A New Life, A New Love
Chapter 1: Here's Sammy

Ranma sighed as he trudged into the house, tired from the days events. It had been the usual day starting off with the normal argument with Akane, then Kuno attacking yet again, being drained by that ki-vampire Hinako, fighting with Ryouga for some thing or another that the lost boy convinced himself that it was Ranma'a fault, Shampoo glomping him ending up being malleted by Akane because of it, dealing with Ukyo who he would never see as anything more than a friend and to finish it off having to deal with that pervert Happosai. Yep, just a typical day in the life of the pig tailed martial artist.

As he passed by the dinning room he noticed Kasumi talking to a gorgeous girl with long green hair and wearing a black kimono. The girl was sipping on some tea as Kasumi noticed Ranma and called him in. He couldn't take his eyes off of the girl as he walked in and sat down at the table and blushed when he realized that he was staring.

"Hello, I'm Samantha Dracul." The girl said with a bright smile that was reflected in her deep violet eyes. Eyes that seemed to trap Ranma for an eternity before he finally replied.

:I-I'm Ranma.Ranma Saotome." Ranma replied nervously while unconsciously reaching back to play with his pigtail.

"Ranma.She's your fiancée." Kasumis said tiredly which Ranma could easily understand. There had been so many girls coming to claim their fiancée which Genma had arranged. The only difference this time was that there was something about this girl that drew Ranma to her.

"Please," Samanth said, "Call me Sammy.All of my friends do."

"Where is everyone at?" Ranma asked as he realized that no one was barging in either yelling or crying.

"Our parents went out for the evening and Nabiki and Akane will be late." Kasumi said giving Ranma a cup of tea and refilling Sammy's.

"I noticed that you had a dojo here.do you practice much?" Sammy asked.

"I guess you can say that." Ranma said as he tried to figure out how to get out of getting a beating if Akane came home. "Look.Sammy.I, well, I can't marry you.I already have three other fiancées."

"What!!??" Sammy growled as for a moment her eyes hardened and for some reason scared Ranma very much. There was only thing that scared Ranma like that was cats and this girl wasn't a cat.at least Ranma hoped she wasn't. After all of the weird stuff that he had seen it wouldn't really surprise him.

"My dad arranged all of them!" Ranma hurriedly explained and was greatly relieved when the green haired girl relaxed. "It's not like I wanted any of them."

"Well my father will be here tomorrow, he'll settle this." Sammy said a little coldly.

"What's your father's name?" asked Kasumi.

"Vlad.Vlad Dracul." Sammy replied making the blood drain from Kasumi's face.

"Oh my.Oh my, that would make him.you.a v-v-vampire?" Kasumi said with a little fear.

"Relax," Sammy giggled, "We aren't bloodsucking monsters like the stories.and besides, I'm only half vampire. My mother was a human."

Ranma failed to notice the strange look the girl was giving him as he was busy banging his head on the table. Why him, why always him? He always attracted the weird ones. Was there some kami laughing at him as they made his life hell?

AN: I've had bad writer's block lately so it has been slow on updating so I tried writing something new but I want to work on all of my stories and plan to as soon as possible. This has just been one of the weird ideas that's been in my head lately so thought I'd see how it looks typed out. Oh yeah, I don't own Ranma.