Uhm...  Don't ask.  It came to me once in a moment of inspiration.  Feel free to take it and use it as needed – it's not going to be in any of my fics.  But I'd appreciate it if you credited me somewhere.  Thanks.  Mia:)

A Sorting Hat Song

In times just after Merlin

The greatest of our kind

Four wizards came with offers

To train an eager mind

They took up Scottish residence

Of castle and of land

They named their new home 'Hogwarts'

And that is where you stand

They took the young and taught them

They guided them to bloom

Each wizard had, however,

A different type to groom

They split the children four ways

According to their skill

They looked at personality

At power and at will

The youngest man, one Gryffindor

Sought hearts of solid steel

He favoured those with bravery

And bold, heroic zeal

Ravenclaw, however,

Sought logic in her group

She chose bright minds intelligent

They formed a brainy troop

The oldest man, Sir Slytherin

Decided he would take

Those people with ambition

Whose greatness wouldn't break

The youngest girl, Miss Hufflepuff

Preferred those true and loyal

Her charges felt that things came best

With hardest work and toil

The four worked well together

But sadly time had passed

They knew that in their absence

Something had to last

So Gryffindor took from his head

A hat to fill with wit

You see that's me, I read your mind

So under me come sit

I'll figure out the best place

For you to flourish well

I'll seek out skills and character

So your house I can tell