Changing Paths -by Panny

Chapter 1: Returned Favors

The wind ruffled smooth lilac hair as a pair of crystal blue eyes stared out into the water. The man ignored the children who ran about him, playing in the sand and splashing in the shallow tide. Normally he would have watched them with amusement but not today. Too many things had happened today. Those things' flew by in his mind over and over again. Fighting. Closed doors. Screaming. Tears.

Trunks' train of thought was broken as a hand slammed down hard on his back. "Hey Trunks! How ya doin?" Pan sat next to her friend and waited for his answer, but she got none. "Hey, I'm talking to you. Why aren't you answering? Is something wrong? Did something happen?". Trunks continued to stare into the distance, ignoring her queries. "Hey!" she yelled, "Why don't you talk to me?"

"He's dead." His voice was low, barely audible, but it still conveyed a deep pain. "What- who's dead Trunks?" Pan asked confused.


"Oh Kami! How? What happened?" Pan exclaimed as she threw her arms around his shoulders to comfort him.

"I don't want to talk about it Pan-chan"

"I- I'm sorry. I don't know what to say. But you know you have to talk."

"No I don't!" Trunks turned to her then. His pain showed clearly on his face, and tears were swelling in his eyes. Pan's heart ached to see him like that, but it hurt even more to see the way he looked at her. As if she was his enemy, the one who caused his pain. "Yes. You do." She whispered coarsely, but he simply shook his head no'.

"Yes you do!" Pan yelled, startling Trunks. "Don't you remember when Jii-chan died, and I wouldn't talk to anyone. But you, you wouldn't let me do that. You made me talk, and even though I didn't want it, I was all the better for it. Now it's my turn to talk to you, and help you. To return the favor you gave to me. Please let me help you. Please" Pan's voice had turned to a whisper by the time she had finished.

"Gomen ne Pan-chan" Trunks stood and began to walk away from her.

"Matte!" Pan ran up to Trunks and began to walk with him. "If you won't talk now I'll just have to walk with you until you will."

"I doubt there's enough ground for that" Trunks joked half-heartedly.

"We'll see."


Trunks and Pan walked together for hours, neither saying anything until the two finally ended up at Capsule Corporation. Pan followed Trunks inside and followed him up to the second floor. "Say, where's your mom?" Trunks flinched as she spoke so Pan decided to drop the subject and stay quiet like she had been for nearly the entire day.


Trunks stopped in front of a navy blue door and glanced at Pan before opening it and entering the room. The girl stood outside the room for several minutes before she followed inside with her eyes closed.

"What the hell do you think your doing!" Trunks yelled as he quickly grabbed a towel to cover himself.

"I didn't look. I told you I wouldn't leave you alone though."

"So! Can't you bug me after I finish showering!"

"Nope. I'm gonna hang around you wherever you go, and if I need to go anywhere I'll drag you with me. You know I have to take a bath soon too so you better talk."

"Fine! Just wait outside and I'll talk when I'm done." Pan stood smiling and left the room.


When Trunks had finished and come out he couldn't help blushing when he saw Pan. He couldn't figure out how she could have just walked in there and not have been affected. The small saiyan didn't allow him to dwell on those thoughts. She quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him to his room and sat him on his bed. "Now talk." She said firmly.

Trunks sat silently, not sure where to begin. "Fine then" Pan said, "just tell me what happened."

"Well" he began, "My mother and father were having another one of their usual fights. But they seemed to be really mad this time. Normally, they argue over small things, but today there was something seriously wrong. Finally my mom told my father to leave but he refused to. He was trying to calm her down. He really didn't want to fight but she refused to calm down so he said he was going to train. A few hours later my mom went to apologize and- and he was" Trunks swallowed hard before continuing.

"He was dead. He killed himself. He- he actually took his, his own life. Just cause of a few things my mother had said. I remember her screaming before running out of the house. After I saw him I couldn't do anything. My mom's father said he would take care of everything. So I left too, and that's when you found me."

Tears were falling from his eyes now and Pan couldn't help from crying herself. She sat next to Trunks, pulling him into her arms. "I'm so sorry Trunks. It'll be okay. I promise"

Pan did her best to comfort him, and the two sat together for several hours.


Trunks had long since fallen asleep when Bulma came into the room. She jumped when she saw Pan, and tensed even further when she saw her son sleeping there peacefully.

"What's going on?" she asked as she approached Pan. "Nothing Bulma-san. I'm sorry to hear about what happened."

'She doesn't look sad at all' Pan thought, but she was too tired to discuss it then. She would ask her later.

"Oh, so he told you about that?"

"Yes. That's why I'm here. Trunks needed to talk"

"I understand. Thank you for helping him. I doubt he'd talk to me right now. If you want you can sleep here tonight. It's pretty late."

"Arigato Bulma-san, but I really should get home. My parents don't know I'm here and they're probably worried."

"Alright dear." Bulma said smiling. "I'll call them and let them know you're on you way."

"Okay. Goodnight Bulma-san"

"Goodnight dear"

Pan left quietly and began to fly home. She would have a lot to explain when she got there.


Yes, I know the whole Vegeta killing himself thing, is to say the least, odd and that he would never kill himself, especially not over an argument, but without that this story wouldn't be. I have nothing against Vegeta, in fact he's my third favorite character in the DB series. When I first started this story I actually didn't know why Trunks was upset. I left a blank space to fill in in a lot of spots, and then when I read over what I had written, Vegeta's death seemed to fit in well and the only way I could see him dying without bringing in a new enemy was if he killed himself so I'm Sorry.

There, I explained why I made it happen. Please don't flame me about it, okay?

Also I have to admit the first line of this is just like in Rayne's Unexpected Guest (a must read fic ^_~). I didn't mean for that to happen, it just did and I can't really fix it without changing the whole first paragraph which I don't want to do so I credit Rayne and hope she doesn't hate me now.