Episode 118!

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Lance is a girl, and she goes by the name of Crystal.

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Card Captor Ashura – Rising Stars Arc

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Episode 118: Setting off for the Orange Islands.

            "Well, I think our trip has officially begun." Ash said as he brushed some hair out of his eyes. "Right, Crystal?"

            "You know, Red, I think that we have landed on a deserted island."

            "What?" Pika-chan looked up.

            "A deserted island? No food?"

            Luna whapped Pika-chan. "Try to think about something other than food!"


            Ash quickly tossed Pika-chan an orange. Pika-chan smiled happily and began peeling and eating it.

            Luna shook her head. * What a glutton… *


            Giselle looked around. There was nobody in her dorm room, yet she had been quite sure that she had heard a thumping sound.

            Soon, she discovered a green-and-silver book.

            "Johto?" She asked, blinking. "Oh well." She decided to open it. The silver lock, shaped like a Geodude, enlarged and opened. There was an extremely bright flash of silver energy.

            Giselle picked up a card. "Skarmory?" She asked as she looked at the name below the green card. There was a vivid flash of green light, and suddenly, a giant silver bird with red and black feathers appeared and began flapping its wings furiously.

            The rest of the deck of cards drifted out the window.

            "Wait!" Giselle shouted, but it was no use.

            A little dusty brown Geodude with wings floated up to her. It blinked and opened its eyes, looking around.

            "I am Geodude, guardian of the Johto card set." It said, quite calmly. Then, it noticed that all the cards are gone. "AAHHH! Where are the pokemon cards?!"

            "What pokemon cards?" Giselle wanted to know.

            "Wasn't this book full of green cards?"

            "Yes, but…"

            "But what?"

            "I saw one of the cards, it was called Skarmory. So I said its name and suddenly, the rest of the cards disappeared!"

            "Great." Geodude muttered. * This is so not good… Pika-chan and Luna and Vulpix-chan are all going to kill me for letting the Johto cards go because they're supposed to go with the Kanto set that Pika-chan is the guardian of… But I have to give her the key. Otherwise, they'll be havoc! What do I do? *

            Geodude sighed. * Choice of two evils, but I can't just let them roam free… *

            "Very well. You shall be the candidate of the Johto card set."

            Giselle blinked.

            Geodude created a silver magic circle. A green key with the head of a Hoppip appeared. "Now grab it." He instructed Giselle.

            She shrugged and obeyed his orders. There was a brilliant flash of green light across the land.

            Both Ash and Lance tensed, reaching for their keys.

            "No." Lance said, looking shocked. "No!"
            Ash suddenly felt very cold. "Pika-chan… was that the Johto set?"

            Pika-chan's eyes were hard and flinty. "I believe so. What has he done?! Baka guardian… wait until I get my paws on him!"
            "Geodude has done the unthinkable." Luna said. "He has violated one of the master's direct orders. The Johto cards were supposed to go to Ash after he had completed the Kanto set."

            "Can we do anything?"

            "Yes." Pika-chan said. "You have the authority to capture the Johto cards." Ash smiled grimly.

            "Let's begin."

            Just then, Pika-chan paused. "You'd better go in disguise. Here you go." She pulled out a costume. "There are still at least two hundred left."

            Ash nodded. He changed into the dark pine green long-sleeved shirt made out of shellac that was like armor, the warm buttery-golden yellow pants with handy pockets, the dark green ankle boots, and the hooded cloak in a spring green color. "Let's go."

            Lance nodded and willed herself into her silver Dragon Master armor and her flowing blue robes. "Okay, ready when you are!"

            Ash pulled out his star key. "Magic to cards, cards to key." He whispered softly. Soon, a white beam shot off towards a distant island.

            "Hmm… we'll have to Surf." Pika-chan said.

            Ash shrugged. "No problem."

            He and Lance headed down to the beach.

            "Water walk." Ash whispered. Sworls of white and blue energy writhed around his and Lance's feet for a few minutes. They stepped out onto the water.

            "We have to run." Lance said matter-of-factly. Her eyes flashed white for a second. "Dash."

            A small white creature with long ears and a long tail appeared. Lance grabbed Ash's hand and they began running across the waves.

            "This is fun." Ash said as they ran. "And we're almost there!"

            "That's good. I hope the card doesn't wreak too much havoc."

            "Me too."

            As the neared the island, Ash saw a little girl in a pokemon tech school uniform and a geodude facing off against a bird pokemon he had never seen before. In the girl's hand was a green wand.

            Ash pulled out his AIPL. He had updated it to accept new data. "Scan please."

            The machine beeped. "Noctowl. The owl pokemon. Its extremely soft feathers make no sound in flight. It silently sneaks up on prey without being detected."

            "Interesting." Ash said as he pocketed it. "Well, it's obviously a flying-type, so…"

            "Skarmory, use Peck!"

            "No!" Geodude shouted in frustration. "Using a bird attack against a bird is totally ineffective!"

            "Then what do I do?"

            "Skarmory is a steel type! Use a steel attack!"

            "Oh." Giselle said. She rubbed her head, trying to think. "But I've never seen steel pokemon before! What type of attacks do they have?" The Noctowl pushed Skarmory away and charged at Giselle.

            "AIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" She screamed.

            Geodude quickly flung himself in the path of the pokemon.

            Noctowl veered off, before flying back in, ready to attack again.

            "Oh Geo-chan! You saved me!" Giselle said. She hugged him.

            "Now is not the time for talking." Geodude said. "ATTACK THE POKEMON CARD!"

            "Right!" Giselle said. "What attacks does Skarmory know?"

            Geodude sweatdropped. "Steel wing."

            "Skarmory, use Steel Wing!"

            Skarmory's wings became coated with a shiny reflection and it whomped the Noctowl several times.

            The pokemon staggered and began to fall down, but righted itself in an instant. Completely healed, it stood up again.

            Ash sighed. * This is pathetic… I guess I have to help. *

            Lance looked bemused. * Noctowl absorbed some of Ash's dark energy and my moon energy to heal, because it's a night pokemon. *

            Skarmory once again dived at Giselle.

            "I've faced flying-types before." Ash said. He smiled and drew out a pokemon card. "Pikachu, I choose you!"

            The already changed Ash card appeared and crackled with lightning.

            "Okay, Pikachu, use Thundershock!"

            Pikachu nodded and gave the Noctowl a hefty dose of electricity.

            "Now that it is weakened, you seal it!" Geodude hissed. "Use the wand!"

            'Oh." Giselle said. She nodded. "Okay. Um… how does the chant go?"

            Return to your power confined. Geodude muttered. * Had to think of something on the spur of the moment, this set wasn't supposed to have a different chant… *

            "Return to your power confined!" She squeaked.

            Ash and Lance shot each other looks. Return to your power confined?

            She seems weak. She is no threat to your power.

            I know. Ash smiled. Very well. From now on…
            He smiled.

            Pika-chan cornered Geo-chan as soon as Giselle had gotten the card. "I think you owe me an explanation, Geodude."

            Geodude gulped.

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