Chapter IX

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CHAPTER IX!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!11!!!!11!!!1!!!!!!11!1!1!!ONEONEELEVEN!!1!

Onwards, the two unlikely companions marched, halfway through the canyon that leads to North Corel. Yuffie had mostly been quiet or madly blushing for the past day and a half. Vincent was beginning to worry that he had seriously made a mistake on stunning her with his seductive bathing techniques. Trying to think of a way to break the peaceful yet very awkward silence, Vincent ponders of what he could possibly say, ignoring the demon residing inside his brain.

'Hey! Hey! Hey, listen to me! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey, my tallest! HEYYYYYYYY!!!' Chaos was rolling around in the back of his mind screaming like a child pumped full of sugar and crack (ah… my childhood memories…), disrupting his host's thoughts immensely.

"……" Vincent attempted to ignore the demon in his head, however his patience for the demon to shut up was wearing thin.

'HEEEeEeEEEEeEEEEeeeeEEEEEEeeEeEeeeEeEeEeEeeEeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEeeeEeeEeEEYYyyyYyyyY!' Chaos continued. Vincent gave a aggravated growl, grabbing his gun from its holster and smacking himself in the head several times. Yuffie heard cracking noises and immediately turned around to see him beating himself in the face. Vincent, indifferently stopped and replaced his gun in its holster, going back to walking towards their destination without a single word. Yuffie's eye twitched, disturbed by her companions brash action.

"Vincent, what the hell are you—" Yuffie began until BOOM! Both her and Vincent were knocked over by a gust of wind from an explosion, not too far from them.

"AAAAAAAHHH!!! THE APOCALYPSE IS UPON US!!!" Yuffie screamed as she was flung into the dirt with a confused yet silent Vincent piling on top of her. From far away, a black stream of liquid spewed forth from the ground.

Vincent stood up, brushing himself off and glancing down at the still screaming woman at his feet.

"OOOOOoooooooooooooooow!!! THE PAIN! LET IT END ALREADY, DEAR GAWD!" Yuffie cried out, writhing in the dirt still.

Vincent felt compelled to just stare down at the sight, entertained by her dramatic over-exageration and unawareness to what was really going on. With a sigh, he decided against it, reaching down to pull her up and attempt to calm her.

"NOOOOO!" She shook her head. Vincent shook her until she pulled out of her ecstatic state. "Oh, hi Vinny! What the hell was that?!"

Vincent peered into the distance, nonchalantly.

"It seems there was an explosion near Coral Town… I believe that's oil I see coming up from the ground. I also see people dancing around it foolishly. Oh, and I see Barret." Vincent replied. Chaos started creating images in Vincent's mind of what Yuffie would look like naked in the oil, pissing off (and turning on) Vincent again. He turned to see that Yuffie had already taken off running towards the town. With a sharp grunt, Vincent followed. They met up with the large black man with the robotic arm and he hadn't changed at all.

"Yo, you bloodsucka'! Nice to see you an' Yuffie again in the hood, yo!" Barret said as he patted Vincent on the back with his mechanical arm, knocking him over because of the uncontrollable force of his pats. Vincent pulled himself off the ground, sucking the air that had been knocked out of him back into his lungs before replying hoarsely.

"It's nice to see you too again, Barret." Vincent said.

Yuffie and Vincent took an hour to chat with Barret, catching up on things since their days in Avalanche. Yuffie was mostly the one talking but Vincent was listening intently as well. Coral Town was beginning to prosper since they had first discovered signs of oil in region around the town. Barret also told them that he talked to Cloud, or Spiky as Barret called him, and said that he and Tifa were moving to the small city near Midgar ruins and Kalm called Midgul Edge. He said that Cloud and Tifa wanted to start an orphanage for children who lost their families to Meteor and were suffering from the new epidemic that had began to pop up around the planet called Geostigma. They were going to postpone their marriage for a bit longer. Yuffie and Barret began to wrap up their conversation while Barret was packing things up onto a helicopter.

