Chapter 9

(Note this is all happening at around the same time from different viewpoints! Don't get all confused on me!)

"Captain!" a whisper came from her left.

Kathryn opened her eyes and looked up to see B'Elanna looking at her from across the room. Kathryn stood up and walked over to her.

"I think I have a way of getting the forcefield down," she informed Kathryn.


"These controls use bio-neural circuitry. If I could inject Seven's nanoprobes into the circuits it should disrupt it enough to lower the forcefield."

She nodded and said, "Well…why can't you?"

B'Elanna hesitated then frowned at her. "They've taken Seven."

Kathryn looked around the room and saw that B'Elanna was indeed right. As soon as she set her eyes upon the guarded doorway Gaul entered, looking rather smug.

"What have you done with Seven, Gaul?" B'Elanna said menacingly.

"For me to know an for you to find out, my dear. Hmmm…I think I'll launch another attack on Voyager," he muttered cheerfully, trying to anger the Captain. But Kathryn kept her composure and lifted her head back, looking not the slightest bit interested.

"What's the point? We know they're only holographic projections, Gaul," B'Elanna spat.

"B'Elanna…" Kathryn said softly, trying to calm her.

But Gaul interrupted, "Oh no, not another hologram. This time…this time the real thing."

Harry walked into the Holodeck to find himself on a great International standard sized Quidditch pitch. The grass and leaves crunched below his feet. Judging by the temperature and scenery it was late autumn. He stared awestruck for a few moments before Tom Paris cleared his throat and spoke.

"So do you want to get started?"

"Hmm? Oh sorry. Sure."

Harry picked up the broom beside him - it was a Firebolt. It felt good to feel something familiar to him. For one brief moment he thought he was home. He mounted the broom and kicked off from the ground then hovered about 5m above. Tom – looking slightly apprehensive – did the same. He pushed off the ground lightly and slowly rose into the air towards Harry. He was slightly wobbly and did manage to get hit by the quaffle but Harry thought he was doing reasonably well.

In an hour Harry had explained the basic rules of Quidditch and they were practising passing and scoring. They made a few minor adjustments to the program (for example the hoops at each end of the pitch were too large).

"Um…Harry? A little help?"

Harry woke up from his daydream to find Tom dangling off his broom, 20m above the ground. Harry burst out laughing before flying over to help him.

They exited the holodeck at around 2100 hours. Tom head off to the Mess Hall to try and convince Harry Kim and a few others to try Quidditch while Harry planned on heading back to his quarters; before something shook the ship hard. Harry stumbled and tripped over someone's foot but luckily his hands broke his fall. He picked himself up from the ground and – steadying himself on the wall, jogged back to his quarters.

"Shields at 62%!" Harry Kim reported.

"Lock phasers. Fire when ready," shouted Chakotay.

"Commander? Are you sure? They could be false sensor readings."

"Do it. Better to be safe than sorry."

The first shot hit but caused minimal damage. Chakotay frowned as he looked at the view screen.

"The Vaadwaur," Tuvok said, also rather taken aback.

"And it looks like our friends have made some improvements."

Another fire from the Vaadwaur ship.

"Evasive manoeuvres!"

"Commander; the weapons signature is…Hirogen," Tuvok stated.

Another jolt.

"Return fire! Photon Torpedoes full spread!" Chakotay turned to Tuvok. "They've started assimilating other species' technology just like the Borg."

"It is reasonable to assume so, Commander."

It didn't take long to realise that Voyager's weapons had little effect. They couldn't retreat and just leave the Away Team on the surface…could they?

"Commander! Our shields aren't going to hold much longer!" shouted Harry Kim over the noise as a panel exploded behind him.

Chakotay thought, his head aching.


"GO. WARP 9."

Kathryn looked horror-struck at the screen as she saw Voyager being almost blown to pieces and retreat.

Gaul walked over to her and said, very satisfied, "Well it looks as if your crew has abandoned you, Captain."

"They'll be back," Kathryn replied.

"And be defeated again? Admit it Captain, your no match. Not anymore. We've…evolved," he whispered bringing his head closer towards the force field. He gave a quick smirk and left the room as Kathryn, weak and tired, sank to the floor against the wall and buried her head in her knees, helpless…