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Summary: From Videl to Gohan…

Lover's vows

Chapter Four: Hero in my mind

His mysterious orbs of reflection,

Stared deep within my soul,

He was the person, who didn't give up on me,

The one who cared the most,

Never did he yell at me,

And I always teased him with fun,

He taught me many things,

Like the real meaning to life,

It wasn't something to toy with,

And he protected me from harm,

When I cried or was sad,

He'd always make my heart warm,

I felt like I didn't fit in,

Only used for the publicity that was given,

Yet he put all that aside,

And took the effort to see deep inside,

Now he knows every single thought,

One's either happy or sad,

No matter what in the end,

I always have my Gohan-Kun,

He's my everything,

The joy in my life,

I always say that I can't do it,

But he helps me succeed,

Then I tell him my biggest dreams,

Of how I'll be something more,

Than a fake hero's daughter,

But the wife of a real hero,

One goofy or one serious,

Saiyaman, goldfighter, or just plain Gohan,

Either one is fine with me,

He is my partner to fight,

The light in the dark,

He's always dodged everything,

Even though I was so picky,

And threatened to kill him,

Then it was his turn to tease me,

Of me actually letting my pride down,

His little Vidy-Chan,

Isn't so prideful anymore,

My Saiyan hero,

The savior of the world,

Will always be…

The hero in my mind…


Kat: Lol don't my poems just suck. Well I'm going to write a sequel too, except the guys will respond…in order if I might add.