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Anna: What was that?!

Me: Nothing! (smiles faintly)

Shaman King: The Rematch

Prologue-The Aftermath

"You're going to be my husband, so you will be the Shaman King…even if it kills you." –Anna Kyoyama, Shaman King: Shaman's Ambition

"As long as Yoh and I are around…this world's not going to end…!"

Despite the fact that he had been possessed by his spirit partner Amidamaru, Asakura Yoh had heard precisely what his fiancée, Kyoyama Anna had said to Tao Jun, his former opponent, and had wondered what she meant by that.

"I'm sure she meant what she said about the world not ending anytime soon-but, why would she say what she said about her and me being around? Could she care about me more so than she lets on?"

After thinking about it for a bit longer, the young shaman-in-training shook his head. With the way she trained him, day after day, the only thing she was focused on was making his life a living hell-and probably even after he accomplished his goal to be Shaman King-if he survived any future shaman battles!

"Besides, if she did care about me more than she lets on, why doesn't she show it?"

"That's the only way you'll ever reach your full potential…why can't you see that?"

The young itako, known as Kyoyama Anna, closed her eyes tightly before reopening them to watch her fiancé run off with the weights around his ankles and wrists-the added ones included, of course, to make sure he ran harder and trained better.

"You tried training on your own, and you nearly ended up dead-and, this was before you ended up facing Tao Ren. He not only nearly killed you, but nearly took your spirit from you! You have no idea how your future battles with other Shamans will turn out, and, if you're not careful, Yoh…!"

"Hey, Anna! Do you know where Yoh went to?"

Anna broke out of her thoughts and eyed her fiancé's best (human) friend, Oyamada Manta come running in, panting lightly-obviously, he'd run quite a distance just to see Yoh.

"You just missed him, Squirt. If you hurry, though, you might be able to catch him-and, make sure he doesn't cheat to get back, either."

Manta blinked-until he noticed the itako pointing into the distance, where Yoh's body was fading away.

"You gotta be kidding me! Yoh! Wait up!"

Manta gasped repeatedly as he forced his rapidly tiring body to catch up with his best friend, groaning loudly as he caught Anna's departing words:

"And, don't forget-you're cooking dinner tonight! No junk food!"

"Why me?!"

Though he was far away, Yoh was able to hear his friend's frantic call to him, so he slowed down a bit just long enough for Manta to catch up with him.

"Thank goodness! For a second there, I was afraid I wouldn't catch up with you."

"Of course you would've caught up with me-once I finished the training course, anyway."

The two shared a quiet laugh while they continued on through the training course Anna had laid out for Yoh to travel down.

"Hey, Yoh-I've got a question."
Taking his silence as an okay to continue on, Manta asked Yoh the question that had been eating at him since the day he had defeated Li Bailong-with the help of his old teacher. "You think Anna's doing what she's doing for another reason, Yoh? I mean, other than wanting to become First Lady of a Shaman King, of course."

"I asked myself that question too, Manta, and I seriously don't think so. She wants to be First Lady, yeah, but it's that so I can give her an easy life at the same time. There might not be any other reason."

Manta sighed lightly while remembering that shocked look on Anna's face when Tao Jun had announced that she was a Dao-shi…



End flashback

Not able to get that look from Anna's eyes out of his head that easily, Manta looked up at his best friend and thought to himself, "Yoh…I sure hope you're right about this."

After the 15-mile jog there and back Yoh had undergone to improve his abilities, Anna had her fiancé move on to weightlifting. To the shaman-in-training, this was just as excruciating as the jogging with the weights! Yet, thanks to this training routine Anna put him through day after day after day, he had improved-he couldn't deny that. Of course, Manta was there to watch him to make sure he didn't try and skip out on the 400 times he would have to lift these weights up into the air. As for Yoh's best (ghost) friend and spirit partner, Amidamaru, he was tied up-again-with Anna upstairs, while the itako watched TV!

