Evolution: The Weapon X Project

Chapter 17: Behind it All.

Bet ya'll thought that this story was dead right. Well it's not, after a looooooooooorng Wait I present the next chapter in horror, wait that's not right, the next chapter in the lives of the house that Xavier built. Enough Bravado! On with it!


She lay in the bed; next to the one person she had she had grown the most attached over the passed time. Many people, including who she was laying next too, would be scandalized if they saw the picture that she was at the moment. She was lying in the bed that had been designated as his in their room, next to the man that had been at her side for the entirety of her time in the institute. His name was Kurt Wagner, and right now she was enjoying the feel of his short soft fur against her flesh. She was not naked, but might as well have been as all she had chosen to clothe herself in something more than a small, white tank top and a pair of equally small panties. She stroked his navy blue hair as she spooned him. It was quite a satisfying action as he seemed to let out a small cat-like purr every time she did so that was given a comical value as the purr seemed to be possessed of a germen accent.

The boy, this man, had risked his life for hers, he had brought her into safety, and he had been right there at her side through her most trying time. He had taught her that there was another reason to fight besides to kill. For first time in her life she had found something to smile about, and he was the cause. She had snuck into his bed the previous night like she had done on several previous occasions. The reaction was always the same, He jump or teleport from the bed nearly attach himself to the ceiling. It was cute, but she was told that he should not be involved in any strenuous activity if he could help it. So she removed herself from his bed and looked at the clock. It was nearly five in the morning and she needed a shower, a cold one.


He had been pouring over the information that they had managed to obtain on the Weapon X Project during the pervious events and found several indicators that Viper's death, while a major victory was like cutting an arm or leg off of a very large lizard; while the lizard was truly hampered, it would survive none the less. His eyes felt as if lead weights but he had to continue he had to find out what the threat was before it threatened them again. "You didn't sleep, did you?" Rogue walked into the war room with a cup of coffee in one hand and some diet drink in the other.

"I'm fine. I need to do this."

"No you don't. Let Professor X do this, or Dr. McCoy, ya know let the adults do tha work. You need to rest."

"So do you, you were hit just as hard as I was." He turned to face Rogue, "I'm healed and so are you." only to find that her lips now locked on his. Scott found his consciousness fade as Rogue drained him. He slumped over in his chair about to hit the console hard, but was stopped as Rogue caught it gently with a gloved hand.

"Yeah, but yer burden is heavier. Just sleep, leader man."


Later that day, Jean had been walking through a small park that was not too far away from the school. Things had been strained between her and Scott for awhile now. It had happened ever since the cruise and she knew it. Scott had been hanging around other people, they spent less and less time alone together while seemed to be spending more and more time with Rogue. What did he see in her anyway? She was not more beautiful than Jean, she wasn't smarter, she might be tougher, but that was debatable. Jean sat on a park bench and continued to ponder on the differences between her and Rogue and came to the one thing that might be what the source of the problem was. Rogue was untouchable; maybe the mystery was what was attracting him. Quietly, an older man sat down on the bench next to her with a grunt. "I'm sorry young lady, my old bones don't seem to cooperate." The old man laughed, "I needed to sit, please excuse me." He was well dressed in a finely tailored suit and a rich looking bowler's cap. This suit was accented by a strange ebony cane and polished leather shoes.

"It's fine, I was just leaving." Jean responded as she was going to stand and walk away.

"I couldn't help but notice, but you looked troubled. Boy trouble?"

Jean stayed seated; maybe talking about it would help her, "Something like that."

"Sometimes, us boys don't know what or who we want. I assume that there is another girl involved."


"I'll take that as a yes. You see we don't have a whole lot of sense when it comes to the fairer sex, some of us don't know what's good for us. It's that confusion that gets us into trouble more often then not. This boy, do you like him?"

"I love him." Jean said it out loud

"Then tell him, use the exact same words you did just now. It'll be like drawing a line in the sand. It will force him to choose, but be careful when you do it. You may force him into a decision he might not be ready to make. Kids your age are like that.

"What if he makes the decision in the other girls favor?"

"Then you said your peace, make him regret it and move on. Here," The old man reached into his pocket with a bright smile and pulled out a strange looking object, "take this," he placed it in Jean's hands.

Jean looked at it, it was a small figurine of a bird made from a jade-like material that was filled with a multi-faceted crimson fire that shimmered as if it were actually on fire, "Oh sir, I can't."

"Take it; look on it whenever you need advice. My wife used to call it her muse before she died."

"You should give it to your children."

"My children are ingrates who would not appreciate its beauty. I want you to have it."

Jean was moved and contemplated trying to give it back once more, but could not. The man was old and oddly sullen when he spoke of his children and she did not want to make him any more so. "Thank you." She got up and turned to walk away.

"Go get him, sweetie. He doesn't stand a chance." Cheered the old man as he pushed on his cane to stand up.

"Wait, Sir what's your name?"

"My name? Dear child, my name is Essex, Nathaniel Essex."


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