"I'm taking lil' Marlene over to Tifa and Spiky's place for a while. I wanna get a survey done and set up a few land drills for the oil before letting her run around the place any more." Barret said as Marlene came running out of Barret's house with a small moogle back pack on. Yuffie noticed her hair was in a braid with a pink bow tying it up like how Aeris wore her hair. After all, Marlene really looked up to Aeris and missed considerably her since her unfortunate and untimely death. Marlene ran up and was hauled into the air by her father playfully, and placed on his shoulder like he did two years back, even though Marlene grew a lot since then and sat awkwardly on his shoulders. Yuffie smiled to her sweetly as Marlene looked over at her daddy's guests. She immediately remembered Yuffie, who used to play with her in Kalm for a while as her daddy and his friends helped clean up after Meteor.

"Hey Marlene, long time no see! How are things?" Yuffie asked cheerily.

"I'm good! I just had my birthday three days ago! I'm seven now." Marlene giggled happily, hugging her father's head.

"Wow, you're getting to be a big girl, happy birthday!" Yuffie said with a large grin. Marlene cracked a smile at her before noticing Vincent. She'd only seen him a few times with her daddy's friends before and never talked to him or seen him so close. She eyed him curiously and Yuffie noticed. She waved her arm in front of Vincent and cleared her throat. "You haven't really met him before but this is Vincent, he's a friend of mine and your dad's."

"Hello, my name's Marlene." She said shyly. He looked up at her blankly.

"It's nice to meet you Marlene." Vincent said impassively.

"Don't worry, he's always like that. He doesn't smile much." Yuffie whispered up to Marlene with a grin. She nodded understandingly.

"So he's like Cloud?" Marlene asked. Yuffie nodded back.

"Yup. All melodramatic and emo." Yuffie replied. The two girls giggled as Vincent grunted and folded his arms in annoyance.

"Alright baby girl, it's time for you to take a trip to see Uncle Spiky and Aunt Tifa! Say bye to Yuffie and Vincent." Barret told her. They all said their goodbyes and Barret got into the helicopter with Marlene and they took off towards Edge City. Yuffie and Vincent continued onward to the airlift to Goldsaucer.

"Yuffie, what is the significance of us going to this amusement park?" Vincent inquired as they sat in the airlift together. Well, more like just Vincent sitting and Yuffie was ecstatically bouncing around inside, going from window to window to get a better view of the large aerial golden theme park.

"We're ganna just have a few days of fun, then we'll get serious with our materia hunting so lighten up, Vinny. Oh my Gawd! I haven't been here in ages! Well, not since we were in Avalanche together, Vin-Vins! I had so much fun last time, I can't wait to go to the arcade! No, no, no, I'm ganna hit the chocobo races first! Or how about the battle arena? Oh man, I could definitely take on all those monster freaks in there with one hand tied behind my back! I'd give em a little of this! And this! And a bit of that!" Yuffie punched the air viciously with glee. "I'd take first prize for sure with my awesome ninja skills!"

Vincent sighed heavily. He didn't know if he was going to like this at all.

When they arrived, Yuffie dragged him up to the haunted hotel and they got a room to share so they could drop off all their belongings before heading out for fun. On the way down from the room, Yuffie caught a glimpse of a gang dressed in familiar blue suites through the crack of the door to the reserved banquet hall downstairs. Yuffie didn't give it any thought and continued towards the front door. Vincent, however, stopped and looked towards the door of the banquet hall.

"Huh?" Yuffie skipped back to where Vincent had stopped and looked to see what caught his eye. She noticed that it was the Turks standing at attention in the room, facing someone in a wheelchair with a white blanket over themselves. Yuffie mimicked Vincent's eavesdropping by tilting her head to allow herself to listen in on the conversation better. (This is the part of the story where I try and add a real plot to it to tie it into Advent Children, so it will be boring and very stupid. If you want, you may skip ahead, but you won't get a birthday party this year because I will tell your mommy.)

"Sir, there's been a reporting of suspicious silver haired characters lurking around in the ancient forest near the Cetran Forgotten Capital. There was a reported malfunction within the number 34 reactor in the mountain region near there about two years ago. The stats for it had shown only power failure but we took a closer look and there had been several reports of Professor Hojo making several unaccompanied trips there. I have a bad feeling that perhaps we might be looking at another incident where Sephiroth might be involved." The professionally dressed Turk with long silky black locks announced.

"I bet you a raise in our salary that you're just paranoid," the least well groomed member of the group with flaming red hair stated with a chuckle. "What do you think about this crap, Rude?"


