Chapter Fifteen

"Hey, Jackie." Jackie had finally retreated back into her office and had began working again. It was about an hour or two later. She looked up from her work to see Eric standing there.

As much as Jackie wanted to be at least a little angry at him for everything that had happened, she couldn't be. Their marriage had been a mistake but they couldn't blame each other for that. Everything they had been through had been just as much her fault as it had been his.

"Hi, Eric." she said, smiling softly and gesturing for him to sit down. He sat in an armchair facing her desk.

"I guess this is it, then." he stated, "We'll get the divorce papers and it will be the end of us." Eric didn't sound sorry at all.

"Remember how determined we were to keep our marriage together when Steven and Donna first came back?" Jackie laughed and tried to make the whole situation as easy as she could for both of them.

"We never should have gotten married." Eric admitted, "It was wrong from the beginning. I would have probably taken this whole thing a whole lot easier if it hadn't been for Tory......"

Jackie stared at him, wondering how the whole thing with Tory was going to work out. Tory was, after all, Steven and Jackie's real daughter. But Jackie still thought Eric deserved to spend a lot of time with Tory because of everything he had done for her starting from the day she was born.

"About Tory, I don't know how we're going t-" Jackie was cut off by Eric.

"It's okay, Jacks. I already talked to Hyde and we have the whole thing settled out." Eric explained. Jackie sighed with relief. Eric flashed her a wry smile.

"I guess we had a successful failure then." Eric remarked, "We both are going to get what we wanted but what we tried to do in the first place fell apart."

"Eric, I'm sorry for lying to you about being Tory's father." Jackie was suddenly overwhelmed with guilt by her role in complicating everything for them, "I know I hurt you and I never wanted to do that. I want us to still be friends."

"And we will," Eric assured her, "Hyde and I are friends again and from what I hear, you and Donna are friends again. And now that all six members of the gang are all in Point Place, everything will be just like it was five years ago."

"I'm glad we're all going to be best friends again." Jackie smiled. Eric left the office soon after that and she went back to work. But once again, only half an hour later or so, she was interrupted again.

She looked up into Steven's pale blue eyes and stood up. She walked around the desk so that she was standing beside him.

"I guess you've heard." she said, gazing up at him adoringly as he took one of her small hands into his own.

He leaned over and pulled her face closer to his so that their lips were touching. Jackie deepened the kiss and the two of them were soon on top of the desk, kissing passionately. Steven slipped his tongue into the inside of her mouth and she ran her hands through his thick curls. Finally the pulled apart and Steven helped Jackie off the desk. Her work was now a mess but she didn't care.

"I love you, Steven Hyde." she told him as he wrapped his strong arms around her. He kissed the top of her head before replying.

"And I love you, Jackie Berkhart." he responded in a low, husky voice, "I always have." Jackie didn't even try to argue with him. He had worked so hard to get her back and he hadn't backed down until she was back in his arms. Where it felt so right to both of them for her to be. Jackie knew that this time, Steven was there for keeps.

"Eric, what did you want to tell me?"

Eric stroked Donna's long red hair before replying, "I talked to Jackie. And we're going to get a divorce. I never loved Jackie, it was always you and only you, Donna." Eric stopped talking when he saw tears falling from Donna's eyes, "Donna, what's wrong?"

Donna smiled through her tears, "Nothing's wrong. I'm just so happy. Because I screwed up so bad and you're actually wonderful enough to take me back after."

"Yes, but I'm weak Donna. I can't live without you being a part of my life. You complete me." Eric brushed away her tears with his thumb and she laughed.

"I have to stop crying so much." she commented, "You'd think I was emotionally unstable or something."

Eric wrapped his arms around Donna's waist. He stared into her eyes for a moment and she tilted her head slightly. Before he even knew what was happening, their lips were pressed together firmly. Donna's hands moved slowly up Eric's chest and then entwined around his neck. Their lips continued moving, making contact with the objects of their desire and becoming even hungrier for more. It was even better than the last time they had done this, because Eric didn't need to feel even an ounce of guilt. He and Jackie were getting divorced and he was pretty sure she was out there somewhere kissing Hyde just like he was kissing Donna.

