What an amazing number of Episodes! Episode 157 is up!

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Timeline: 4 days

This ends the Rising Stars Arc. In the next part, the Celestial Spirits Arc begins.

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Episode 157: Bizarreness abounds

            "Charmander, use Flamethrower!"

            Charmander nodded and toasted the opposing pokemon card. The poor Aipom really had no chance.

            Ash grinned and whipped out his wand. "Under a new seal of contract, your master commands you, return to your true form, pokemon card!"

            Aipom wavered slightly, before changing into green, then white energy, and finally a white, shiny Ash card.

            Ash breathed a sigh of relief and caught it.

            Lance gave him a 'V' for Victory. Ash grinned.

            "How much of the Johto set is left, Pika-chan?"

            Pika-chan closed her eyes. "Not that much. Keep casting your aura out to attract the cards."

            Ash nodded and popped a berry in his mouth to restore HP.

            Pika-chan pulled out a bag of chocolate chip cookies and began eating happily, sending crumbs everywhere. One hit Luna on the forehead.

            Luna growled and jumped up. HEY!

            Pika-chan blinked.

            Luna growled angrily. "Hand over those cookies and I won't attack you."

            'What?" Pika-chan asked, shocked. "No way!"

            Luna pounced.

            There was a huge dust cloud. Lightning bolts and psychic beams flew everywhere. After approximately twenty minutes, Luna emerged triumphant, the battered box of cookies in her mouth…

            Pika-chan was swirly-eyed.

            Ash was about to apply a Revive, when Lance shook her head.

            "If you revive Pika-chan now, they're just going to fight again.'

            "Oh." Ash said.

            "Plus, Pika-chan can rejuvenate by taking in sunlight, remember? She's a Sun Guardian." Lance explained.

            Ash nodded, placed Pika-chan in his backpack, and stood up.

            "Well, I guess we might have peace and quiet for a change…"

            The two trainers walked along. Soon, Ash stopped by a small pond. He peered inside.

            "What are you looking for, Ash?"

            "Oh, pieces of magic gemstone."

            Lance pulled out her Shadow Goggles and put them on. "Why didn't you tell me?" She began to scan for items.

            Soon, Lance and Ash had discovered a small stash of blue gemstone.

            "These are good for water magic." Lance said.

            "I know. Are these the crystals on the Wand of the Water Guardian?"

            "No. Same family of crystals, but not the same type." Lance said.


            They each collected a few pieces of gemstone. Then, they continued to search. Soon, Ash was ambushed by another pokemon card.


            Ash tried to shove the pokemon card off his chest. * It's pretty smart. Knows that if I'm pinned like this, I can't reach my key. And Pika-chan is fainted right now, so she can't help me. *

            The pokemon continued to sit on Ash's chest.

            Ash groaned. Crystal, I need help!

            Lance looked up from where she was picking Mint Berries. Ash?

            There's a pokemon card attacking me!

            Um… you have pokemon and cards, right?

            But I can't move!

            It hit you with disable?

            No… it's sitting on me, and I can't move.

            Lance sweatdropped. Ash, use magic!

            Ash's eyes widened and he nodded. His pupils turned purple for a second. The resulting Psywave attack flung the Quagsire off.

            Ash jumped up and quickly released the magic, grabbing his staff. Then, he pulled out a pokemon card. * Got to keep it away from me. * "Tangela, go!"

            Tangela popped out.

            Quagsire stopped short, scared. After all, it had 4x weakness to grass types.

            "Tangela, Wrap, now!"

            Tangela wrapped Quagsire up in its vines, hindering its movements. Quagsire used Earthquake, shaking the ground and throwing Ash off balance.

            "Pidgeot!" Ash said, the wings sprouting out of his back. * Pretty smart. * "Tangela, Mega Drain!"

            Tangela began draining away Quagsire's energy. The card struggled fiercely, but its own attacks hurt itself. Finally, it blacked out.

            Ash jumped down. "Under a new seal of contract, your master commands you, return to your true form, pokemon card!"

            Quagsire didn't put up a struggle, it just took on a white card form immediately.

            Ash sighed in relief. Then, he noticed something.

            On the ground lay a rather sizable chunk of brown sandstone.

            "Oh, it was using a Sand Stone." Ash said. "A stronger version of a Soft Sand. No wonder Earthquake was pretty effective. But was Quagsire just naturally smart?"

            Tangela shrugged.

            "You were great, Tangela. I'm glad you're one of my pokemon cards." Ash said. He caressed its vines briefly, before recalling it back into a card. His Pidgeot wings disappeared.

            I'm so useful. Pidgeot said in telepathy.

            Ash chuckled. "Yes, you are."

            After a while, Ash got hungry, so he fixed himself a snack of peanut butter on celery sticks with raisins. Yum!

            Smelling the food, combined with some sunlight, Pika-chan awoke.


            Ash narrowly missed getting dive-bombed by a hyper, hungry guardian. "Pika-chan!"

            Pika-chan looked up, celery sticks hanging out of her mouth and peanut butter smeared all over her cheeks. What? She couldn't talk normally because her mouth was full.

            "That was my snack."

            "So? I'm hungry! And Luna stole my cookies! Where is she?" Pika-chan stuffed the rest of Ash's snacks in her mouth and fluttered off to find Luna.

            Ash sighed, before he opened a secret compartment in his backpack and took out a chocolate bar. He peeled off the wrapper and ate quickly, keeping an eye out for Pika-chan. Fortunately the guardian was not in the vicinity.

            Ash sighed in relief.

            Soon, he took out a pair of daggers with thunder patterns on them and began practicing, twirling, slashing, diving, etcetera. After about two hours, Lance came back with a  string of fish.

            "I hope you don't' mind having fish for dinner."

            Ash shook his head. "Nope!"

            Lance nodded and quickly built a fire, roasting the fish over it. After a while, the food was done.

            "Say, Crys, where's Luna?"

            "I don't know. I bet she and Pika-chan are off fighting somewhere."

            Ash groaned. * Oh no… *

            They both listened hard for disturbances, but there were few, if any, and none were found.

            "Well, I guess they're not fighting then." Ash said.

            "Unless, of course, they're just calling each other names telepathically."

            Ash's eyes widened.

            Lance caught his horrified look and shook her head. "No, I don't' think so."

            Ash breathed a sigh of relief. As the sun sank beneath the mountain peaks, they set up their tents and sleeping bags. The stray guardians still had not returned.

            Ash shrugged. * She can take care of herself, right? *

            He went to bed, and tried to have a good night's sleep.

            Luckily for Ash, this night, he was not plagued by any dreams. However, Lance did not sleep well. She got up in the middle of the night and pulled on her red jacket over her light blue pajamas with little Dratinis on them.

            "Luna's still not back yet." Lance activated a poke ball, and Dragonair-chan came out. "Darkness. Do you sense it?"

            Dragonair-chan nodded.

            "All right, let's see." Lance said. She pulled out her key. "Key that hides the power of the darkness, show thy true form before me! Your master under the seal of contract Lance commandeth you, Release!"

            Her staff appeared, hovering brightly in the air.

            Lance smiled. "All right then… Watery, drown whatever it is."

            Watery appeared. Soon, several black shapes floated to the surface. Lance walked over and peered in.

            "More shadow creatures. Oh well, I think that was all of them. I'm glad Ash didn't wake up, he needs his sleep."

            "I know. The poor kid is pretty worn out." Dragonair-chan said.

            "I'm going back to bed." Lance walked back into her tent and zipped it up.

End Episode 157!

The end of the Rising Stars arc, beginning of the Celestial Spirits arc.


Flames will be used to hatch a Torchic.