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Started: Thursday, August 19, 2004
Completed: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 (Happy Birthday, Syaoran-kun!)

Jealous Illusions
Chapter 3 – Stalked By A Pharaoh and A CEO

"So… you're taking Yugi out on a date, huh?" Yami inquired, almost pleasantly except for the glint in his eyes.

Jou watched uncomfortably as Yami polished the sharp edges of the Millennium Puzzle until it shone gold in the sun. Yami held the puzzle up to the sun to admire the polishing and suddenly, causing Jou to lean back quickly in his chair, thrust one of the sharp edges of the puzzle extremely near Jou's face.

"Do you think it's polished enough?" Yami asked again, jabbing the puzzle even closer towards Jou's face until it lightly poked the tip of Jou's nose.

Jou nodded, looking up at Yami who had an exceptionally amused grin on his face as he settled back into his seat that was right across from Jou's and continued to polish the puzzle, ignoring Jou's nod of agreement. Jou fiddled with the half-eaten box of chocolates he had gotten for the "date" with Yugi (it was full when he bought it, but he got hungry along the way to Yugi's house), and he amused himself with the fresh roses he picked along the way (he has the bruises to show for it as well when the old lady that lived in the house he was picking the roses from threw various kitchen items at him, with him dodging the more fatal ones).

Where is Yugi? Jou thought anxiously as Yami continued to polish the puzzle, while grinning at him with the scariest glint in his eyes that had Jou on the edge.

"Ready, Jou?" Yugi asked, bouncing happily into the room.

Jou leaped up from the chair with a shout of "yes!" and tried to dash for the door. He would've gone out the door as well if he didn't notice that Yugi wasn't beside him. He went back and took Yugi's hands into his. Jou tugged gently on Yugi's hand as Yugi turned around to wave goodbye cheerfully to Yami who paste on a smile right when Yugi turned around.

"Have a fun time, aibou!" Yami grinned.

When Yugi turned back and Jou turned to look behind his shoulder at him, Yami had a positively feral expression on his face. Even a tough guy like Jou can't help but be scared. Once out the door, Yugi looked at Jou.

"Yami doesn't seem to care very much. Maybe my feelings for him is hopeless, after all," Yugi sighed, looking forlornly at the door.

"It's definitely not as hopeless as you think, Yugi, absolutely not," Jou muttered, feeling relieved that he was out of Yami's sight. "Okay! If we walk fast, we'll be able to be on the same street as Kaiba when he passes by in his limo. Let's just hope he notices…"

Yugi smiled beautifully up at his best friend. Violet eyes sparkled with determination and hope that gave Jou all the confidence he needed.

"Let's not waste anymore time! Besides… your doorstep isn't a very good place to stand since Yami might come out any second and catch us talking."


"Okay… Kaiba's limo should be coming around any second now," Jou informed Yugi, looking at his watch.

"Okay, Jounouchi-kun. You know what to do right?" Yugi asked.

Jou nodded, a bit nervously as he tugged a bit at his collar. He was holding the same freshly picked bouquet of roses, and the same box of half-eaten chocolate. The plan, as they had decided when they were walking, was for Jou to give the flowers and chocolates to Yugi right when Seto passed. It was a surefire way to get him jealous, right?

As if on cue, Seto's limo slowly took its time to drive by. Besides the fact that it won't do if Seto's car just went by quickly because that will ruin the whole plan that Jou and Yugi came up with, there's also the fact that Seto is a bit… arrogant. He drove by slowly to let people on the streets (although that particular street was void of people except for Yugi and Jou) know that he was rich enough to have his own limousine and chauffeur and that they weren't!

"Here goes nothing," Jou mumbled as he handed Yugi the roses and the box of chocolates.

Yugi's acting was absolutely delightful as he accepted the "gifts" with a brilliant smile and a hug for Jou to go along with it. Seto's limo passed by without stopping even for a second and both Jou and Yugi's smile fell. Did that conceited idiot not see them?

"No worries, Jou! We have all day, after all!"

Jou nodded and smiled, "Ne? Want to go get some ice cream before we try again?"


Jou laughed as he started to describe to Yugi this wonderful little ice cream shop that opened. He didn't notice as crimson-red eyes glared at his back. Neither did Yugi notice the chocolate-brown ones glaring at him from inside his limo. Of course, you know who these two pairs of eyes belong to. Seto, spotting Yami bending over and peeking out from behind a corner raised an eyebrow at this unusual sight.

"And just what do you think you're doing?" Seto asked, getting out of the limo.