"Reno, shut your trap! Oh Tseng, you're soooo professional!" Dreamy eyed, Elena praised her senior partner. She straightened up suddenly, pounding her fist into her palm with determination. "I feel the same way! Perhaps we should go investigate?"

"Elena's right, we should go to the location of these sightings and see if there truly any silver haired characters in the Forgotten Capital." Tseng agreed. Elena let out a squeal of delight, feeling accomplished for giving an appropriate suggestion.

"Hold off on that…….. I'd rather you four check out the source of the problem from two years ago. Perhaps see if there is any activity in the area where we found the true Sephiroth." The cloaked figure replied. The Turks looked at each other with concern.

"You don't really mean that enormous hole in the ground do you?" Reno asked skeptically. (Here's about where you want to tune back in. But if you skipped that part above, you really won't get a birthday cake, or a clown, or presents! But you will contract syphilis. Yay for STDs!)

"North Crater? But why?" Elena inquired.

"These characters could possibly be stray clones of Sephiroth's, loitering about. In any case, Jenova's reunion was centered at the bottom of Northern Crater; it's likely that it's their destination. I want you all to go down and see if there are any possible remains of Jenova and contain them. Report back at the Healin Lodge near Kalm in four days with any findings. After that, depending on what we find, we'll investigate the Forgotten City." The cloaked figure announced. "Any questions?"

"Yeah, why the hell are you wearing that blanket over you again? I mean we know you have Geostigma, but do you feel that insecure about it? We all think you're pretty, boss, even with a life threatening disease." Reno stated lightheartedly, only to get a grunt from his superior. He was rewarded with a slap to the back of his head from Elena. "OW! Did you see that? Assault! You should demote her!"

"Fat chance." Elena stuck her tongue out at him. Tseng coughed, compelling Elena to act her age again.

"Alright kids, playtime until 7AM tomorrow sharp. And Reno, don't you dare be late again!" Tseng said. Reno clucked his tongue at Tseng as everyone began to disperse from the meeting. Vincent took the queue to leave, leaving a confused Yuffie behind as he turned on his heels and headed for the door. He almost immediately figured out that it was president Rufus underneath that cloak and was curious how he survived the explosion in Midgar two years earlier. Yuffie was right about to turn around and follow when she heard Reno from behind.

"Well looky here Rude, what a surprise, my little Wuttian angel has made an appearance!" Reno bent over with a smug look, matching Yuffie's eye level and only inches from her face. "Long time no see, beautiful."

"We saw each other a couple days ago, you goofball." Yuffie replied with a nervous laugh and a blush across her face.

"Days? It felt like we've been apart for years. My heart ached to see your flawless face again, babe." Reno cooed, making Yuffie's blush ten shades deeper. Rude rolled his eyes behind his dark shades and walked past his red headed colleague towards the hotel's front door.

"Bar." Rude said in monotone, indicating to Reno where he could be found. Reno nodded and turned his attention back to the ninja that timidly faced him.

"So you want to go hit a few of the rides with me?" Reno asked with a seductive grin plastered on his beautiful boyish face.

"Uh, um………" Was all she could stammer. Yuffie felt weighted down to the ground and didn't know what to say, she'd never been hit on before really. Her Yuffie senses were tingling when she detected a seething aura behind her near the door. Vincent had daggers in his eyes at Reno and she didn't have to look back to see that he was about to morph into Chaos and rip the Turk to shreds. Luckily he didn't, and instead he came up behind her and tapped on her shoulder.

"Our dinner reservation is waiting, Yuffie." He said coldly. He shot a glare at the red head and turned back, finally exiting the building. Reno snorted at him on his way out.

"Yeah, I almost forgot! Sorry, maybe some other time! Bye Reno!" Yuffie chuckled uneasily and skipped out the building in pursuit of her raven haired companion. Reno wrinkled his nose, folding his arms in disappointment.

"Hey! Wait up!" Yuffie hollered at Vincent as she ran to catch up. "Where are you off to?"

"Where else, dinner." He replied unemotionally in a matter-of-factly sort of way. Yuffie looked stunned before she turned away from him. He could have sworn he saw the same blush that Reno brought about return.

