Have yourself a merry little Halloween

Warnings/notes : Omi/Nagi, Schuldich/Farfarello, Yohji/Ken, Crawford/Aya, weirdness

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 18th october 2003, by Misura

A/N : I have no idea if Halloween is celebrated like this in Japan, probably not.


"Oh, come on, Aya-kun! Don't be such a spoil-sport!" Omi whined. It annoyed him he had to resort to such measures, but Aya was being extraordinary stubborn today, fussing over such a small thing. "What harm can there be in it?"

He looked imploringly at Yohji and Ken, who were on his side in the matter at hand, he knew. They'd better be if they didn't want him to 'accidentally' put sugar in their dinner again instead of salt. Ken opened his mouth to say something, but a quick nudge and shake of the head from Yohji prevented him from saying anything.

Smelling victory, Omi decided to apply a little pressure. "Ne, Ken-kun, don't you agree with me?"

"Uhm, yeah, sure." Ken stammered.

Aya deathglared at the poor soccer-player, while Yohji protectively sat a bit closer to his lover, throwing Omi a dirty look. Omi responded with a sweet smile.

"See, Aya-kun? You're outvoted." Technically that wasn't true since Yohji hadn't voted either way yet, but Omi wasn't about to point that out. Aya could call on the lazy blond's support, if he demeaned himself to it, which was highly unlikely.

"Hn." Aya was staring at Yohji now, who made a helpless gesture as if to say he preferred not to get involved. "It's not safe."

"I'll wear a disguise. Besides, why would anyone want to harm me? I'll just be one of the many kids running around in funny clothes." Omi reasoned. "In fact, I'll be better able to defend myself than anyone else out there probably. Please, Aya-kun!"

Puppy eyes always worked as a last resort. Even Aya couldn't say no when faced with them.

"Hn. What about Schwarz?" Aya inquired, his frown indicating he knew he was fighting a lost battle, but was determined to make the most of it anyway.

"I can't imagine them trying anything on an evening like that, with so many people around." Of course, one member of Schwarz would be there, most assuredly. It was the main-reason Omi wanted to be allowed to go too.

"Hn. Very well then. But at the first sign of trouble ... "

"... I'll go straight home. Thanks, Aya-kun! I'll have a great time, I just know it!" Omi beamed.

As soon as the opportunity presented itself, he sprinted upstairs, to his computer. Someone following him might have heard him mutter "I bet Nagi had no trouble at all getting permission to go". Luckily for Omi though, no one did.




Nagi sighed, dropping gracelessly in a comfortable seat. "I haven't even said anything yet."

"I knew what you were going to ask." Crawford replied, not looking up from his newspaper.

"That's not fair!" Nagi protested. Schuldich and Farfarello turned away from the TV to watch the battle of wills. Neither of them had a clue what Nagi had been about to ask, but it was always amusing to see Nagi try to get his way with Crawford.

Especially because Nagi actually *won* those battles sometimes, something neither of them had ever succeeded in doing. Schuldich was convinced the young telekinetic was using some kind of trick and determined to learn it too, without much success thus far.

"Little in life is." Crawford sounded smug.

"I want to go!" Nagi glared at the newspaper, briefly considering ripping it away. It would probably get Crawford mad at him though and he'd prefer to try some other methods first.

"Too bad. What you do or don't want is of no importance."

: Want to place a little bet about the outcome? : Schuldich proposed to Farfarello.

The irishman shrugged. : I'd like to support the chibi in this ; he gets to go out so little already. :

: Well, us supporting Nagikins doesn't mean we can't have a bet. Let's say that if the chibi, with or without our aid gets his way, I get to be top this night. If Braddiekins wins, you can be top. :

Farfarello shrugged again, to let the german know he couldn't care less.

: Awww, you're no fun. : Schuldich pouted.

"I am a valuable member of this team." Nagi stated. "You said so yourself."

: Defensive. Not good. : Schuldich sagely shook his head.

: Only shows he wants this real bad. : Farfarello replied.

"I fail to see the connection between that and you being allowed to dress up in ridiculous clothing and go past the houses in this neighborhood to collect candy you're not allowed to eat since it would disrupt your balanced diet." Crawford turned a page.

Nagi grimaced. The argument about him being allowed to snack whenever and whatever he felt like had been one he'd lost, even with Schuldich's support.

"It'll be fun." Nagi maintained. "Being a kid, fooling around. Just fun."

: Ah, he's playing on Brad's sentimental side that still feels guilty about Estet's robbing the chibi of his youth. Smart move. : Schuldich grinned approvingly.

: He's thinking of that blond kid again, the Bombay kitten. I wonder if they made a date for that night. : Farfarello noted.

: I'm sure they did. Like Nagi said ; it's fun. To do it with a beloved one is double fun. : Schuldich sounded wistful.

Farfarello stared at him in surprise. : You want to do it too? We could, I guess. Dress up in some funny costume, keep an eye on the kid. :

"And I assume you won't go anywhere near Weiss or, more specifically, Omi Tsukiyono?" Crawford inquired neutrally.

"Of course not." Nagi assured him, a little too quickly. "Wouldn't dream of it."

Farfarello snorted. : You're rubbing off on him, Schu. He's almost as good a liar as you are. Better even, since he has a natural innocence about him. :

Schuldich sighed. : It won't fool Crawford. He can smell it when people are lying to him. :

"All right then, you can indulge in this juvenile entertainment if you want to." Crawford looked up at him sharply. "But I expect you to stay clear of Weiss, or any other kind of trouble for that matter. No using your gift, no coming home late."

"I promise solemnly I won't get in any trouble." Nagi put a hand on his heart, more than willing to give Crawford that reassurance. Together, he and Omi should be able to handle just about any trouble that might come up.

: And I expect the two of you to keep an eye on him ... them. : Crawford added silently.

Schuldich blinked then nodded. : Yes, o fearless leader. :