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Chapter 1-Cold Rain

"Bye Hiro!" the pink-haired boy called to his friend while grabbing his yellow coat and throwing it on, getting one arm in the sleeve then the other while struggling with his shoes. Finally managing to get the coat on, Shuichi grabbed his bag, slung it over a shoulder and ran out of the room leaving his guitarist friend.

Dashing to the elevator, Shuichi punched the button rapidly, dancing from foot to foot waiting for the 'ding'. After a few seconds, Shuichi glanced at his watch, then looked to the stairwell. A few more seconds later, he had reached a decision and sprinted to the stairs, shoving the door open with enough force to make it hit the wall with a long bang.

Brushing one hand along the railing, Shuichi dashed down the staircase, jumping the last two stairs. They winded around back and forth.

Seeing a door with a large black 'one' it, Shuichi ran through that door and out into the lobby of NG, his sneakered feet loudly running over the marble tiled floor and out the sliding doors into the rain.

It was raining heavily, but the only sign that Shuichi showed of noticing it was to pull his hood up over his pink hair as he splashed through puddles, still dashing to get home.

Meanwhile, back at the apartment that the vocalist was running to, a blond man sat at a laptop tapping his fingers on the keyboard rapidly with his hard gold eyes fastened to the screen. Suddenly he stopped, took his half-smoked cigarette from his mouth, and exhaled before extinguishing it in the ashtray next to the laptop.

Closing his eyes, he removed his thin wire glasses with one hand, while the other hand came up to rub the bridge of his nose. He needed a beer.

His amber eyes opening again, the man stared at the bright computer screen and seemed to hesitate before pressing the save button and turning it off. Even though the flow of inspiration had suddenly dried up, he had gotten some pretty good stuff written today.

Standing up out of the black leather chair, Yuki Eiri stretched before leaving his office and walking to the kitchen, bare feet pattering on the linoleum floor. He stretched again, loosening up his shoulders, which were slightly hurting after sitting hunched in front of his computer the whole day even though he was wearing a casual dark blue shirt only halfway buttoned.

Bending down to look in the refrigerator, he saw only a few cans of beer and a pizza box with a few slices left from last night. Grabbing a can, he slammed the fridge door shut and leaned against the wall to pop the can open and gulp it.

Bored, his piercing gold eyes looked around the apartment, settling on the glowing green numbers of the microwave clock. 5:59.

"Damn." Yuki muttered under his breath. His young lover would be home soon. He always got home at 6. Then again…he didn't really want to do any more work that night. Maybe when Shuichi got home, they could go straight to bed. Yuki let himself smirk since no one was around. It had been almost a week since they had last had sex, since Shuichi was so busy with a new album.

Apparently, the young boy had the same problem the novelist had when it came to deadlines. Shuichi was up to the early hours of the morning every day for the last few weeks and usually fell asleep in the middle of a messy pile of papers with scrawled lyrics and notes covering them.

Walking over to the black leather couch with his beer in hand, Yuki had to practically wade through all the paper on the ground. Finally settling himself onto the couch, he shook his head. The hyper boy got himself in some pretty deep shit this time. It would be a miracle if he actually made the deadline.

Taking another sip out of his can, Yuki's eyes traveled to the clock on the wall again. The apartment was completely silent except for its ticking. Slowly, the thin black second hand made it's way to the 12.

6:00. And the brat still wasn't home yet.


6:05. No pink-haired boy running through the door.

6:10. Not able to stand the waiting anymore, Yuki got up and went to the door, opening it and looking down the hall to the staircase. Nope. Running a hand through his golden hair, the novelist closed the door and went back to the couch, sitting back down, beer on the coffee table forgotten.

Tick. Tick. Tick.


It was almost 6:20 when the door suddenly burst open and a dripping, grinning Shuichi launched himself at the man who was sitting on the couch.

"YUUUUUUUUUKIIIIIIIIIIII!!!" he screeched wrapping his arms around Yuki so tight that the novelist could barely breathe. Roughly, Shuichi was thrown off his lover and onto the couch while Yuki went to close the door that Shuichi had left open.

The door slammed and Shuichi jumped visibly. Silence.

