This account is a shared account. 'The Away Mission' author: Elise Worrall. Chapter 1

Harry stood fiddling with his thumbs nervously. He looked up at the door every few seconds. The day of his apparition test had sort of sprung on him, he felt totally unprepared and prayed to God he wouldn't get splinched. The thought of half his body somewhere and the other half somewhere else made him queasy.

A creaking noise came from outside the door as a wizard stepped through. He caught a glimpse of Ron and Fred…or George standing outside grinning at him with their thumbs up.

"Mr Harry Potter?" the man said, his eyes darting to the scar upon his forehead. "Of course…Mr McGonachy, Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Transportation. I will be testing you," he announced as they shook hands.

He was a tall, balding man in black and bottle green robes. Harry followed him to a bookcase in the corner of the room.

"Now, let me see. Ah, yes here it is," he muttered, pulling out a brown folder, ticking a sheet inside and scribbling a few notes then returning to the centre of the room. "Now, let's begin shall we?"

"OK," Harry replied weakly.

"I would like you to disapparate to the red mark on the floor over there, Mr Potter."

Harry looked at the large red mark on the wooden floor about 20 metres to his left. It was a big room…He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and…*crack*.

When he opened them, however he found himself not to be on the red spot, not in the room, not in the Ministry of Magic even. He had never seen this place before. Before Harry could think, do or say anything a female voice came from the right of him…

"Security to the bridge!"