Evolution: Weapon X Project

Chapter 1: War Zone

          Hello people! My second fanfic is about to start so be sure to listen care fully to a story about the last of the Weapon X units and know that none of the X-men belong to me or anyone near me! (boo hoo) Sorry to all those that were left hanging from "Father of Mine" so I could write this, but I had writer's cramp and needed to get the creative juices flowing. As for this story shall we get started?


          It was a cold, rainy late autumn day as the children that attended Bayville high school bundled up for the walk home. School had let out for the day and everyone was dreading the ride home. After all the roads were slick and dangerous, but none dreaded the ride home more than the residents of the Xavier institute. They were forced to have Logan drive them in one of the institutes vans, which is not a safe in and of itself. Rogue, Kurt and Kitty had all met under the outside canopy of the front doors. "God! I love this weather!" Rogue stated as she took in all the wonderful aromas that came with a rainy day. Kurt was, however, under the canopy sulking. Because of the rain he would have to wait for Logan to arrive or risk the holo-emitter shorting out resulting in the loss of his image induced self. What is worse is that if he tried to cover it, for protection, the same effect would be reached.

          "Dude! Vhat is taking him so long!" Kurt yelled as he sprung to the sealing and then back to the ground before anyone noticed. "I vhould have been there by now!"

          "Yeah, Scott and Jean took off awhile ago leaving us here to rot!" Rogue sighed

          "They probably left early to get some back seat time." Kitty giggled as she put her hand up to Rogue's ear so that only she could hear. The two girls giggled together as they imagined Scott's clumsy efforts to round second but getting cut off by miss goody. Kurt suddenly perked up; his better than average hearing picking up a small voice. It was female and very weak at the moment and slowly getting closer. Soon a girl came into view, it was X23. Her clothes were torn; her body was bruised and bloody but healing slowly.

          "Looks like she just came out of a war zone!" exclaimed Kitty as the young girl stumbled closer favoring her right leg and grasping her Left arm. She was covered in blood from head to toe and collapsed as she got close to the trio. Kurt sprung into position, quickly scooping her full weight into his arms. She wheezed out Logan's name feebly and lost consciousness. Her small frame pressed closer to Kurt's body, but Kurt was to staggered under her unexpected weight to be uncomfortable. Kitty's eyes furrowed with a momentary hint of jealousy, but she promptly swatted the unwanted emotion away as she began thinking about what to do.

          "Rogue, let Logan know what happened when he gets here. I'm going to port her back to the mansion." without waiting for an answer he was gone in a puff of sulfuric gas. Just then the man known as Wolverine to only his closest friends and select enemies rolled into the lot of Bayville high school.

          "Where'd the elf get off to?" He asked as he walked around the van.

          "It's X23, She's back!" Rogue said as she and kitty hastily jumped into the van.

          "Yeah! And She's, like, hurt bad!!" finished Kitty. Without a word Logan hopped back into the drivers seat, stomped the gas and shot off toward the mansion. Meanwhile, Kurt had made it back to the mansion within several teleports and was becoming quite tired. He kicked the glass doors open and was met with a bewildered Tabitha.

          "What happened, Blue?" she inquired as she witnessed both Kurt's holo-emitter malfunction and the very injured little girl in his arms. Luckily, the holo-emitter's battery had lasted long enough to for Kurt to get inside.

          "Have you seen Dr. McCoy?" He paused and without waiting for an answer he yelled at the top of his lungs. "Dr. McCoy!!!" He collapsed to his knees under X23's weight.

          "Blue, Calm down! Here let me help." Tabby calmed the blue furred boy as she threw one of X23's arms around her own shoulder. "Jeez, It looks like she just walked out of a war zone!" She exclaimed they approached the stairs.

          "Dr. McCoy! Professor!" Kurt continued, "Jah, I know. Professor!" Mr. McCoy came barreling down the banister, wearing nothing but a par of boxers and dripping wet as he had just gotten out of the shower.

          "What's wrong?" Hank noticed the girl strung across Tabby and Kurt's shoulders "Oh my god!! Give her to me." He effortlessly cupped her small body into his arms and whisked her off to the medical ward, snagging Ororo and Jean in the process and dragging them to the infirmary. Time passed and finally Dr. McCoy walked out from the medical room. Kurt had been waiting, with Logan and the others, outside the room.

          "We stopped the internal bleeding and bandaged her wounds. Her insides looked as if she'd just got into a fight with the army and navy, you found her like this?"

          "More like she found us!" stated Rogue

          "So what's verdict, Doc?" wondered Logan

          "Well," Hank took off his glasses in the most E.R. way he could muster "It looks like she just came out of a..."

          "War zone?" Kurt interrupted sarcastically

          "Yes, and her healing ability kicked into overdrive about half way through. I'd say she'll be bright, shiny and new by morning." Hank smiled as the faces of the crowd lit up.

          "Can we see her, Doc?" inquired Logan

          "She's sleeping right now but I don't think there would be any problem with someone staying by her side." replied Henry

          "She does need her rest though." Storm added "It would probably be best to let her rest for now."

