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Richie sat happily in his first class seat staring out the window. Things had been very rough for him the past couple of months. Duncan, with all the best of intentions, had abandoned him in New York with Conner. Richie had. fallen in with a bad crowd. Long story short he still craved a good fix every now and then, his arms and back hurt from when Duncan and Conner had to pin him to the floor to scrub off his henna tattoos, and he swore he could still smell the dye Rachel had used to turn his hair back to blonde from black and blue. But, things were looking up for him. Duncan and Tessa had come back for him and he was taking his first trip to Scotland.

Sure Duncan had just promised he was grounded as soon as the plane landed, but how bad could being grounded in Scotland be?

"And before you get any bright ideas about how you can't be grounded on vacation, let me tell you how this is going to work," Duncan said in the seat beside him.

Richie sighed and looked at the man who weeks before Conner had refused to let him see. Conner had taken his rule seriously and had even gone so far as to cover Richie's eyes when Duncan went into his hospital room. "Lay it on me."

"Unless I say otherwise you are confined to your hotel room; I already told them to take out the TV. No exploring on your own, no going out with any girls, no making friends and trying to go to a club."

"So I'm either on a Mac approved field trip or I'm in my room," Richie said.

"Yes. Also I know that you are legal to drink in Scotland, but in light of recent events I don't think you're mature enough for the responsibility."

Richie started to argue, but thought better of it. "Anything else?"

"You're not going to have much time in the hotel room anyway; I have a lot to show you." Duncan smiled and ruffled Richie's hair. "I think you're going to have fun, but you're still in trouble."


"Now, why don't you try to get some sleep? The time difference is going to kill you if you don't."

"Is this part of my punishment?" Richie asked as the TV screen in the headrest in front of him beckoned him to flip through the in-flight movies. His hand reached for the remote nestled in the armrest.

Duncan pushed the armrest back and put an arm around Richie's shoulders. "Yes. No TV," he said pulling Richie to his side.

At first Richie resisted, but then set his head on Duncan's shoulder. "Jerk," he said for duty.

"Go to sleep." Duncan's main objective was to get Richie to sleep. He had been worried about the threats he had gotten from the gang he had almost joined and his sleep had been constantly interrupted by nightmares.

Richie snuggled a little into Duncan's chest and closed his eyes. He felt Duncan put a blanket over him just before he fell asleep. The next thing Richie knew he was being gently shook awake.

"Hey, Rich, wake up," Duncan said. "We're about to land." It took Richie a minute to wake up enough to sit up and realize where he was. "Look out the window," Duncan told him.

Richie pulled open the window shade and squinted until he got used to the light. Miles beneath them were lakes surrounded by lush green lands. It was like flying over one giant postcard. "You grew up here?"

"Close enough," Duncan told him. "My village is actually north still. We have to drive the rest of the way."

"Oh. I don't suppose I could drive?" Richie asked hopefully.

"No, you're grounded."

"It was worth a try."

A little while later Duncan was pulling Richie along behind him through the airport terminals. "You don't have to look out every window we pass," Duncan told him, trying his best to sound irritated. In reality he reveled in the fact that Richie was already totally in love with his home country. For a boy that claimed he was only meant for the city, he sure was easily distracted by trees. "The faster we get our luggage the faster we can get outside."

"Okay." Richie quickened his pace so he was almost matching Duncan stride for stride despite his shorter legs.

They collected their luggage and went to get their rental car.

"How many drivers?" the woman behind the counter asked.

"Two," Duncan told her giving Richie a nudge. "In case you get off for good behavior," he winked. Duncan handed over the necessary papers and soon they were crammed in a small Scottish car.

Richie opened his window and let the air hit his face as Duncan drove down the streets. "The air smells funny," he said after a few miles.

"No smog," Duncan told him. "In this part of Scotland the towns are small and people rarely drive. So there is much less pollution."

"Oh. So how much longer til we get to Glenn. Glenn."

"Glenn Finnan," Duncan supplied.

"Yeah, there."

"A couple hours, yet. Bored already?"

"Just curious," Richie told him as he rubbed his right arm.

"Does it hurt?" Duncan asked. Just a few weeks before Richie's arm had been broken.

"A little. I think it's the pressure change from the plane to the ground."

"Can you wait until we get to the hotel or do you want me to stop so you can get some Tylenol?"

"I can wait. It should be fine soon."

"Okay, if you change your mind tell me."

"I will."

They rode in silence. "Is this what it looked like when you were young?" Richie asked looking out at the country side.

"We're in a valley right now, I grew up in the mountains."

"Oh. so what does it look like?"

"Very green and very open. Lots of space for a child to get into trouble in. That's why you're never going to be out of my sight."

"Yes, sir, Warden MacLeod," Richie said with a solute. Despite the tension and uneasiness that was plaguing their relationship, both had opted to pretend nothing had ever happened. It seemed to be working. Richie picked up a brochure he had gotten at the air port and flipped through it. "So is everyone going to be impressed that I'm here with Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod?" he asked after a few minutes.

"Everyone will think I'm named after a legend. They will also assume that I am nothing but a tourist with a fake accent."

"Are the Scottish really that mean?"

"Around here people are a little weary of foreigners," Duncan explained. "Between, myself, Conner and a dozen or so other immortals that died their first death on these lands there are plenty of ghost and myth hunters lurking around every corner."

"So are you really a myth?"

"Yes. Some people say that the MacLeod clan is cursed and spirits of those that came back to life and were banished from the clan haunt their descendants."


"I'm sure you will hear at least some of the horrible things my ghost has done while we're here. I usually get an earful. Apparently my spirit is lost because once I was banished from the clan I had no where to go."

"So he stayed on his home lands for all eternity," Richie finished in a spooky voice. "That's really lame."

"Yes, but many locals believe the legends."

"Hey, look at this!" Richie exclaimed pointing to a page in the brochure. "There's a haunted tour!"

"Richie you don't believe in ghosts do you?"

"No, of course not. I just like to hear the stories. It would be fun. Can we go?"

"We'll see."

"It goes through Glenn Finnan! 'Where the curse of the MacLeod clan as born'," he read. "'See where Conner and Duncan MacLeod are buried and where their restless spirits wonder.' Too cool! Please can we go?"

Richie's excitement was more than Duncan could handle. "You can book it yourself when we get to the hotel," Duncan told him.

Richie asked questions and Duncan told stories all the way to the hotel. "This is it," Duncan said pulling up.

"I thought you said it was a small town," Richie said. It looked like every other city he'd ever been in.

"Glenn Finnan is, this is Charles' Valley. It was named after."

"Bonnie Prince Charlie," Richie interrupted with a grin.

"Right," Duncan smiled at him. "There are no hotels in the village so instead of making you camp out for two weeks I thought we could drive to the village and stay here."


Richie's room was adjoined to Duncan's with a common door. It could be locked but Duncan took that key from Richie. "Just so I can keep an eye on you," he had told him putting the key in his pocket.

"What about when I'm changing?"

"You can close it, you just can't lock it."


They ate dinner at the hotel restaurant before Duncan told Richie to go to bed. They were going to be leaving early the next day so Duncan could take him to a recreation of the type of village Duncan had grown up in. With minimal grumbling Richie took a shower and went to bed. Despite his insistence that he wasn't tired yet, he fell asleep not long after his head hit the pillow.