"Wait, you really DID get reservations for us to go to dinner!" Yuffie asked in amazement.

"……………." Was his reply. Inside his mind he answered, 'No. I was trying to get Reno to piss off. But I guess she could use a real meal now that we are back into civilization.'

'Yea, and later you guys can do some R&R in the bedroom.' Chaos suggested in his head. 'Giggidy giggidy! Alright!'

She looked to find him walking again, causing her to stumble over herself to follow him. She began to inner monologue with herself again. 'Wow, maybe he wanted to go on a date with me? This is TOO FREAKING WEIRD MAN! WTF!? I MEAN DOUBLE U TEE EF? First Reno hitting on me like I'm some super model chick and now Vincent taking me out to dinner? And I could have sworn I sensed jealousy from that vampire guy. OH MY GAWD! THAT'S IT! HE WANT TO SUCK MY BLOOD! THAT'S WHAT HE MEANS BY DINNER! OH SHIT, WHY DIDN'T I SEE IT EARLIER!' She ended up walking right into his back, falling backwards onto her butt. Looking up she saw him descend upon her with his icy blood red eyes locked onto hers. In panic, she squealed in horror and curled into the fetal position to shield herself from his vampiric powers. "PLEASE DON'T TAKE MY LIFE JUICE!! IT TASTES OF SOOT AND POO!"

"Yuffie, we are here." Vincent told her with a raised eyebrow and an extended hand. She looked up to find vampire fangs inching toward her neck and gingerly, she grasped his hand and let him pull her up. They proceeded in and were seated, WITHOUT a reservation, lawl. Yuffie decided to order a burger and fries with a chocolate milkshake, even though it was one of the more fancy restaurants in Goldsaucer, and Vincent just took a glass of red wine. Yuffie viciously began to plow into her food once it hit the table. Vincent watched with amazement as bits and chunks of food flew into the air due to the fury of it being consumed. Within minutes, it was all gone and Yuffie was ordering cake. While waiting for her delicious desert to arrive, she eyed him.

"Vinny, why don't you ever take off that claw thingy? It's kinda dumb looking." Yuffie said nonchalantly. That struck a small nerve on him and he let out a sound of distaste towards her uncouth inquiry. She only slanted her head, waiting for a response. She continued, embarrassed by her next selection of words. "I mean, I saw you, uh, er, you know…….. BATHE with it. Common, take it off."

"Does it embarrass you to be with a freak?" He asked, try to guilt her into shutting up.

"No! I just wanna see! Take it off!" She pried.






"TAKE IT OFF YOU STUBBORN MULE!" Yuffie pounded on the table, almost knocking over his wine. Her demand caused quite a number of people to glance over and stare, expecting stripping to follow. Hahah, dinner and a show…….. I wanna watch a hot guy strip while I eat! MmmmMmmmmmm good!

"………… I can't." He replied.

"But in other fan-fictions you can, you just have a disfigured arm." She said in confusion.

"Well they are foolish writers. If I could take this off I wouldn't wear the ugly thing." He said slightly irately, considering ripping off the arm and smacking her upside the head with it. Her slab of cake arrived.

"This is CAKE TOWN!" She declared, shoving the dessert into her face. Her selection in food only reminded him even more that she was just a teenager. They finished up and he paid the bill. She convinced him to accompany her for a few rides. She easily got sick on the rollercoaster, almost gagging all over Vincent, even though it was the small kiddy coaster. She went to the arcade and coaxed the ex-Turk into trying a few games, which he failed miserably with, with the exception of a game with the crane machines and the snowboarding VR. For some odd reason, he got the new high score and beat Cloud's snowboarding record. He also won her a stuffed moogle in one of the crane games. They walked around for a bit just enjoying the sights around the park. They ended up wandering into the Enchanted Square and confetti burst out from the walls and rained down onto them.

"…………" Vincent's eyes widened and he knew. All the fun he had been having with Yuffie died when they had entered through those doors. He knew the horror that approached him as a fat balding man in a Goldsaucer uniform approached the two with a large grin on his oily face. He felt like pulling out his death penalty and blowing his brains across the walls that showered confetti.

"Congratulations! You are our hundredth couple for tonight! You will take the leads in tonight's play!" The man informed them.