          With that everyone went back to their lives, and the day soon passed to the following morning. Logan walked to the medical hoping to catch the closest thing he had to family as she woke up, but instead found the elf sleeping in the chair beside her bed. Logan looked at the bed beside the elf and noticed that the bed was neat and X23 was tucked in comfortably. Kurt was that kind of person, he just could not let people suffer. Logan begun to think about the time he would not leave Rogue's side after the personalities she'd absorbed tried to take over. X23 stirred under the covers, and slowly began to awaken. As she realized that she was unfamiliar with her surroundings, she quickly popped her claws in a dazed berserker and was about to make three equal parts of Kurt's head until Wolverine stopped her by using his. "The elf was just watching over you, it wouldn't be right to make his head a pin cushion. How you holden up, kid?"

          "How did I get here?" She wondered as she retracted her claws.

          "The Elf carried you from Bayville High school, to the medical ward of this mansion. Considering the weight that our skeletons add, that's a task." He answered. Logan then walked over to her bedside and sat on a corner "You ain't answered my question yet. How you hold'n up, kid."

          "I'm fine, just got into a fight that's all." She replied

          "A fight that got you bandaged and stunted your healing ability. You want to talk about it?"

          "No!..." She exploded "I..I mean I came here to stop fighting." She quickly changed her tone


          "I want to be as normal as possible, I'm tired of being alone!" She yelled

          "Heh, you definitely came to the right place, then." He laughed. Kurt sprung to life at the loud noise. He wiped the grogginess from his eyes; he snapped to full consciousness when he noticed the two pairs of eyes staring at him.

          "Ummm," He stuttered looking for an excuse to diffuse the potential situation

          "It's all right elf, we know you were just keepin an eye on her." Wolverine calmed the squirming Nightcrawler.

          "Elf? Is that your name?" wondered X23

          "Nine, My name is Kurt Wagner. X23 doesn't sound like much of a name, Frauline. Can I call you Twen?"

          "Twen?" She inquired

          "It's a nickname, kid. It's short for twenty three." Logan explained as he got up to check the girl's vitals. The screens checked out except for a slightly higher than normal heart rate, Logan smiled as he watched X23 shift her attention. The girl was now concerned only with the demon-looking mutant sitting at her side. Struggling against the tightly wrapped bandages that were her only source of clothing, she sat up.

          "Twen is fine," She stated as she examined Kurt from head to toe "Mr. Wagner, thank you for what you did."

          "The name is Kurt." He got up and smiled warmly at her as he pulled her covers around her shoulders. "If you need anything, just ask." Kurt informed as he checked his holo-emiter/watch. "Crap! It's 8:30. Got to go, Frauline." Kurt rushed out the door only to get his foot caught on the doorpost and go tumbling down the hallway before teleporting out of sight. X23 smiled as she witnessed the eventful display all the while not noticing her only parental figure's mischievous demeanor. She tried to get out of the medical room bed only to be stopped by a smiling Wolverine.

          "Kid, I think you still need to rest." Logan stated with a hint of satisfaction.

          "What, why?" She wondered

          "Your cheeks, they're red." Wolverine beamed with a bright triumphant smile.

          Later, Kurt had finally made it school and the day had passed without much incident. Except for lunch, Kurt had sat down at the lunch table with: Jean, Scott, Evan, Kitty and Rogue. They were talking about the normal everyday soap opera that was known as high school. Jean was complaining about the rigors of being popular and that whole football team was 'out to get her', while Scott was fuming at the fact that they would not leave his girlfriend alone. Kitty and Evan were whining about the latest pop quiz that they did not study for. Kurt, on the other hand, just sat there stirring the girl that was cafeteria food quietly. Rogue, the most observant of the bunch, noticed his brooding and piped up.

          "Kurt what's yer problem?" She asked in as nice a voice she could to her adopted little brother. Unknowingly, she had centered the table's attention on Kurt

          "Oh, nothing."

          "Spit it out, Kurt. What's wrong?" coaxed Scott 

          "It's X23, doesn't it vorry anyone but me that something or someone could do that to her? I mean, with all that adamantium inside her and wolverine's healing ability she's near immortal but something still managed to beat her vithin an inch of her life.

          "It looked like an army did that to her." retorted Evan

          "Kurt's right though," Scott chimed in "If it was an army, what was it protecting and why was X23 there in the first place?"

          "Kurt, X23 is going to be fine. After all she is related to Mr. Logan. Now, try this soup I made yesterday!" Kitty chimed happily as she tried to shift the attention of her crush away from the new girl. Kurt did everything he could to avoid the horrendous batch of ooze in the spoon that charged at his face. In the distance, a young girl was watching the mayhem that was lunch ensue. Amanda Sefton, the girl that had been watching Kurt for a long time, had finally managed the courage to talk to Kurt when she had noticed that he changed and then disappeared. That was a long time ago, and the two had become fast friends; even after mutants had been discovered. Since she has had little more courage than that for anything more, but she was not about to let someone else get him either. She rushed over to the table that the X-men where sitting at and forced herself between Kitty and Kurt, making certain to push Kitty as far away as possible. Still, it nagged at Kurt that the extent of damage done to X23 would have killed anyone else. She had been in a war zone, but why?


End Chapter 1

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