Note: In our last episode.... the g-people try to intimidate the d-people by standing around looking tough, but that plan losses it's effect when the d-people act like Madonna's dancers and 'strike a pose'. From a psychological view the no one has the upper hand. in reality... well... yeah... we'll stick with the psychological view. Will the DD let their Digimon out of the bag? Do the Gundam pilots have something up their sleeves? Will Yamatto and Tai get it on? Will the author get more chapters out? Dun dun duuuuun! Next on...

Snow War.


Duo: ok, you guys get this side and we get that side.

Relena: and that's it? What about rules?

Heero: fine Relena. First one to submit to the others superiority looses. k?

All: k!

The two 'teams' split up to get to work.

Dai & Duo: this is going to be easy!


Duo: you know, I think this is going to be easy.

Quatre: what makes you say that Duo?

Relena: guys...

Duo: well, look at it this way. One snow ball from our gundam's and they get smooshed.

Relena: hey guys...

Heero: well that's not fun. I want a challenge.

Relena::in high pitched squeaky voice:: : Heeerroooo!

All: ack!

All the g-people cringe as they cover their ears.

Zechs: Relena knock it off.

Wufei: yeah, what are you screaming about this time?

She points off into the distance where the other girls are looking.

Quatre: oh

Wufei: my

Heero: god.

Trowa: ......

Duo: hey! It looks like a giant Cacatrot! Like in Final Fantisy.

Relena: only it's throwing a giant snowball...

Rat-trap(from beast wars) appears out of no ware: we'r all gona die.::and dissapers again::


Sora: ha! Did you see the looks on their faces? Way ta go Mimi!

Mimi makes a dramatic bow as Togimon continues throwing snowballs.

Dai: you'd think they never saw a digimon before.

Ken:::walks up to Dai and puts his arms around him:: koi they haven't seen a digimon before.

Dai: nani?!?

Ken: Daisuke sit down. ::he says as he move over to where izzy is siting.::

Daisuke runs over to Ken and sits in his lap, like the obedient little submissive he is, as
Izzy walks over.

Izzy: now daisuke, have you ever heard of a crossover?

Dai: ...yes.

Izzy: good. This ::gestures around him:: is a crossover story.

Dai: ooooh.

Izzy: yes, we from the show Digimon are up against the people from Gundam Wing.

Dai: I see. Does that mean we're going to win?

Izzy: maby...::he glanses over at some bushes::

In the bushes...

Yamatto: Tai that's my..ack!

Tai: your ack? Since when do you call it that? I thought it was called a nice ass.

Yamato: I really don't think this is the right time for this...

Tai: but I thought you liked it when I made snowballs?(o.O)

Yamato: Tai...

Tai: fine., be that way.

Tai starts to push himself off of Yamato, but is stopped as he's pulled back down into a long and deep kiss. A kiss that Tai readily returns. After a few min, they are forced to stop for air.

Yamato: so much for the snow war.

Tai: I'm the 'former' leader. I think I'm entitled to take a break and spend some time with my boyfriend.

Yamato: no argument's here.

And with that they start making out. completely ignoring the people around them.

~!~!~ TBC ~!~!~

Note: short yes, but I have no idea where to take this. Suggestions welcomed!! More to come, I should have it finished by Christmas....

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