Startled, and obviously not expecting the arrival of the CEO, Yami fell flat on his face, rather ungracefully, as well. Seto looked quite amused at this sight, but he was not one to waste time, not at all.

"I don't have time to ask just what the hell you were doing. You were strange from the start, anyways. I have more important things to attend to."

"Oh?" Yami asked, sitting up and rubbing his forehead. "And just what might you have to do that's so important? I save the world time and time again. That's definitely more important than whatever you're going to do."

"I was just going to call the police, the army, the navy even, to take care of a little problem I have encountered."

Yami scoffed as he got up and brushed off imaginary dirt, "And that problem might be?"

"Yugi! What else? Did you not see them together? The stupid puppy was giving flowers and candy to him!"

Yami growled, "You're not harming Yugi in any way! You hear me!" Suddenly, his angry expression turned into a smirk, "And just why would you care, anyways?"

Seto's face went into a complete blank. Just why did he care? He didn't know. What he does know is that he didn't like the sight of them together. He was Kaiba Seto, after all! What he doesn't like has to go!

"Well, don't you think you're being a bit overprotective of Yugi?"

Yami frowned, but he had a perfectly good excuse… err… reason as to why he's stalking… um… following Yugi and Jou.

"I'm just worried about Yugi. Although Jounouchi-kun is a great friend, I'm not sure he'll make such a great boyfriend to someone like Yugi. He's too rough and he's always getting into fights! That will not do!"

"I don't have time for this," Seto snarled. "I have important calls to make."

"Oh no you don't!" Yami exclaimed, tackling the phone out of Seto's hands.

Up flew the cellphone, and down it came with a crash. Seto glared at Yami as Yami smirked at his accomplishment.

"While you fix your phone, I'll continue following them wherever they go."

"That's called stalking, you know," was Seto's response, but Yami was already gone.


"That ice cream was delicious!"

Grinning and with his two hands places on the back of his head, Jou answered, "Told ya so!"

"About the double date… I heard it's a beach picnic, right?"

"Right! Think of all the delicious food that will be brought!" exclaimed Jou, mouth already watering at the thought of it.

Yugi laughed and stopped immediately when his eyes caught sight of a mailbox that had hair which looks strangely like his and Yami's. He blinked, and it was gone. He shook his head, and looked back to Jou who looked really nervous.

"What's wrong, Jounouchi-kun?"

"Do you think it's weird that a limo is following us?"

Yugi snuck a look onto the streets and there was, in fact, a limo trailing slowly behind them.

"I have a feeling that both Yami and Kaiba-kun is following us."

"What makes you say that?" Jou asked, feeling extremely self-conscious as the limo continued to trail them.

"There's a limo following us, and I just saw a mailbox with hair that looks like Yami's and mine."

"Let's make a run for it! There's a park about two blocks from here and if they want to keep on following us, they'll have to go into the park as well."

Yugi nodded and on the count of three, they both dashed towards the park. Seeing them run, Yami came out from his hiding place behind the mailbox and stealthily followed them while the limo speeded up.

Running into the park in which Ryou and Malik began their date, they held each other's hands, and acted like they were in their own little world. Since he can't have his limo drive into the park, Seto had to follow them by foot and the sight made him burn with fury. Yugi was giving Jou a hug and smiling his cutest up at him and Jou blushed a pretty red.

"He's right there, you know, Jounouchi-kun," Yugi whispered only to cause Jou to blush deeper than the first time when he caught sight of Seto.

"I know… and I think I see Yami in the shadows of those trees," Jou whispered in Yugi's ears which caused him to giggle which led to the effect of Yami glaring at Jou.

Seto and Yami both emerged from their hiding places, and both were seeing red. Not to mention that they both looked like volcanoes wanting to erupt.

"Hey look, Mommy! Two more tomatoes!" the same little boy from Malik and Ryou's date exclaimed.

Snapping out of their fury for the time being with that exclamation, Seto hid in the shadows whilst Yami dove into the trees. Yugi and Jou, both hearing the shout, and seeing the reaction, laughed quietly.

They spent the rest of their time in the park rambling about. Yugi smiled sweetly as Jou picked some daisies and sprinkled them among the roses he still had. Let's just leave it at the fact that Seto and Yami weren't feeling were happy that day.


"I'm home, Yami!"

"Did you have fun on your date, aibou?" Yami asked, feigning curiosity.

"Yup!" was Yugi's reply as he headed towards his room.

Once Yugi was out of site, Yami whispered, "I'm glad, because on your double date. I'm the one that's going to have the most fun."

To be continued…

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