Suddenly Donna pulled herself away from Eric and reached under the bed at her hotel. She pulled out a pink jewellery box. She picked up a shiny, diamond ring and Eric knew he had seen the ring before. Then he realized it was the engagement ring he had given her.

"I never forgot about this." she said softly, placing it in Eric's hand. He took one look at the affectionate expression in her eyes and he knew what she wanted him to do. He placed the ring on her ring finger.

"Donna Pinciotti, will you marry me?" he asked and Donna nodded wordlessly. Then she pulled on the collar of his jacket and pulled him into another deep, probing kiss.

Six Months Later

Tory came walking down the aisle in a baby pink dress with a basket of flower petals in her hand. She smiled proudly as she picked up a handful of red rose petals and let them spill to the ground. She was the flower girl in the joint wedding of Steven and Jackie and Eric and Donna. Eric and Jackie's divorce had been quick and painless. There wasn't even a fight over custody of Tory. Eric and Donna kept the house, Hyde and Jackie kept Tory on weekdays and Eric spent time with her on weekends. A small smile lit up Eric's face as he remembered the day the divorce had become final. Tory was so sweet and easygoing about everything. They told Tory that she had two daddies and two mommies.

Donna loved Tory like her own daughter, just as Eric did. She was glad that Tory called her mommy, especially since she would never be able to have kids.

The wedding ceremony continued on and finally both couples kissed. After that the photographer took pictures of everyone that had been in the wedding. Fez and Laurie's five year old son had been the ring bearer, Fez and Kelso had been the best men and Laurie, Leandra and Kitty had been the bridesmaids.

After the pictures were taken, they went into the large courtyard in the middle of church were all the food was being served. Kelso caught up with Jackie, Eric, Donna and Hyde, his faced flushed with excitement.

"I proposed to Leandra last night." he told them excitedly, "And she said yes. We're going to get married."

"That's great, Michael. Congratulations." Jackie smiled warmly at him and everyone else joined in on congratulating him. Jackie looked over to wear Leandra was standing, talking to Laurie in her pale pink bridesmaid's gown. She saw Jackie watching her and smiled at her. Her almost purple eyes were glowing happily and Jackie smiled back. She was glad everything had turned out so well for all her friends.

Finally two black limo's pulled up and the four friend's raced towards them. Everyone threw birdseed in the air as they hurried along the path to their limo's. Eric and Jackie were going on a honeymoon to Hawaii and Hyde and Jackie would be going to Las Vegas. Before they left, they all hugged.

"Have fun in Hawaii." Jackie said to Donna once they had stopped hugging.

"And you have fun in Las Vegas." Donna returned, "See you guys in two weeks." she and Eric got into their limo and Hyde and Jackie got into their limo.

Kelso came up behind Leandra and put his arm around her. Together they watched in silence as the two limo's pulled away from the curb and drove off.

"Do you think our wedding will be this wonderful, Kelso?" she asked him in a dreamy voice. Kelso kissed her lips softly before replying.

"It will be better." he answered and she sighed happily. Kelso watched as the two limo's became smaller and smaller, the white 'Just Married' signs on the back looking like tiny white dots. Kelso then leaned over to whisper in Leandra's ear.

"Eric told me that now that he and Donna are married, they can adopt kids." Kelso said in a quiet voice, "Once they get back, they're adopting these two little twin girls. They're redheads, just like Donna."

"That's fantastic." Leandra beamed at Kelso, "I can't wait until I meet them and see what they're like."

"They're the same age as Tory too, so they can all play together." Kelso added and he saw a mischievous glint in Leandra's eye, "What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Well, I found something out yesterday." she said mysteriously, "And I need to know what you want to do? Do you want to wait the nine months or do you want to get married now, before I start looking like I swallowed a balloon?"

The words sunk in and Kelso picked Leandra up and spun her around, "You're pregnant?" he asked.

She nodded, "I found out this morning."

Kelso wrapped his arms around her, feeling happier than he had in a long time. He had Leandra, Fez had Laurie, Eric had Donna and Hyde had Jackie. Everything had worked out perfectly for all his friend's and he hoped that it would stay that way for a very long time.