"How many was that?" Yoh gasped while holding the bar close to his chest while not dropping it onto his chest at the same time.

"From my count and the numerous times you lifted this up and down…around 75 times. You still have 325 more to do." Manta calculated.

Yoh groaned while dropping the bar onto his chest entirely and gasping for breath as he tried in vain to lift it back up again.

"Come on, Yoh-you can do this! You really have improved a lot since Anna got here; you can't disagree with that! Look at what happened against Ren's sister and her jiang-si-you not only beat them, but freed Li Bailong from her control. Sure, it took being possessed by Amidamaru and Sha-wen, but you got the job done."

Yoh smiled lightly while managing to lift the bar again up into the air.

"…76. Thanks, Manta."

Manta laughed as Yoh resumed his weightlifting, a confident look on both boys' faces.

"What are friends for?"


An angered Tao Ren had just splintered a wooden table to pieces with his Kwan Dao spear, since observing the shaman fight between his sister and Asakura Yoh.

"She told me it wouldn't be a problem getting that spirit for me, and then what happens?! She ends up becoming as weak as that boy with the headphones, and thinks her own spirit is her friend!"

Calming himself down as the sun had already set, giving way to the night, Ren looked out at the stars and smiled evilly.

"Bason! Prepare yourself for the following days to come!"

The next instant, a Chinese warlord appeared behind Ren, brandishing his own Kwan Dao spear in his hand, and a look on his face that spoke revenge.

"Not only will I get that samurai as a part of my team in these next few days, Bason, but I will obtain much more than that…"

Ren wasn't the only one watching the stars this night-Yoh was also out, watching the stars following an impressive dinner that only took Manta about five tries to make before Anna deemed it as acceptable, and had Amidamaru freed from her beads, who was watching the stars alongside his friend.

"Though, I don't understand why Anna just can't order takeout. It would save her, and Manta, a lot of time if she just did that…"

Laughing lightly, Amidamaru responded calmly, "No one understands why women such as Lady Anna request what they request, Lord Yoh; not even I understood what women wanted over 600 years ago, or even when I was around your age."

"Sure-that's because you were already training to become the greatest warrior of your time, and the greatest warrior I know."

"Hey, Yoh!"

Yoh gasped in shock while sitting straight up while Amidamaru took this time to vanish into the skies as Anna made her presence known to her future husband.

"Is there something on your mind, Anna?"

The look on her face remained impassive as Anna eyed Yoh up and down for a few moments before answering his question.

"You did a good job today-for once, you actually completed everything without trying to slack off. I'm impressed by your renewed efforts."

"Thanks!" Yoh grinned as he placed his hand behind his head, pleased that he hadn't done something to get her mad at him.

"You did do an amazing job against the Dao-shi and her jiang-si, but there will be more tougher opponents out there, determined to become Shaman King, and you'll need to work harder to achieve your goal, as well as mine."

Yoh laughed nervously and backed away a bit from his fiancée while a humongous sweatdrop appeared on the back of his head.

"And, your point in all this would be…?"

"Tomorrow will be Triathlon day-a complex running and swimming course will be laid out for you to complete, and it must be done before the sun sets!"

Yoh collapsed to the ground, feeling completely drained and utterly stunned beyond belief.

"What about biking?!"

"That would be considered cheating-and, besides, no one's going to use bikes during the Shaman Fight, Yoh. If I were you, I'd get some rest-tomorrow will be a big day. And, when I say to get some rest, I don't mean outside on the ground."

Turning around and heading back inside the house, a small smile was on the itako's face as Yoh got to his feet.

"You'll be able reach your full potential soon enough, Yoh-and, I'll make sure you accomplish your goal every step of the way…"

Me: To those who aren't that familiar with Japanese words, Dao-shi means spellcaster, and jiang-si stands for a corpse puppet-though, in Jun and Bailong's case, no more talismans are being used.