a pervert.' She grinned. "Is my little P-Chan a pervert? Watching me change?" she asked


"I noticed that you were looking the other way. Lets go watch Ranma try to kill his, or rather her, father. Then you can watch Ranma work out with me. Then later you can help me find out where I am lacking in my art."

They arrived at the back deck just in time to see Gemma hit the koi pond. An enraged panda bear rose from the water with a roar. It charged Ranma.

Ranma was waiting.

Panda ended up in the pond yet again. this time it stayed.

Akane set the Pig down, looping the leash about the rail. adjusting her gi, she launched a flying kick at his back.

Ranma seemed to slide out of the way of her kick. She landed and lashed out with a reverse spin kick, which Ranma blocked and kicked at her head. She blocked and punched Ranma in the thigh.

"Not bad tomboy, now I am limited to just the one leg." Then the busty redhead went air born, and rained down blows with both fists.

Try as she might, she could not block everything. So focused on blocking, she failed to step out of the way and Ranma landed on her.

"Shall we began again?" Ranma was pressing her wet shirt and large pillowy breasts into the now larger girl as she hung from Akane's neck.

"You pervert!" The Right hook smashed Ranma into the Dojo's wall

"Will take that As a Later!"


Akane Dropped.