A New Life, A New Love
Chapter 3: Revalations

Ranma yawned as he opened his eyes slowly, a soft light filtering into his vision as the sun peaked out over the horizon. He was used to waking up on the roof to the dojo so wasn't surprised that he did this morning. What did surprise him was the warm weight of something against him. Slowly he looked down to see a green haired girl snuggled close to him using his chest as a pillow.

A flash of light caught his attention making him look to where it came from to find Nabiki standing there with a camera and a smirk on her face. "Well, Saotome, this should be worth a good amount of cash."

"Nabiki." Ranma growled, disturbing the girl who wearily sat up and looked up at the other girl then back to Ranma who was jumping after the camera.

He couldn't let that picture get out, Sammy may of stood up against Akane last night but the others was a lot better than Akane and he didn't want the green haired girl hurt. "It's ok, Ranma.I can take care of myself." Sammy said with a bright smile as Nabiki turned and left, disappearing over the side of the roof as she climbed down the ladder.

Something else started to bother Ranma but he couldn't figure out what it was. He looked down at the still smiling Sammy and reached his hand down to help pull the girl to her feet. "The sun!" Ranma exclaimed in shock.

"Don't worry about that," Sammy said with a giggle, "Like I said before, those are just stories. The sun doesn't really bother me except for locking most of my powers."

Ranma nodded, still a little worried as he heard Kasumi's voice along with the delicious smell of her cooking come from below, "Breakfast is ready!"

Ranma scooped Sammy up in his arms and leaped from the roof to the ground below and gently put Sammy back down on her feet. He stared into her eyes a few moments as she stared back before the both quickly turned toward the house with bright flushes on their faces.

"We better get inside before pops eats everything." Ranma said as he led Sammy into the house and into the dining room where everyone else was sitting around the table. Ranma took his usual spot next to his father with Sammy sitting next to him. Ranma flinched at the death glare Akane was giving the two. ***

Sammy looked at all the strange yet wonderful smelling food set out before her. She never really eaten much oriental food before and decided that that would have to change as she started in.

When she noticed the glare the girl from the night before was giving, Sammy just smiled knowing that it would only make Akane angrier. Of course Sammy wasn't evil or liked playing with people's heads but for once she was going to and enjoy it. Akane needed to be taught a lesson and Sammy decided that she would be the one to teach it.

The whole atmosphere at the table seemed a little odd though. The man wearing the brown gi and long black hear and mustache kept glaring at the bald man in white gi with glasses who avoided the looks in embarrassment. Silently Sammy wondered what was going on there.

"I don't think we've been properly introduced," the man in the brown gi said, "My name is Soun Tendo, and this is Genma Saotome and my daughters Kasumi, Nabiki and Akane.Ranma's fiancé who I see you already met." Sammy noticed as everyone nodded as each name was called. Kasumi was smiling kindly while Nabiki was impossible to read and Akane was easily read as being more than a little angry.

"My name is Samantha Dracul," Sammy said, "But please call me Sammy."

"Would you like to tell us just how it is that you where arranged to become Ranma's fiancé?" Soun asked.

"As if I care," Akane mumbled angrily, "She can have him."

It took every once of self control to not reply to Akane's remark, instead she decided to comply with the elder Tendo's request. "It's simple really," Sammy explained," During their training trip Genma seen my father traveling and begged for some spare money. My father saw little Ranma and figured that it would be good for me if he arranged a marriage so he bought Ranma for a very large sum of money."

"How large?" Nabiki asked.

"One million yen," Sammy replied, "Give or take a few yen"

Sammy found it very hard not to giggle as everyone in the room facevaulted. "My father is a very wealthy man and that was pocket change to him."

"What on earth did you do with all that money??" Nabiki asked in shock.

"I kind of.well.I." Genma stuttered, "I lost it in a bet."

Sammy could tell the man was lying and noticed the questioningly look Soun gave Genma. Oh, something was definitely going on there but what? "After Genma left Ranma with my father, he sneaked back while my father was out and stole Ranma back. There was trouble back in our homeland so my father couldn't stay to search out Ranma. He hired many people to track Genma and Ranma down and have just succeeded so here I am and my father should be here later today."

"Which things will be straightened out there I guess," Soun said, "You are free to stay here until then but the schools will be united."

Sammy was shoked to see tears streaming down the mans face, almost resembling waterfalls. Sammy bowed a little toward Soun and thanked him for his hospitality. She smiled at Akane again whose red face became even redder as her anger grew even more. 'Hmmmm.wonder how much more before she explodes?' Sammy thought to herself. ***

Sammy hated it but she stayed behind as Ranma, Nabiki and Akane left for school. She decided it would be best to be a good guest and helped Kasumi with the house work which the elder girl kindly refused at first but Sammy could tell that she was secretly grateful for the help.

Sammy kept a close eye on Kasumi most of the day and she started to see small signs of depression though it was kept tightly under a mask of cheeriness. She got enough from Ranma's memories to know what had happened to Kasuni's mother and knew that the elder girl had taken the place of the families matriarch.

When most of the work was finally finished and the two sat at the table to drink some tea and rest, Sammy decided to try and help the girl. "Kasumi.I don't want to overstep any bounds or hurt anyone, least of all you, but why do you keep doing all of this?"

Kasumi looked thoughtful for several moments before replying with a smile though her eyes held much sadness, "I don't really have a choice.if I didn't who would take care of the house? What about Akane and Nabiki?"

Sammy shook her head in shock, Kasumi had sacrificed her life, her happiness for her family who Sammy could tell didn't even really appreciate it. "They should help out some and how about your father?"

"He's a man though." Kasumi replied with uncertainity.

"So what?"

"Well.well.It's a girl's job to take care of the house and the man's to make the money."

"That's bull," Sammy said a little harsher than she meant, " Since when has he brought any money into this house? Actually.how do you all survive?"

"Nabiki helps out a lot." Kasumi said.

Now that made sense, it would explain why she was so obsessed with money and yet really didn't have a lot of expensive stuff. She was raising the money for the family to survive on. Sammy would take care of all of this when her father arrived hopefully. All she would have to do is convince him of it. A smile grew on Sammy's face as she planned on how to make her dear daddy do what she wanted him to. ***

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