Tyson was getting anxious. "Where can they be? What if they got lost?"

Kenny rolled his eyes. "Tyson, they met each other for the first time in fourteen years today. I think they might have just a little catching up to do."

Kai shared Tyson's worries. "They could be in trouble. I'd better go and look for them." He made his way to the door. "Don't wait up, it might take a while to find them. If I'm not back by nine tomorrow, call the police."

He shut the door behind him, as Kenny, Max and Tyson traded glances.

The park-

Two hours after Kath had died, Rei was still clutching her lifeless body. His tears had stopped, the traces were still clear on his face, mixing with the rain that was pouring down on the two of them.

Rei was exhausted, and as soon as he stood, his legs gave in. He was asleep almost before his head hit Kath's outstretched arm.

3 o'clock in the morning-

At the end of an alleyway entering the park, Kai stood silently, rain-drenched. He turned away from the grassy area, but as he moved something white and blue caught his eye. Forcing his worn out legs to move, he jogged over to it.

Rei and Kath were slumped on the ground. Rei's white tunic was ripped at the end, and his eyes were red and puffy.

Part of Kath's tunic was stained a dirty red, but Kai couldn't see what was wrong, as her hand was in the way. He moved it gently to one side, and as the makeshift bandage fell off, he saw a bloody slit in the fabric.

Frantically, he tried to find her pulse. There was none.

Knowing there was nothing he could do, he checked Rei's. It was steady and strong, and Kai sighed in relief.

He hefted his team mate over his shoulder in a fireman's left, then picked Kath up and rested her in his muscled arms.

Standing up, he slowly stumbled away, but not before carefully picking up the bloodied knife and putting it in his pocket.

The hotel-

The phone in the Bladebreakers' room rang. Kenny, who was closest, climbed out of bed and answered it with a sleepy greeting. The moment he heard Kai's voice echo down the line, he woke up. "Kai! We were worried sick! Have you found them?"

Kai sounded exhausted. "Yeah, but they need an ambulance. I've already called one. It should be here in about twenty minutes."

"Kai, are you alright? You sound like you're shivering."

"I'm fine. It's them that are ill. It's really warm out here though, so I can't be shivering."

"It's two degrees out there! Kai, you have to get warm and dry, now! You might have hypothermia!"

"Relax, Kenny, I'm fine…" Kai's final word ended on a soft sigh.

"Kai? Kai? Are you still there? Kai!" He got no response, except for the slight pattering of rain on the phone box.

After a few seconds, a tinny voice echoed down the phone. "To continue talking, please insert money." Moments after that, the phone went dead.

20 minutes later-

The wailing of an ambulance cut through the rain. It pulled to a halt at the entrance to the street, as the two drivers looked around for what they had been called for.

"There!" One of them spotted Kath and Rei leaning against a wall, sheltered from the rain by an overhanging roof. "You go see, I'll bring the van." The other man nodded as he got out.

As he approached the two of them he yelled, "Tom, it's only a couple of kids!"

Tom followed him in the ambulance, then got out. "The boy's called Rei, and the girl's Kath. Blimey, they must be twins or summat!"

"Wonder where the guy who called us is? Think he said his name was Kai, or something like that."

"It doesn't matter. We need to get these two to the hospital."

"Right." Pete agreed.

They lifted Kath and Rei onto stretchers, then into the ambulance. As they slammed the doors, one of them noticed Kai, slumped on the ground inside the phone box at the entrance to the park.

They lifted him onto a stretcher, but as they did so, a ripping of fabric caught their attention. A blade stuck out of the new tear in Kai's trousers, two or three inches long. Pulling the knife out gingerly, the older paramedic showed his partner. "This must be the guy that called us out, seeing as he was in there," he indicated the booth, "but if he killed her, why ring us? It can't have been an accident. He must have felt sorry for what he did."

"It's a problem for the police to sort out, not us. Call another van, we can't take all three of them, get them to bring a couple of cops too, I don't want him waking up on us."

The hospital-

Kai awoke to find himself in a hospital bed, warm and dry. He knew he had been given a sedative, as he was finding it hard to grasp more than one thought at a time. His face itched; raising one arm to rub it, the movement was abruptly cut short by a rattle of metal.

A nurse came in, drawn by the sound. "So, you're awake. Criminals like you shouldn't be in a good hospital – they should be sleeping in a gutter."

Kai, struggling to focus on anything, let alone the fact he was a criminal, was speechless for a moment, before shaking his head. "Criminal? What… I don't understand, all I did was ring an ambulance!"

Business like, the nurse injected something into a cannula that led into his arm. "Don't pretend you don't know. They found the knife in your pocket."

Unnoticed until now, a police officer standing outside the door stepped into the room. "Keep contact to a minimum, just get him well enough to be transported." He scowled at Kai, who lay in stunned silence. "He'll be on trial soon enough."