Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ.

Summary: A Chichi/ Goku love poem.

Lover's vows

I knew he was the one,

My warrior of light,

His gravity defying hair,

His goofy obsidian stare,

He is my protector from harm,

The star on my sky,

The fighter of the world,

Will he ever come back?

He stole me heart,

Captured my soul,

Always yearning to protect,

And make things his own,

My hero for life,

He shields me from pain,

I wonder if he will,

Save me again,

For the day he left,

The planet of earth,

I cried with my heart,

The tear shed observed,

Now he is in a different world,

An unknown destination,

Where are you Goku?

I need you here,

For now you have two sons,

Who need their father's care,

One a teenager,

The other a mere toddler,

Now when will you be at this time?

When will you embrace me once more?

Please rescue me Goku,

Before I fall forever in this core.