Title: Molten Sugar

Author: Arabwel

Type: FPS

E-mail: arabwel@yahoo.com

Rating: PG-13 (for now, next part'll be racier)

Summary: Yorgi, some absinthe and molten sugar

Pairing: Yorgi/X

Timeline: At some point during the movie...

Disclaimer: I do not claim to own either one of these chars. Nor am I making money,

so pwease, sue me not?

A/N: Written in 10 mins or so. Beta-read.... no, beta-bitched from the peanut gallery

by Eze. *hugs* Go Eze!

Probably the result of watching xXx, and drinking absinthe. With sugar.

*Eze chiming in* Your spelling is atrocious and you're fucking crazy

*kicks Eze* Bah, I know how to spell, I just can't type.

On with the story!

Snap... crack... whoosh.

He lights the sugar, and the blue flame licks the spoon. Slowly, in a circular motion,

he stirs the absinthe lighting it up.

His lips curve deliciously as he blows the flame out.

Quick flick of his wrist sends the green liquid down his throat.

To be that drink.

Flicking his tongue against his lips, catching the last drops.

Xander groaned. Watching Yorgi drink was giving him a goddamned hard-on!

"X, you should have some!" Yorgi handed. Him the bottle and the assortments.

Tentatively, Xander pured some of the poisnon green liquid into the glass. Then

Yorgi's hand was on top of his, tipping the bottle more generously.

"Don't be shy!" he purred.

Fuck. That accent made Xander's blood boil. Gingerly, he took the sugar and held the

spoon as Yorgi lighted it.

Quickly, he dumped the sugar in the absinth, and raised the glass to blow the flame


Xander threw the drink back and almost choked. It burned. Burned like Hell. He

gasped as the sensation started to receed.

The Russian smiled knowingly, and leaned forward across the table, his face almost

touching Xander's. The smile turned into a smirk as he flicked his tongue against the

other man's lips.

"Delicious," Yorgi whispered, before he leaned in to steal another kiss that tasted like

absinthe and molten sugar.