Changing Paths

Chapter 3: Sorry

"Nii-chan? Is it true what Pan said. Is he really gone?" Bra had just woken up and was hoping what she had just heard had been part of some nightmare, but when Trunks nodded solemnly her hopes crashed. "Nii-chan. How did he die?" she asked, her voice that of a child. Trunks swallowed hard before talking.

"I'll tell you later Bra. That's not what's important. You need rest. Go to bed."

"But-" Bra began but Trunks cut her off. "Just go." His voice was harder than he had intended it to be. "I have to talk to Pan." He stated quickly, then walked from the room as fast as he could.


"Bra, is that you?" Bulma called as she heard her daughter walking through the hall. Bra quietly let herself into her parent's room and sat on the bed beside her mother. Bulma pulled the girl tightly against her.

"Okasaan, can you please tell me?"

"Tell you what dear?" Bulma asked, stroking the top of Bra's head with her palm. "How tousaan died." She answered. Bulma sighed. "You know what honey. I don't think you want the answer to that. It's making this ordeal even harder for myself and your brother and I don't think you want to take part in this extra suffering."

Bra nodded and placed her arms around her mother. Tears slowly welled up in her eyes, then rushed out onto Bulma's shoulder. Bulma whispered comforting things to her daughter, not really sure of what to say. This was something that had never occurred before. Vegeta had died before, but back then they had dragonballs, and she had no daughter to console. Bra stifled her cries and pulled back from her mother.

"Are you alright Okasaan? You knew Daddy for a lot longer than me but you're not crying. Why is that?" Bulma closed her eyes, knowing full well what Bra's comment suggested.

"You know I loved your otousaan, more than any other man in my life. And it does hurt to be without him now, but there are certain things I still have to do for him. Tears may not fall from my eyes, but that doesn't mean I'm not crying inside. I will miss Vegeta for the rest of my life, and there will always be an open place in my heart for him, even if that doesn't show. Do you understand?"

Bulma had tried her best to remain calm as she said this, but her voice betrayed her. Bra could tell she was telling the truth, and that she was probably hurting more than she let on. Bra nodded smiling and hugged her mother. "I love you kasaan." She whispered. Bulma smiled and hugged the girl back. "I love you too."


Trunks sighed and lowered himself to the ground. Too many emotions were running through his body and he found it that much harder to concentrate on finding Pan. For some reason he felt terrible for what he had done and knew he had to do something to make up for it. That's why he had been flying around for hours, and why he was now standing there, the cold night air chilling him through the thin T-shirt he wore. He cursed himself and flopped down on a nearby bench.

'What am I doing thinking about Pan? My tousaan just died and I'm flying around the city like a maniac. Kuso. Why'd she have to leave anyway? She should know I'd never try to hurt her. She's trying so hard to help me and I yell at her for no reason. Shimata! There I go, thinking about her again. Why can't I just get her out of my mind?'


'Great, just great. Now I'm hearing her voice.'


Trunks opened his eyes in surprise. "Pan?" he asked. "Gomen, I guess I didn't hear you." Pan smiled and sat next to him. She opened her mouth to speak but the look he gave her warned her not to.

"I have to apologize for what I did earlier." He said, nervous for some unknown reason. "I know you didn't mean to upset me, and that you're only trying to help, it just, there's too much happening now and I couldn't take it. This apology might not mean anything to you but I just had to get it off my chest. Sorry to bring this up so suddenly like this."

Trunks sighed slightly, sensing there was something else to say, and that the words just wouldn't come out. After a minute or two of racking his brain he shook his head admitting defeat.

Pan watched him curiously. She knew there was something else. Something he was holding back but she knew it would be better not to say anything. She placed her hand comfortingly on Trunks shoulder and was surprised as he moved to take her it into his own.

"Arigato Pan-chan." He said, leaning slightly closer to her. "You really did help me a lot, just like you said you would. I owe you for that."

Pan shook her head. "No." she said. "Now we're even. You helped me when Jii-chan died, so I'm helping you now." Trunks flinched slightly. "Is that why you helped?" he asked, his voice pained.

A small pain swelled in Pan's stomach when she heard his voice. She couldn't find what to say.

"I see." Trunks said harshly and stood to leave. Pan stood up and threw her arms around him. Realizing what she had done she moved to pull back but Trunks turned and grabbed onto her before she could. He quickly drew her into his arms, resting his chin atop her head.

"Trunks?" Pan said, her voice muffled by his clothing. "What are you doing?" Trunks tightened his grip on Pan, taking in everything about her. Her voice, her smell, the warmth or her body against his own. He placed his finger beneath her chin, lifting her face towards his own.

"Trunks?" Pan whispered slightly before her mouth was covered by his. She stood stiffly for a moment then slowly succumbed to her body's urges and returned the kiss. He didn't pull away till he was forced to by lack of air. He gasped slightly then looked towards Pan, the color rising in his cheeks.

His lips parted and Pan thought that perhaps he would kiss her again, but instead he spoke in a hushed whisper. "Gomen nassai." Then he flew into the night sky. Pan stood there, frozen as mixed feelings rushed through her mind and a sharp wind sent a chill through her body. She wondered as to whether she should find Trunks, but she feared the discomfort she'd find with him. Turning to walk home her fingers reached to her lips and found a lingering smile.


Well that's it. I know it's a little short but I just can't continue the story from here. I had written three more chapters, but they were really bad. The next part would be some sort of funeral for Vegeta but I couldn't write that well at all. I rushed through it and what I did do was just awful. Maybe somebody else would finish the story but for me it ends here.

If you do want to continue this story, please write me first okay?