"Wha?" Yuffie sputtered. Vincent was reaching for his gun.

"Oh now it's not hard. Just play it however you want to and the rest of the cast will cover up for you." The man shoved them both towards the back area of the stage and into the dressing room.


The curtain opened up and the narration began.

"Long, long ago……… An evil shadow appeared over the peaceful kingdom of Galdia. Princess Rosa was just kidnapped by the Evil Dragon King, Valvados. What will become of her? Just then, the legendary hero, Alfred, appears!"

"Hey! What's the big idea!" Yuffie is pushed out and tumbles onto the center of the stage. People applaud in the audience. She gets up and brushes herself off and looks up to see where the voice is coming from. A man dressed as a knight danced out onto the stage and stood elegantly next to her. She turned to him, livid. "Hey, I think you got it mixed up! I'm a girl!"

"Oh….. You must be the legendary hero……… Alfred!" He said his line loudly then turned to her and whispered. "Well it's ok, just play along. It's your line."

"How the hell could you guys mistake me for a guy!" She demanded, ignoring his prompting. He continued nervously.

"Uh……… You must be the legendary hero Alfred, I know in my soul. Please… please save Princess Rosa! Now……. please talk……. to the king!" He drew out his sentences dramatically and sang them as if it were an opera while he bowed and stepped to the back of the stage. A large fat man, who Yuffie recognized as the guy that forced her and Vincent to participate in the play, was dressed as a king and pranced awkwardly onto the stage. She marched over to him with the death glare. He spoke the same way as the knight.

"Oh……… legendary hero, Alfred! You have come to save my beloved Rosa! On the peak of dangerous mountain…... Dwells the Evil Dragon King, Valvados….. Who kidnapped Princess Rosa!" The king proclaimed. Yuffie cracked her knuckles and tapped her foot furiously.

"I'm ganna kick your face in, lard ass!" She growled.

"But you can't beat the Evil Dragon King now! Talk to one who can help you!" The King continued. On queue, a woman dressed as an old wizard frolicked onto the stage and stood next to the knight. Yuffie looked at both the actors and snorted, making eye contact with the wizard.

"Hey Gandolf! How should I go about kicking this King's ass?" Yuffie demanded

"What? You can't fight the King, you must find a way to fight Valvados!" The knight protested.

"You shut your pie hole, tin can!" Yuffie snapped, and he did. A poorly designed and made dragon costume was reeled in bye wires from the left of the stage, and he was holding Vincent.

"GWAHHAHAHAHH! I am the Evil Dragon King, Valvados! I have not harmed your princess! I have been expecting…. You!" The dragon roared, the man inside trying his hardest to be as menacing as possible. Yuffie did a double take when she saw a very, very, and I mean VERY, pissed off Vincent. They had put him in a dress. How, she could never guess.

"………………." Vincent silently fumed.

"You guys put him in a fing DRESS?!?!?!?" Yuffie could barely comprehend this. She turned to the fat king, wound up, and let her fist fly, sending the fat king off backstage.

"GAAAAAAAAAH! You dare ignore me!" The dragon howled. Vincent turned around and shot him in the leg with his Quicksilver so that it doesn't blow off the entire thing. He fell to the floor crying out in agony, grasping at the bleeding leg while all the other actors ran off stage screaming. Vincent then tore off the dress (he was wearing his normal clothes underneath, so don't go all fappy on me girls…. And some boys…. . ) and walked off stage, Yuffie trailing behind with her stuffed moogle in hand.

"Oh gawd! THE AGONY! HE SHOT MY LEG! Is there a white mage in the theatre!" The man cried out on the floor, rocking back and forth while cradling his wounded leg. Just then, a young man with pointed ears and a green tunic jumped down from the room and stabbed the dragon suit in the head piece with his broad sword, inches away from the actual actor's head. The man inside the suit screamed before fainting. "JESUS CHRIST! YOU ALMOST GOT MY EYE!"

"Alright so I killed Valvados….. Where the hell is my freaking fire medallion?" The man in green demanded. A bluish fairy floated about his blonde head angrily.

"I said Volvagia you douche! Not Volvados! This isn't the fire temple or even Hyrule!" The fairy screamed at him. They walked off stage screaming at each other. The audience sat in utter confusion and terror after what they had witnessed.

