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                                                             Shaman King-The Rematch

                                                 Epilogue: Never change, Itako no Anna

"…Everything is square." –Kyoyama Anna, Shaman King: The Dragon's Gratitude

"No one in this world is beyond redemption." –Asakura Yoh, Shaman King: Tokagero Blues

For the second time in her young life as an itako, Anna found herself at the Funbari General Hospital very early the morning following the intense battle her fiancé, Yoh, had been involved in while facing Tao Ren. True, Yoh had been victorious, but only after being seriously injured by Ren the previous night. Manta had accompanied Anna to the hospital, but both he and Amidamaru had to wait in the waiting area whilst Anna was able to sit by Yoh's side; why that happened, no one really knows-not even Manta, since he and Amidamaru got to keep Yoh company the first time he'd been admitted.

"You could've died from this injury if you hadn't ended that fight, Yoh, just like I told Manta…you can't let your guard down against any of your opponents, and this time, it nearly cost you your life…!"

"Do you think Yoh will wake up soon, Amidamaru? He's been out ever since we got him to the hospital this morning."

"Of course, Lord Manta. Lord Yoh was seriously hurt last night, that's true, but I'm sure the injury has been well treated while he was sleeping-and, undoubtedly, while Lady Anna was resting as well."

Manta couldn't help but grin lightly at Amidamaru's response.

"I don't think Anna's gotten any sleep since before last night, or, if she has, it was really quick."

Looking upward toward the samurai spirit, Manta was amazed to see a light, though visible, smirk on Amidamaru's face.

"Trust me, Lord Manta-if she's determined to watch over Lord Yoh this thoroughly, then I'm sure that Lady Anna got some sleep early this morning."

Shrugging his shoulders, Manta replied doubtfully, "Okay, Amidamaru-if you say so."

(Build a Bridge plays in background)

Eyeing her sleeping fiancé lying on his hospital bed for a few moments, Anna abruptly closed her eyes while placing her hand gently over his-something she wouldn't normally do in normal situations; this, however, wasn't a normal situation, so the itako felt it would be necessary to do something not so normal-for once.

"Look, Yoh…this isn't easy for me to say, since I've never had to say what I'm going to say to anyone. So, I'm just going to say it. You already know why I've decided to train you for the upcoming Shaman Fight, but there's more than that one reason why I want you to become the Shaman King. It's because I know you can handle not only my training, but anything that any other shaman can throw at you, like what that Ren character did last night. Anyone who I'm engaged to should, and will, be able to handle shamans who would have just as much potential-which is why I know you'll do well. I wouldn't expect anything less from you, since you're not just my fiancé. You're someone who's done more for me in these past few weeks than you'll ever know."

Reopening her eyes, Anna allowed a small smile to cross her face before releasing Yoh's hand and preparing to gather her things together, which weren't much. To her slight surprise, Yoh smiled at Anna while opening his own eyes and looking up at his fiancée.

"No problem, Anna. Just don't ever change." Yoh advised, that smile never leaving his face.

A light smirk appeared over Anna's face at that moment, pleased that Yoh looked like he was going to make a full recovery.

"Don't worry, Yoh…I don't plan to."

(Build a Bridge fades out)

"How much longer do you think Yoh and Anna will be in there? It's already nighttime-again, and if we have to stay out here much longer, I'm gonna get hungry and go crazy!"

Laughing while watching Manta pace around the waiting room, Amidamaru replied calmly, "Don't worry, Lord Manta. It won't take that long for Lady Anna to assist Lord Yoh out of this place. I'm certain she'll be even more determined for him to train harder than before now that he's gotten Ren out of the way-for now."

Manta chuckled lightly at that comment while agreeing with Amidamaru. "You have a point, Amidamaru. After what happened to Yoh now, she'll be even more hot headed with him…and with me, too!" Manta groaned loudly, his smile quickly turning upside down.

Speaking of the itako, she was waiting for Yoh to gather what he needed so they could head home; that way, his injury could heal better if he was in a calmer place. Surprisingly to Yoh, this was something Anna suggested!

"Make no mistake, Yoh-once you're fully healed, your training will resume it's normal course, and there will be no room for slacking! At this current time, your training will be cut in half."

"In half?!"

Anna nodded once. "Instead of doing what you normally do-which would take you until sundown to finish-you'll do the same thing, but finish it before lunchtime. And, if I were you, I wouldn't be late!"

Yoh nodded, a worried look on his face while opening the door and allowing Anna to exit first.

It didn't take either one of them long to reach the waiting room. Manta, who had resumed his pacing, smiled when he saw his friends enter the waiting room.

"Hey, you two! How are you holding up, Yoh?"

"He'll be fine. Let's get going, Manta; you and Yoh have some running to do tomorrow." Anna replied calmly while heading out the door.

"Running?! But, what about Yoh's injury? Doesn't he need to rest?" Manta insisted in shock while heading after Anna, Yoh following his fiancée and his best friend.

"That's what nighttime is for, Squirt."

Yoh smiled to himself despite knowing that his training was going to be somewhat changed until he was fully healed. He knew now that whatever came, as long as his friends were with him, he could handle anything.

While heading home, neither Yoh, Anna, or Manta had noticed someone in the shadows staring at them with an ominous look, and a wicked smirk on his face.

"So, he was able to survive this test of his abilities…I would expect nothing less from him. Still, there's one more test he would have to endure before I will prepare myself to face him in the Shaman Fight. And, this is a test he will endure…! Trust me, Yoh Asakura…not only will you have to endure this test, but you will have a choice in the matter…to survive, and live…or die in disgrace…! Yes…the choice is indeed painful, but the one who will make the right choice will be someone very close to you, my brother…"