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Kagome and her friend Sango has always been the subject of the popular kids jokes, but when a very important show comes up, They decide to beat the popular kids at there own games. Changing their looks and taking on their usual stage names they help the other perform at a show. Now there worlds will never be the same, especially when no one knows who they really are.

Hidden Amber

Chapter 1- A Show that is Hard to Forget

"Get out of my way wench," Inu-Yasha laughed as he pushed her out of his way into a locker.

She flinched a bit as she came into contact with the lockers. Yet she was use to the pain and she showed no sign of her caring what she did to him. Some of Inu-Yasha's friend walked behind him and laughed as they called her a wench as they went by.

"One of these days I'm going to get him so back," she hissed as he left from her vision.

"KAGOME," her friends voice called from down the hallway.

"Hi Sango," she greeted her friend.

"Did Inu-Yasha and his friends do it again?"

Kagome answered with a nod and sighed. When she was about eleven a guy named Inu-Yasha had transferred to her class. He was mean and cruel from the start. And from that moment the popular kids had taken an instant liking to him. Almost five years later, here he was the most popular ass in the school. He was also popular because he was a Hanyou.

Kagome didn't see what was so cool about an ass that could run fast. Sure he could jump high and could do many things; also he had those dog years. Most of the time, she'd just like to jump on his back and pull his ears off. That was a fantasy of Kagome's, inflicting pain on him, and tell him that this was what he did to her.

"Well cheer up, I have some great news," Sango smiled widely.


"Well at Pulsing Beat you have another show tonight," Sango grinned. (Pulsing Beat is a dance club just so u know)

"They want me.AGAIN!"

"Like I've always told you, you have talent, but I have some more good news," Sango cheered by putting her hand in the air.

"What is it this time," Kagome asked. "Last time it was new pants and a really skimpy shirt."

"No better," Sango grin widened. "You get to show Inu-Yasha up!"

"Oh God No," she freaked to what her friend had said. "Please tell me his band isn't playing there too."

Her friend nodded with her cheesy grin still on her face. She then gave her the Show-him-up-like-you-always-fantasize look. Kagome's eye widened and shook her head.

"No, no, no, since when does the popular kids band play at Pulsing Beat, that's where the less unpopular kids go. Oh God! That means that all the popular kids are going to be there," she cried covering her face with her hands.

"Kagome.they won't know it's you or me, remember, and remember what we do to our self's," Sango put a hand on her friends shoulder. "We do it all the time, no one ever guessed it was you."

"Yeah I guess so.I'll go on," Kagome sighed known she couldn't win.

"You'll crush them into the dust!"

* * *
Kagome put on the last of her make-up. She usually hated to put it on, but she didn't want anyone to realize that she was Milla instead of Kagome. She finished and looked herself in the mirror. Her hair was wavy and let down long. Her lips had a deep scarlet red. Her half top was also a scarlet red to match her lips. It stopped only an inch below her breasts. She had on pale pink eye shadow on her eyes. Along with some cover-up on her face, to cover any shine spots. Her pants next were a deep navy blue; on it were patches of brown and gray materials.

She sucked in a deep breath, and then made it too back stage, their Sango waited for her. Sango wore a loose tank that was black; she wore a pair of blue jeans that were close to Kagome's pair only, there were green and yellow patches and the blue jean color was a bit lighter.

Kagome looked around the back stage, there were many people she knew from school, and others that preformed every weekend with her. She smiled, it wouldn't be that bad of a night, it would be like any other night. Her eyes turned to the back of the stage. There stood Inu-Yasha's band. He sat with his guitar in the corner. He held his pick in his fingers as he practiced before the show.

"Don't worry, he won't be so cool looking after you perform," Sango smiled.

"OMG," someone shouted.

Kagome turned and looked at two teenage girls ho looked to be fourteen running up to her. They stopped in front of her and started to talk to her.

"MILLA, YOU'RE THE COOLEST," one shouted waving her hand in front of her.


