Max pulled back the cover on Tyson's bed. Tyson grumbled "Go 'way, I'm sleepin'" and buried himself again.

Rei backed carefully out of the bathroom, balancing a large pitcher of water in his hands. "Ok Tyson, you asked for it." He tilted 'it' over Tyson's head. "You have till three to wake up. If you don't…I will be forced to drown you." He and Max snickered as Tyson snored and rolled over, then Rei shrugged. "Ok, onetwothree! Time up!"

He tipped a few drops onto Tyson's nose. Max poked Rei in the back, and he twitched, spilling the rest of the water all over Tyson's face. Immediately Tyson gave an appalled shriek. "Ahhh! Rei! What did you do that for?"

Rei and Max collapsed on the floor in hysterics, while Kai stood by the door with his eyes shut. Finally, Max managed to gasp out "You weren't waking up! We had to get you up our way!"

There was a knock on the door. "Come in," Kai muttered.

Mr Dickinson walked in. "You're finally awake then, Tyson." He turned to Rei. "Rei, I need a word. Outside, please."

Rei frowned. "Sure. Why- "

Mr Dickinson held up a hand to stop Rei. "In private, please." Rei obediently followed the man out of the door, frowning.

Once the door was closed, Mr Dickinson spoke. "This involves a rather sensitive issue. It might be easier if you heard it from one of your team-mates? I could tell them, and then go, and then they could tell you. Tyson or Max would be glad to help, I'm sure."

"Um…if you don't mind, could Kai hear it? Please?"

Mr Dickinson frowned gently "If you want, and he doesn't mind." He opened the door, and called through the gap, "Kai? Could you come here please? Rei, can I call you back when I leave?"

"Sure." Rei opened the door, and stepped back to the other room.

Kai slid past the other teenager, shutting the door behind him. "What?"

"I need to tell you something, which you then need to tell Rei after I have left. It would be easier on him to hear it from one of his friends, rather then from me."

"Very well." Kai's blunt acceptance didn't even faze Mr Dickinson.

"You know Rei was born in China, and adopted there by Li's family, as his mother died in childbirth, his father was unknown, and he had no other relations. Well, there were complications with his birth. Li's father carried her to the hospital in the nearby town.

"There, she gave birth to twins."

Kai spoke up. "I thought Rei had no brothers or sisters."

"That's right. Kathlyn only contacted me recently after seeing Rei on television. She noticed the similarities then."

"Why had they been separated?"

"She was so small when she was born, the doctors weren't sure she'd pull through. Rei's mother died during childbirth. Three days after the birth, Rei was removed from his incubator, while Kathlyn stayed there for another three weeks. Li's father took Rei without asking after the other child, of which he knew nothing.

"Is that it?" Kai asked, as Mr Dickinson trailed off.

"Yes. That's it."

"Fine. Are you leaving now? I should tell Rei as soon as possible."

"You should." Mr Dickinson called through the door, "Bye Tyson, Max, Rei." He formally shook Kai's hand. "Goodbye Kai. Look after Rei, won't you? This will come as a massive shock to him." Mr Dickinson left.

"Rei. I need a word. Now, please." Kai was curt. He didn't want his team-mates thinking he was going soft, now, did he?

"Oh, now I get to hear it! You were ages!" Rei eagerly followed Kai through the door.

Tyson spoke as the door slammed shut. "And does either of them think about telling us? No. They don't. Huh, too many secrets going on these days."