Have yourself a merry little Halloween

Warnings/notes : Omi/Nagi, Schuldich/Farfarello, Yohji/Ken, Crawford/Aya, weirdness

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 27th october 2003, by Misura


"What do you think they're going to do?" Ken asked as he and Yohji followed Omi and Nagi through a serie of streets without the two teenagers ringing at any doors.

"I guess they're headed for home and bed." Yohji shrugged.

"They're what?!?" Ken looked highly alarmed.

"Headed for home and bed." Yohji repeated, not understanding Ken's horrified look. "What is it, Kenken? Something wrong?"

"You mean they're ... " Ken seemed to choke on the words.

"Why the heck wouldn't they?" Yohji blinked, honestly surprised. "They're young, they're in love ... besides, you're hardly one to talk." He leered at Ken, who ignored him.

"But ... but ... *Omi*." Ken shook his head. "I simply can't imagine him ... "

"Oh, I can. Easily." Yohji grinned, closing his eyes. "Totally hot, our innocent chibi."

Ken whacked him again. "Don't even *think* about Omi that way, you hentai!"

"All right, my sweet Kenken. From now on, I'll only fantasize about you and what you look like without any clothes on, covered in chocolate and whipped cream and - ouch!"

"You asked for it." Ken growled.

"I don't recall begging you to hit me. But if you're really into kinky stuff like that -ouch- I'll be glad to indulge you as soon as we're in a place with a little more privacy. If you don't mind ... "

"You're impossible."

"On the contrary. I'm very easy."

"That's what I meant."

"That's not what you said."

"I hate you."

"Does that mean you love me?"


"There's no way I'm letting that Weiss kitten sleep in one room with our Nagi." Schuldich declared abruptly. Farfarello looked at him questioningly.

"Why not? Nagikins seems more than willing to let him."

"Nagikins doesn't know what goes on in the kitten's mind. If Balinese is any indication ... "

Farfarello sighed. "If you want to know what Bombay wants, shouldn't you check *his* mind, rather than getting all worked up over some dirty pictures in Balinese's? You're not being reasonable here, Schuldich."

Schuldich chewed on a lock of his hair, until he realized what he was doing and grimaced. "It's just ... don't tell me you're completely all right with the chibi sleeping with the Weiss kitty."

Farfarello shrugged. "Tonight's probably not the first time they do it. Besides, Crawford apparently approves, which is pretty much a guarantee the chibi won't get hurt or anything. You know how the Oracle is about him."

"Yes. All too well." Schuldich made a face, remembering the utterly unreasonable amount of preachings he'd received from the american on the subject of How We Treat Our Youngest Teammember. "But still ... "

"Stop worrying so much!" Farfarello ordered him sharply. "I'd almost start to think you're a softie!"

Schuldich sighed. "I guess every kid grows up some time."

Farfarello rolled his eye. "Very melodramatic and touching, Schu. Excuse me while I throw up."

"Hey! You don't have to be such a heartless bastard about it!"


"Hmmm, we only got one of these." Omi held up a white chocolate ball.

The two of them were lying on Nagi's bed, which was big enough for both boys. At the time they bought it, Crawford had remarked Nagi'd thank him for such a big bed one day, with a particular smug expression on his face.

"Then we'll have to share it." Nagi replied, reaching out to take the sweet out of Omi's hand.

"You mean, cut it in half?" Omi asked, dubiously eyeing the piece of candy.

"Kind of." Nagi grinned, sticking the ball in his mouth and pulling Omi closer to kiss him, while pushing the candy with his tongue in the blond boy's mouth.

Omi made a contented noise, nearly choking when he began to giggle.

"I'll go look if there are more sweets we have to share." he said, a good half hour later.

"Do so." Nagi purred.

"You know, I really think we ought to do something back for Crawford one day too." Omi mused aloud, sifting through his part of the candy, searching for suitable ones to 'share'.

"Like what? Give him some of these? I don't think he'd appreciate it much." Nagi gestured to the scattered sweets on the bed.

"Well, we ought to find him a girlfriend or something. Someone to make him see there's more than work to life." Omi suggested.

"A girlfriend? Why not a boyfriend?" Nagi asked curiously.

"I find it hard to picture him with *anyone* really." Omi admitted. "Maybe we should just forget about the whole idea. Isn't there something else he likes?"

"Nothing that comes to mind." Nagi shook his head. "And I think he'd make a great couple with your unofficial leader."

"With Aya?!?" Omi sounded shocked. "You have to be kidding me! That's just ridiculous!"

"If you say so ... you ought to know the guy better than I do." Nagi shrugged. "How about this one?" He held up a strawberry toffee.

"Looks very suitable."


Just when Aya had settled back in his seat again and his mind was fully engaged in the book, the doorbell rang. He ignored it as long as he could, not feeling up to having to deal with another sticky-fingered pest accompanied by a fawning sister.

Unfortunately the caller was insistent. It *might* be one of his co-workers he supposed, though they all had their own key. Still, all of them, even Omi, had lost theirs at least once. Meaning he ought to get up and open the door, just in case.

Quickly striding through the hall, Aya swore that if it *was* Yohji or Ken, they'd get a stern speech about keeping track of their belongings.

The door swung open to reveal neither the brat-with-sister he had dreaded, nor the co-worker he'd been rehearsing his lines for.

"Good evening, my lovely Abyssinian." Crawford smirked. "Trick ... or treat?"