Kagome who was hoping not to attract too much attention looked around to meet many gazes from many people. She once again tried to shallow the lump in her throat, but it didn't work. Sango saw this and stepped between the girls and Kagome.

"Sorry, but Milla has to do some warm ups, but after the show I'm sure she'd be more then glad to talk after the show," Sango explained.

"I'll meet you here after the show," Kagome smiled feeling better.

"Oh thank you," they both explained as they left.

"Close call huh?"

"Yes, I swear if that happens again I'll faint."

A woman watched up to Kagome, "Your up Milla."

"Thank you," she replied as she gave Sango a smile.

Kagome turned again but the lump in her throat grew again when she realized, that since Inu-Yasha's band had to be set up near the stage, she had to go right by them. She sucked in a deep breath and started to walk forward. She was half way to the stage when all three of the band members looked up. All had their eyes on her. She wasn't going to let them stop her. Not this time.

She came to the curtain and pulled it open some. Waiting to be introduced. She looked back at Sango, but instead met the golden eyes of Inu-Yasha. She jumped quickly in surprise.

"What's the matter?" he asked staring deeply into her eyes.

"Nothing, waiting to be told to go out," she replied turning away from his gaze.

"You're performing tonight?"

"Yes I always perform.I"


Her cue, she opened the curtain to the blacken stage. Only the sound of her heels was heard. She stopped at center stage, and the stage lights flashed on. Blinding her for a second. She looked out at the audience who were on the dance floor, She made a quick spin and her music started up.

RELEASE ME takusaan no yume ya akogare kakaeteta
RELEASE MY HEART kono Te de subete toki hanate ima

She made a little spin again, ending with a dip made by an invisible partner. She then got back up and smiled at the audience in front of her as they cheered her on. She walked towards the edge of the stage where some of her usual fans watched in excitement.

Itsumo nanika CONTORORU Ni WA
Kikanakutte ITA yo ne
Kidomoru to hazu saseru you Na
Ochirande kakushini mo chanto mitsumete yukou

When she reached the edge of the stage, she reached for some of the fans who reached out to touch her. She randomly picked a handsome young man out and pulled him onto the stage with her. She started to do a small and simple tango like dance with him, which was easy for him to learn in just those seconds. She then pressed her face closer to his, making him beet red.

Honto no yuuki WA jibuun o shinjita
Chikara umaretaanda ne
Atarimae Ni yatte noketteta
Anata mietara
Fushizen Na kurokeki to shizen Ni toreta kiita

She pulled away and placed her hand in his face. Then started to dance behind him him. He turned to face her, she pointed at his chest as she continues with the next verse.

RELEASE ME oshiete honto Ni mirai Ni kibou WA aru no
RELEASE MY HEART honki de kokoro Ni egaitara
Hora ne kanjiteru

She then pushed him off the stage, and the screaming crowds below caught him and held him up, until he was ready to stand on his own two feet. She smiled at the crowd and did a twist with her hips before she finished the last verse.

RELEASE ME daremo ga tadamachi tsuzukeru mirai o
RELEASE MY HEART kono Te de jitsuken shitte yuku yo saa
RELEASE ME takusaan no yume ya akogare kakaeteta
RELEASE MY HEART kokoro o subete toki hanate ima

She jumped and spun in mid air, landing she proceeded to spin again, this time spinning until she was on one knee. The music ended and the lights went out. A less then five seconds later they snapped back on, reveling a now empty stage. The crowd then broke out into fits of screams and cheers, and slightly the sound of whistles.

While back stage many of the other fans, as well as bands and other performers cheered and called out to her. While Kouga and Sesshoumaru as well as Inu-Yasha who had watched the show. Kouga nodded and looked dreamy eyes. (I can't leave that out! I'd be crazy) Sesshoumaru looked amused that a human would be so talented, but showed no sign of any attraction to the fact a human did so well. Inu-Yasha held an expression that showed nothing, just a blank expression.


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