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An azure sky stretched out far above the four boys heads as they walked aimlessly in the crowded streets. A comfortable silence has drifted by and fallen around them like a thin veil. Each with a little, sweet thought in their heads, but one also has a little plan forming slowly, but steadily. A playful smile danced about his lips, his light eyes sparkling blithely in the warm sunlight. The others catching the look, soon had a quite confused expression on. He only smiled at them as he continued walking with them until they stopped at a small café.

"Should we rest for a while?" Bakura Ryou asked, pointing to the café with its outdoor tables.

The rest of the group agreed. They walked over to one of the tables and talked a while until somebody came to take their orders.

"So Malik, what was that happy look on your face all about?" Jounouchi Katsuya asked curiously, while the rest turned to the conversation with a look of interest on their faces.

He grinned at them and said, "Just a little something."

"Come on, Malik. Why won't you tell us?" Moto Yugi questioned.

"It's not that I'm not going to tell you. It's just that I'm not going to tell you now."

Ryou laughed, "Let's leave him alone for now. Somebody's coming to take our orders."

They gave the waitress their orders and waited silently until the waitress came back with their things. Malik took a sip of his cappuccino and rested it down once more on the glass table. Everyone looked at him expectantly.

"Beautiful day today, isn't it?" Malik asked, looking "intently" at the sky.

"Malik!" Jounouchi exclaimed.

Malik laughed and took another sip of his cappuccino.

"So Malik, what were you thinking about that has gotten you so happy?" Ryou asked, setting down his cup.

"It wasn't that I was exactly happy..." Malik started off.

"Go on," Yugi persuaded.

"It was more that I was thinking of something that would've been hilarious."

The other three boys looked at each other in turn and looked back at Malik who was still grinning.

"And what would that have been?" Jounouchi asked, getting more and more frustrated at Malik for not just coming plain out and telling them what they wanted to know.

"Well... I don't know if I should say this, but..." Malik begun.

"MALIK!!" his three friends shouted.

Malik chuckled, "Okay, okay. Don't have to get violent. Okay, I was just thinking that since all three of the lights-Yugi, Ryou, and myself-are in love with our dark sides, and a certain someone," a wink at Jounouchi who blushed profoundly, "is in love with a certain brown haired, blue eyed CEO."

"Yea, what's your point?" Jounouchi asked, recovering from the land of the beets.

"My point is," continued a slightly ticked off Malik for getting interrupted, "that we should get them jealous. You know, make them know just what they're missing out on."

"And just how are we suppose to do that?" Ryou asked, getting quite intrigued by Malik's idea.

"By dating other people!"

Ryou choked on his drink, while Yugi and Jounouchi, who fortunately weren't drinking at that time, stared at Malik with their jaws on the ground.

"It was only an idea," Malik said with a shrug.

"Let's just say that we are actually going to do your idea. How do you propose we start?" Yugi asked.

"Well, I was thinking of pairing up as we are. As in, Ryou and I, you and Jounouchi."

"And why is it to be in that pairing?"

"Because," Malik answered, slinging his arm over Ryou's shoulder, "we are best friends and you two are best friends!"

Yugi and Jounouchi looked at each other and they looked at Ryou with Malik's arm still slung over his shoulder.

"Do you actually think it'll work?" asked Ryou, speaking for the first time ever since he had the choking attack.

"It just might. I mean, if we could just make them know what they are missing, then they'll come begging us to be with them."

"I still have a small doubt that it'll work, but I'm all in for it! It's not like anything bad could come out of it. What's the worse that could happen?" Jounouchi asked.

The others nodded in agreement.

"We have to start planning right away of what to do and what not to do if we want to start this soon."

Under the shades of a maple tree, and with the sun shining as brightly as ever, the four began to plan of how to get their love interest to "know what they're missing." Unfortunately for them, they don't know just how much trouble this would get them into, and just how much more complicated their love lives would be...

To be continued...


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