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((Chapter 3))
"Diagnosis: ALONE"
Monophobia: The fear and or anxiety of being alone.

"You know, a person shouldn't fear being alone, because you never really are. I mean, in the subway, at the park, at work, or at school, you're never alone. No matter where you go, there's always going to be people. But face it- with all of these people continuously around you, the real fear you should have is going insane from never being alone…."

At first all she saw was white. A Blinding, brilliant white so intense that she was forced to close her eyes to in order to recover. But then, carefully, she opened them slowly, trying to adjust them to the radiance around her.

Her head ached and her body throbbed with a deep and severe pain, as suddenly, she found herself clutching her stomach. She knew something was definitely wrong. Before she had passed out, she had identified the substance used to slowly knock her out as Chloroform; A dangerous poison and inhalant known to be used in many kidnappings. Raven could only speculate as to who obtained to material itself. Had the Chloroform made her sick? In excess- sometimes the gas can be dangerous….

No. She refused to believe that her kidnapper would use too much. He had obviously taken the effort to bring her here alive, why would he kill her now?

But where was here? Raven looked around cautiously, and realized she was in a large white padded room, shockingly similar to those found in mental institutions. The room smelled of a nauseating disinfectant that made her mind swirl even more and above her, Raven could see a video camera watching her from a corner across the room. Abruptly, she felt even more uncomfortable.

She began to try to get up to walk over to the camera, when suddenly she realized that she couldn't get up at all. She was tied to a crude metal table, and because of her still recovering body couldn't concentrate to even mutter a spell. Her mind whirled and whirled, until even she had trouble deciphering her minds own made up figments from reality.

"Azarath…" she muttered as she tried to lift her arms and fight against her failing body and mind. But before she could even finish spell, across the room, a non-existent door appeared. It opened, and in stepped a tall man Raven had never seen before, but soon would learn to never forget; Cocytus the stealer of abilities. Behind the tall man, a team of doctors walked in and crowded around him expectantly. "Sedate her," he ordered

They all scrambled from behind him and straight to Raven, where they proceeded to inject her with all kinds of needles and tranquilizers. Like mad scientists they worked feverishly, trying to finish their work as quickly as possible. One doctor placed a metal collar around Raven's neck, which immediately zapped her with a sudden jolt.

Looking down, Raven worriedly furrowed her eyebrows slightly and clenched her teeth. The man stepped forward after the doctors had finished, and shooed them away with the wave of his hand. As well as the others, he was wearing a white lab coat, and a white shirt with black pants. If Raven hadn't known any better she would have mistaken him for another average Doctor among the rest. But he was different, in fact eerily different.

"The collar prevents you from using your powers to break free my dear. I hope it's not too much of an inconvenience for you," he explained with a slightly malicious grin plastered on his face. "That is before I suck them out of your dead corpse." He nodded and smiled as he walked out of the room and closed the door, leaving Raven to ponder what he had just said.

But before she could even place another thought in her mind, Raven was taken into the darkness once more as her eyelids closed and her silent pleas went unanswered. Once more, she slept.

He placed yet another kiss upon her lips, and when he pulled back to look at her face straight on, smiled lovingly. Behind him, the evening sky sat, it's setting sun still providing the two lovers with a light with which they could gaze at each other with. Deep Crimson reds and ginger oranges mixed together in the sky, contrasting together with the auburn sun that was setting behind the distant horizon.

Faintly, the waves below could be heard, crashing against the rocks of the Titans Tower's island. The water glistened still in the sight of the sun, like tiny diamonds were scattered in and among its watery depths, waiting to be found. How he wished he could give her these diamonds; these imaginary objects of desire. He wished he could give her the world.

"Robin?" StarFire chirped, in her usual high pitched, yet confused voice. Her eyebrows were lifted, in a worried expression as she looked over at her leader, teammate, and close friend. But he was looking away from her, at the water below them, yards away from the top of the tower where they sat. "Robin?" she questioned once more. This time, he finally heard her.

"Oh!" he said, startled, as he at last turned towards her. "I'm sorry Star, I got side tracked." At this StarFire creased her face even more in an even more concerned look.

"Side tracked?" she repeated as her voice suddenly turned hostile. "Is my presence not enough to keep your attention?" With this comment her eyes turned green.