"Uh…Yuki, are you…mad at me?" Shuichi asked nervously, eyeing his cold lover.

Yuki didn't reply, only picked out a spot on the couch that was still relatively dry and sat down, staring at the wall.

Emotions flashed across Shuichi's face; confusion, nervousness, uncertain, then sorrow as the boy's large, violet eyes began to well up with tears.

"I'm sorry, Yuki! They wouldn't let me go until we finished recording this one song and then I kept coughing so we had to start all over again and Hiro and even Suguru were getting mad at me and then K yelled at me when I started crying and sniffling and then I got the hiccups and then K tried to shoot me and Sakano tried to jump out a window


"Shut up."

Shuichi shut up, then stared pitifully up at Yuki while the blond continued with his verbal assault.

"For once, shut your mouth and stop annoying the hell out of me."

Shuichi stopped crying, stunned by Yuki's unusually harsh words.

"Y-Yuki…?" he asked, voice trembling.

This seemed to drive the blond crazy and his gold eyes flashed dangerously as he got up and towered over Shuichi, who was staring at Yuki with uncertainty and a little fear in his eyes as he tried to scoot to the other side of the couch, away from Yuki.

"Can't you stop your whining for one minute?!" Yuki yelled at Shuichi. Then, seeing the boy's tears were about to overflow again, the man reached down to grab a pack of cigarettes lying on the coffee table and lit one, inhaling deeply as he calmed himself.

Meanwhile, Shuichi just stared at the angry bastard his lover had just turned into. As the fumes and smoke of the cigarette reached him, Shuichi coughed slightly and struggled to not make a face as his heart sank. Yuki knew that he hated it when the novelist smoked. But right now it didn't seem like the novelist cared.

Maybe Yuki didn't care…about him.

With a fearful glance at the blond, Shuichi got up and went to the door, opening it with a look over his shoulder before he stepped outside and closed the door quietly.

Walking as if in a trance down the stairs, Shuichi thought about where he could go. He didn't want to burden Hiro, especially since his friend was probably mad at him for messing up so much at the studio today. And he had made Hiro late for his date with Ayaka.

Suguru was out of the question. The boy still lived with his parents and it wasn't as if they were especially good friends. Shuichi didn't even know his address, anyway.

He didn't even consider K or Sakano. Even in normal circumstances, staying with either of them was enough to make his shudder. Sleeping in an apartment full of enough weapons to arm an army wasn't exactly good for his peace of mind. And Sakano was out cold right now. They had had to knock the poor man unconscious to keep him from killing himself.

Tohma…Shuichi knew that the man hated him. Maybe it was because he was jealous that Yuki loved Shuichi and not himself. Maybe it was overprotectiveness. And maybe it was just the rivalry between Nittle Grasper and Bad Luck. Whatever the reason, Shuichi was scared of Tohma.

Ryuichi? Shuichi hardly thought about asking his idol to house him for the night. Asking a favor from Sakuma Ryuichi was a big no-no.

Even though Tatsuha was in town for a week, he was staying at a hotel. Plus, Shuichi didn't want to get raped in the middle of the night. He wasn't sure what Tatsuha's level of control was and with a Ryuichi-lookalike all to himself for the night…well, better to be safe than sorry.

Arriving at the door outside, Shuichi pushed it open and once again went into the rain. It was darker now and there were less people rushing around the wet streets under dark umbrellas. The rain was still pouring.

Wandering around aimlessly with his eyes focused on the pavement, Shuichi looked up after a while and realized he was in the park where he had first met Yuki. Except for the rain, it was completely silent and wonderfully peaceful.

Sitting down on a bench, Shuichi jumped up, realizing that it was covered with rainwater. Then, after a few moments of thought, he sat down again. He was all wet anyway, so it didn't really matter. It was just a little cold.

Just a little cold rain.

Shuichi looked around, blinking at drops that were shaken from his eyelashes and into his eyes. Then he sighed and leaned over so he laid on the bench. Shivering as the rain soaked him, the vocalist wrapped his arms around himself and closed his eyes, trying to find sleep. A single thought came to his mind:



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