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In this story, Ravens emotions have gone out of control because of one key factor: Love.


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((Chapter 1))
"Do you care about my Despair?"

The door to Raven's room slammed shut loudly as Raven retreated to her room angry, hurt, an din emotional turmoil. Her usually pale cheeks burned a bright shade of red, as her eyes began to water. She tried to hold her feelings inside of her, to suppress them down deep into herself- but struggled. She couldn't. She just couldn't do it anymore. She had tried to for weeks now and had failed each time. Her emotions had just become too powerful for her to control anymore- and finally, she had come to understand that.

The will of her mind could not control this- not even she could control it anymore. And because of this; this battle with her emotions she was so terribly losing, she could barely leave her room anymore- for fear of the others seeing her like this.

Raven fell into her once comforting bed, and pulled the covers down over her head, crying hot angry tears that reflected her hurting heart. She wasn't supposed to feel this, she wasn't supposed to love. Emotions weren't meant for her; she had been taught this her whole life. Meditation, extreme training, everything in her life was centered upon limiting her emotions, for fear of hurting herself and others. But all of her limitations and walls were being knocked away. She couldn't control the way she felt anymore. She couldn't control herself at all.

"Why do I love him?" she sobbed as she buried her tear streaked face into the pillow. "Why do I feel this way?" Raven tossed and turned in her bed screaming aloud in agony. She tried to wipe her tears away as she tore at the pillows and sheets, and then at the walls. Control. She needed Control.

She stood up from her bed, and leaned against the wall, trying to relax. She needed to control her emotions; she needed to stop this chaos in her mind. But she couldn't- she was unable. The tears and emotions spilled out of her like a flood of rushing water, all of them held inside for so long.

She tore at her walls, her nails digging into them and tearing the wall paper to bits. She was furious. She was enraged. And as her emotions reached a climax, things in her room began to float, and everything began to fly into her other walls.

"I can't control it…" She muttered bringing her hands to her ears as she desperately tried to silence her mind. "I can't control it at all…" The books on her shelves rattled, and fell off onto the floor, powered by Raven's out-of-control emotions. From the floor they flew to the air, circling Raven and flying at high speeds around her room. Inanimate objects started to rise from their current spots in Raven's room, some of them flying up so fast that they hit one of the walls and broke. Lights flickered on and off, in the background, Raven could hear one of her lamps shatter to pieces.

"Starfire can have him! I don't need love!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as she fell to the ground on her knees. "Oh God why do I feel all of this?" she added. "Why?" With this lingering and haunting question, Raven's power surged out of control further, and one of her massive book shelves fell over with a crash that shook the whole room. But raven did not notice this, she only continued to cry with deeper sobs as she lay upon the floor, her mind muddled and confused.

(Meanwhile….In the Towers Living Room…)

Cybrog and Beast Boy were doing their usual; playing video games, with no concern or other care present in their minds but themselves and their game. Each more concentrated then the other; they furiously pounded their thumbs rhythmically against the buttons on their controllers. The goal was seemingly to outplay, outsmart, and outwit the opponent in the game, using whatever means necessary to do this. Pretty pathetic to think that the video game they were so involved in was a stupid racing game. But this did not occur to either of the two teenagers, so absorbed in their game that their eyes were practically glued to the screen. Their backs hunched, and their concentration fully devoted to the game, it would have taken a miracle to stop either of them from playing.

So it was a great surprise fro Cyborg to pause the game and set his controller down. In fact, it was out right astounding. Beast Boy looked at him confused and bewildered, thinking that his closet friend must have gone insane.

"Did you hear that?" Cyborg asked as he looked around and began to get up from his seat on the long semi-circle couch. "It came from Raven's room…" he trailed off as he proceeded to bend over and turn the game off. Beast Boy's eyes grew large as he stared at his poor video station outraged and down-right angry at his friend's actions. He just turned off the game…he just turned off HIS winning game…

"What did you do THAT for?!" he yelled at Cyborg- almost ready to attack.

"I heard something crash in Raven's room," Cyborg answered. "I think you should go check it out…." He stated as he looked towards the corridor leading towards the Titans rooms and nodded.

"Me?!" Beast Boy said, still annoyed and angry. "I'm not the one who paused the game then turned it off just because I thought I "heard a niose" coming from Raven's room!"

"I think you should go see what's wrong with her. For the last two weeks she's barely come out of her room. Besides- you're the one who…"

"Shut up man!!!" Beast Boy yelled as he stood up from the couch. He knew what Cyborg was going to say- and it angered him even more. Everyday Cybrog brought up his crush on Raven, and Beast Boy was getting sick of it. It wasn't his fault he was shy and insecure. Since the Terra incident he had a lot on his mind and even more as his feelings for Raven resurfaced. He had been still trying to get over Terra, the girl still a rock hard statue, and was failing miserably. He threw his controller , then stalked off mumbling something to himself as he continued to walk towards the Titans Rooms

(Back in Raven's room….)

Ravens room was even more out of control, yet she did not notice this, as she lay in a heap at the center of the chaos on the floor, crying. Her mind a mess and her emotions out of control; it took her countless minutes to recognize the rhythmic knocking across the room was not from books hitting the walls, but from someone knocking on her door.

Hesitantly, she rose from the floor and the pandemonium around her subdued. The books fell from the air, and all grew quite as Raven stood, shocked and pale white. She stared at her door, transfixed and motionless. When she looked around her room- and saw that it was in total disorder, she gasped aloud. How could she ever explain all of this to anyone? At this moment the knocking across the room grew more urgent, and a voice followed, calling to Raven.

"Rae- Are you in there?" It called.

"Oh No…." Raven whispered as she looked fearfully around her room once more. It was HIM. It was the guy she was tearing herself apart on the insides for, and he was there; banging on her door. What could she do? Frantically, she dropped to her knees and began to pick up some of her books. 'Oh God…' She thought to herself as she stacked them on top of each other, trying to create the illusion of order in her room.

"Raven?! Raven did you hear me?" The voice form the other side of the door asked. "Raven? Raven- I'm coming in there whether you like it or not!"

"No!" Raven screamed as she ran to her door and opened it only slightly to reveal half of her face. When she looked up, she saw Robin there, with a worried expression plastered all over his face.

"Raven are you okay?" he asked, looking questioningly at her.

"I'm fine." She answered quickly, trying to regain her composer and show no expression. She tried to close the door, but Robin reached out and grabbed her arms to stop her. Raven in turn blushed, gazing down at Robin's hands upon her. Never had he touched her…..

"What was all f that noise I heard?" he demanded, still holding onto Raven.

"Nothing," Raven said, trying to dismiss Robin.

"No- It was something. Beast Boy came to me complaining, and I even heard it from the gym," He argued, staring at Raven.

"I was remolding," Raven lied as she tried to escape Robins glance and struggle from his tight grasp. Her eyes wandered from his lips to the rest fo his body, once again lustful thoughts filling her head.

"Raven…"Robin began interrupting her thoughts. "Were you…were you crying?" His question started Raven as she reached up and touched her own tear streaked face. "Why were you crying?" He asked concerned. Never had he seen such stunning and despairing tears upon his teammates face.

"I…I….It's none of your business." Raven stuttered out as she finally struggled free from Robins grasp. She closed the door in his face, and turned to the darkness of her room once more, her face stone cold, chilling and emotionless. She had to block it all out- all of these horrible emotions. She couldn't let Robin know how she felt about him- she couldn't surrender herself to her love fro him. And never- NEVER, could she ever tell him that he was the reason for her tears, and that she had seen such a horrific image earlier that day that it had sent her into a downward spiral of pain and hurt. NEVER.


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