Sarah Enchanted

-A Fairy Tale-

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Summary: Sarah, Ella's daughter, is kidnapped on the night of her debutante ball. What follows is an adventure featuring magic, mayhem, romance, elves, balls, a prince in disguise... and Sarah thought that HER life was boring.

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Chapter 1:



Sarah to her dismay was woken up from her afternoon rest by her petite and charming mother, Ella.

"Sarah, wake up. You have to get ready for your debutante ball." She grabbed Sarah's shoulders and gently shook her.

"I – need – sleep." Sarah protested, her voice muffled from the pillow.

"Come on now. You must wake up. Don't make me call your father."

Sarah reluctantly hoisted herself onto her elbows. "Do I have to go? Can't I just stay in bed and send somebody in my place?"

Ella gave her a funny look. "It's your debutante ball. Of course you have to go."

"Urgh! But you know how I hate having to wear a corset – I can barely breathe!"

Ella looked at her daughter and smiled, "I hated wearing them too. But your grandmother insists that you wear them so we must hurry and get you ready for this ball."

Her daughter still continued rambling. "And all those boring and snobby courtiers. And the fact that I have to behave like a perfect princess."

Ella laughed. Sarah reminded her so much of herself. "I know how you feel, dear, but you simply have no choice. Can't you just do this for me?"

Sarah glared at her mother for a second, but it was hard to stay mad at her for long. Her mother was blessed with pretty, angelic features and had a contagious smile as well as a wonderful sense of humour. It was no wonder that her father, Char, who also happened to be the King of Kyrria, fell in love with her. There were many ballads written about their romance and particularly Ella's adventures. It was sometimes hard, having to live up to the expectations people had of you – especially with such parents.

"Okay, okay. I'll get up." She conceded.

"Good, I knew you would. Mandy told me to bring this up to you." Ella gestured to a tray that had been placed beside the bed. Mandy was their cook and a close friend of Ella's.

Sarah swallowed some of the soup that had been brought up. "Delicious." Mandy always cooked the best food.

After Sarah had eaten, Ella handed her a light silk blue gown. It was low-cut and had a small train at the back. It fitted Sarah perfectly and showed off the sixteen-year-old's curves. Sarah had inherited her parent's good looks and charms. Much to her despair, that is. It was annoying to suddenly find that the boys that she had mucked around and played with as a child now treated her as if she was an ogre – they barely spoke to her and constantly looked startled and frightened in her presence. It was only until her mother told her the real reason of this strange behaviour turned Sarah's distress to annoyance.

At least she still had her friend, Isi, to talk to. They constantly roamed the palace, looking for something to amuse them. People said that they were like two peas in a pod – and they sure were. They were closer than most sisters and greatly enjoyed each other's company.

"Sarah, pay attention!" Ella demanded.

"Sorry, Mother. I'm just a little bit nervous."

"I know. But there will be a lot of eligible young men at the ball and you must be on your best behaviour." Ella's eyes twinkled as she saw the frown grow on her daughter's face.

Sarah rolled her eyes at her mother's teasing. "Mother! You know I am not interested in that sort of thing."

"I know. But you will have to start thinking about it someday. Good heavens – your grandparents certainly have! So be warned."

"Okay Mother, I will."

A door suddenly opened and a maid walked in. "I'm here to help Princess Sarah get ready, your Majesty."

"Oh good. See you Sarah and good luck." And with a light peck on Sarah's head, Ella left the room.

Sarah sighed as the maid started dressing her hair. She felt that something important was going to happen today. Something that would change her life forever. Which when you think about it, Sarah reasoned, was quite an unusual feeling to get from something as tedious as a Ball.

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