"……….. And they lived happily, uh, ever after?" The narrator finished, just as confused as the rest of the crowd. For several minutes there was absolute silence. Someone in the back began to clap wildly, followed by a few other uncertain claps.


"Gawd, what a bunch of crap that was….. I can't believe they thought I was a boy and you were a girl! Jerks, I shoulda kicked their asses more!" Yuffie sneered as they walked about. Vincent, being glad they survived the ordeal, was happy to be out of there. They came to the Gondola ride that went around all of Goldsaucer. Yuffie let out a small giggle and grabbed Vincent's hand and walked over to the lady in charge of the ride. "There will be two of us!"


At first they sat back, enjoy the small rest from walking around the entire park but then Yuffie began to jump around in her seat in attempt to see all the sights about the ride. Even Vincent glanced over to take in the grand light show and fireworks they lit off next to them.

"Woah! Geez! Look at those fireworks! Ha-ha! That one rocked! Wowwie zowwie, we have those kinds back at Wutai!" Yuffie commented randomly at the intervals where they launched the fireworks, her head sticking out the window to take it all in. Vincent went back to looking forward, his eyes drifting down and settling on the curves of Yuffie's small body without him even realizing it.

'You could bang her in the Gondola, that'd be something to brag about with the rest of your buddies, m'irite? Eh? Yeaaaaaaa? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa? I know you want to.' Chaos harassed Vincent within him.

"Vincent!" Yuffie exclaimed. He snapped his eyes upwards thinking that perhaps she had caught him ogling her, his heart nearly jumping out of his chest because of it too. However, she was still gazing out the window in awe of the newest fireworks being launched with an armada of balloons being released. "Look!"

Several minutes passed and the fireworks faded out again to just the glow of the park lights below in the midnight sky. Content with her fill of shiny and flashy things, Yuffie got up and spun around to sit with her back against the wall of the Gondola. She looked over at Vincent, admiring his entire dark seductive and flawless features, mainly his eyes. They were like rubies set in marble with black onyx cascading down in strands to frame the masterpiece. He was looking back at her with confusion in his eyes, and they made eye contact. She looked down, hugging her newly acquired stuffed moogle nervously. She felt so giddy and excited but so relaxed at the same time. 'I bet this is what they mean when they say giddy as a school girl. I can't take it anymore, he's winning with his vampire powers! He's just tooooooooo hot! Screw it!'

Hastily, Yuffie hopped up from her seat, still looking down at her moogle, and hopped over before Vincent and as quickly as she had shoved chocolates in his mouth, she gave him a gentle kiss on his cheek and threw herself back to where she was sitting. Vincent's eyes widened the moment he had felt her warm soft lips brush against his face. He studied her, still wearing the expression. If Yuffie weren't fire-truck red right then, she'd laugh at the break in his stone mask. She swallowed hard, playing with the pom-pom on the moogle.

"I just felt like doing that, heh. Th-thank you for dinner and coming with me to have fun, I-I'm happy you did." She squeaked, almost too quiet for even him to hear. He continued to stare at her. She began to fidget after the long silence. Finally she spoke again, shaking her head and poking at her moogle's right eye. "Ah, gawd! Sorry, I wasn't thinking clearly, I'm really tired and—-"

She was cut off when a hand brought her face upward and a pair of lips pressed down upon her own and a metallic arm snaked around her back. Her mind exploded and her body tingled all over. Vincent's kiss was firm but gentle. A sigh of bliss escaped from her lips when he pulled away seconds later.

"And I just felt like doing that." Vincent told her, sitting back on his side of the gondola. She was frozen in air again and by now Vincent was so used to her doing that that he only folded his arms and, amused by her youthful spirit, the corners of his mouth turned upwards ever so slightly. It did not escape Yuffie. She went from frozen to pointing straight at his face. She just kept gaping at him, unable to form any coherent speech for five minutes. Chaos, too, was speechless, if only for a moment. He then began suggesting all the naughty things Vincent could do to her, though Vincent paid no mind to his banter. The ride finally shuddered to a halt and they got off. As they walked back to the hotel, Yuffie absentmindedly grasped Vincent's hand. They both noticed each other's warmth simultaneously and blushed. That night was a really good night.


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