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Chapter One: The Battle


Inuyasha leaped to the side as the scorpion demon's claw decimated the ground where he had been standing only moments before. He landed a safe distance away with Tetsusaiga held at the ready.

"Damnit," thought Inuyasha, "that was too close for comfort. This demon is fast."

He began to circle the youkia more warily. Now that he had seen the speed that the jewel shard had given the scorpion he had to watch himself.

"Be careful Inuyasha!" cried Kagome.

"Feh! This low class demon doesn't stand a chance against me"

"She's right," shouted Miroku. "That tail is poisonous. If you are struck with it you could die."

"Just back off! I can handle it!" Yelled Inuyasha, as he took his attention off of his opponent to give his hecklers a stare.

That was the moment the demon had been waiting for. During Inuyasha's lapse of concentration the scorpion lunged forward like a hobo scrambling for a ham and cheese sandwich..

Inuyasha soon realized his mistake and barely had time to raise Tetsusaiga to block the attack.

He grunted as the power of the attack caused him to be pushed back, leaving trenches in the ground as his feet fought to find a solid foundation. Finally, the two combatants came to a halt locked in a stalemate as they both fought for an advantage.

Inuyasha grinned impishly. "Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!" bellowed the hanyou as he lashed out with his free hand.

The attack ripped off one of the demon's claws and caused an unearthly scream to pierce the air. The enraged scorpion counter attacked with a jab with its deadly stinger.

Inuyasha was startled by the move and did an emergency back flip to avoid being skewered. Unfortunately, as he completed the maneuver he slipped in a puddle of the youkia's blood and hit the dirt with a thud.

Seeing its opponent go down, the scorpion let out a victory cry and charged the fallen hanyou with drool dripping from its mouth and mandibles clicking in anticipation.

"No! Inuyasha!" cried Kagome. Quickly she drew an arrow from her quiver and readied it in her bow. There was no time to line up the shot; if she didn't act swiftly Inuyasha would be devoured. She fired desperately hoping that the projectile would fly true.

Her aim was off, and the arrow missed the demon. Fortunately, it struck between it and its intended target, blinding the scorpion long enough for Inuyasha to stagger to his feet.

Angrily the demon faced its new assailant and charged towards her at lightning speed.

"Kagome!" screamed the horrified spectators as Miroku, Sango, and Shippo struggled in vain to somehow prevent the inevitable.

The scorpion lunged forward with its stinger and stabbed Kagome in the shoulder.

Seeing Kagome collapse to the floor, a deep and uncontrollable rage overtook Inuyasha "You bastard!" he roared.

He leaped into the air and hacked off the stinger that was being withdrawn from Kagome's flesh. Nearly blinded with fury Inuyasha decapitated the demon who had dared attack his beloved.

"Inu..yasha.." whispered Kagome.

The red haze left Inuyasha as he hurried over to where Kagome lay and took her dying form into his arms.

"I'm so sorry." He moaned. "I couldn't stop it"

At that moment the rest of the company arrived panting and worried.

While Sango ripped through Kagome's backpack in an attempt to find anything that would improve the situation, Miroku knelt by Kagome and Inuyasha to inspect the damage.

Examining the wound Miroku announced, "The poison has spread throughout her body. There's no way that we can save her. All we can do is make her comfortable for her departure."

Sango grabbed Miroku by his sash and screamed, "No there has to be more that we can do! You can heal her Miroku! You're a monk damnit!"

"I'm sorry," he sadly replied. "There is nothing I can do to reverse the effects of the poison. It has already spread too far."

Inuyasha listened to the diagnosis with a heavy heart. "If only I hadn't been so careless," he mumbled to Kagome. "I should be the one lying in your place"


The incomplete Shikon no Tama around Kagome's neck began to pulsate.


"Don't feel bad Inuyasha." Kagome coughed and took a couple of shaky breaths. "I'm glad that you're ok." she gasped for air evidently having a hard time speaking. "I have to tell you something," Kagome steeled herself against the fire that was spreading throughout her body. It was extremely important that she relay her message. She had to let him know. "I.I.. Love you.."

Inuyasha stared into Kagome's eyes as they slowly began to cloud over. He grasped her hand in an effort to alleviate her pain as a tear slid down his cheek. Finally, it dawned on him. Kagome had said she loved him! He stuttered, trying to find something to say that would convey his innermost feelings for her.

But it was too late, Kagome's frame shook in the spasms of death as the last bit of life slipped from her rapidly cooling body.

"Wait Kagome! Don't you die," ordered Inuyasha. "I need you to live! I Love You!"

These were the words that followed Kagome into the blackness of death that reached up to embrace her.


The jewel shard around Kagome's neck began to glow. Its protector was in serious trouble. Unless something was done the guardian of the Shikon no Tama would expire and it would be left defenseless. The jewel was not yet completed so it could not fully restore the miko to health. It did the next best thing. Reaching out, the jewel found the soul of the closest being, a hanyou, and seized it. Then it took the soul of the miko and switched them, in effect placing the miko's soul in the hanyou's body and vice versa. Now she would be spared.


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