"No, No Star!" Robin corrected in a panicked tone. "It's not that at all... Its just…" he said with a pause and a hesitant glance. "I was just thinking that I wished I could give you the world…"

At this comment, somehow, even though to you or I, it might have seemed cheesy and quite tasteless, the poor alien girl fell for it. She did not know any better, and to her one could say it was romantic. Besides the fact, as tacky as it seems, the boy wonder did really mean it. StarFire embraced Robin in a hug, and before long, they were kissing once more.

But, one might begin to ask one self, what about Raven? Did Robin even think about her at all in this moment? Did the fearless leader of the Teen Titans even begin to wonder where the fifth member of his team was after two days of her absence? She wouldn't have stayed in her room for that long would she?

The answer to all of these questions is no. Foremost, Robin the birdbrain wasn't even thinking about Raven, even as she sat in a mock mental hospital in clutches of an unforeseen dangerous enemy. He didn't even speculate as to why she hadn't been out of her room for two days.

No, our known hero, idol, and champion just sat there, on top of the Titans Tower, making out with his girlfriend. His mind was only focused on one thing: StarFire.

But then again, it has been said, that love can do crazy things to people, and in turn make them themselves do odd and strange things. Perhaps for Robin, the birdbrain, it made him even stupider.

"I wish to suck your powers from your cold dead carcass Raven…." A chilling voice declared, laughing at her in spite. With a quick motion, the man that had once been standing in front of her cackling was at her side, punching her and kicking her. He picked her up and threw her against the nearest wall, as a new smile spread evenly across his face.

Raven tried desperately to defend herself, but her powers were useless, and every time she tried to use them, the collar around her neck would send a sudden jolt of electricity through her body. And trying to protect herself from his attacks didn't work either, she was no match for him physically. Occasionally, she would dodge his attacks and he would thrust his fist into the wall, leaving a massive hole where she had once been standing.

"I've been watching you and your little friends for awhile now Raven." The man said as he turned towards her. "You were what first attracted me to this little city of yours." With another step, he was only inches away from her. Raven backed into one of the rooms white corners and panicked, she had nowhere to go. Frantically, she searched for a way out, but realized that she was trapped.

"Do you know why?" he questioned reaching towards her. His hand delicately traced the outline of her chin and began a climb towards her lips.

"Get away from me!" Raven screamed outraged as she flung his hand away. She tried to get past him, but his body blocked her path. In anger, she brought her hand up and smacked his face, trying at least to make him pay for his touch.

But what happened next she didn't expect at all. In anger at her actions, Raven had anticipated her captor to punish her in some way, but instead, he only laughed.

"Raven…." He said between a laugh, "You are just the way my informant described you!" Raven gave him a puzzled look in return for this comment and looked at the floor. She would do anything to escape the look of his clear piercing blue eyes.

"I kidnapped you Raven because I knew you were the most powerful of all your friends. And because of this fact, I intend on draining you lastly, after I drain all of them. I am Cocytus the stealer of abilities after all. Perhaps you have met my brother?"

"You mean the lunatic who thought he was the 'master of games'?" Raven questioned as she shifted to her right where there was space between Cocytus and the wall. This guy was just like his brother; he was crazy.

"Yes, well after I found out about that, I drained him as well, the naughty boy he was. Besides the fact, most of his powers were in his stupid little gem." Cocytus said laughing once more at his own joke. "I came to jump city to do two things after I drained my brother; kill the renegade villain Numorous and drain him, and then kill the Teen Titans."

"Like you could ever pull that off." Raven spat out annoyed as she rolled her eyes. The villains those days were just getting stupider and stupider, thinking they were all mighty and powerful. Just who exactly did this guy think he was? Raven took a step towards the space in the wall, and almost was through, until Cocytus suddenly grabbed hold of her left arm, and twisted it behind her back. He slammed her against the wall face first, and grabbed her other arm as well. He had her pinned to the wall and defenseless.

"I think I could, considering the fact I'm single handedly dominating you without even breaking a sweat." He whispered into her ear while sneering. "The only reason I haven't killed you yet is because you're my bait my dear. You're what's bringing the Titans into my trap." With this remark, he picked Raven up and threw her into another corner of the room. Blood trickled down her forehead, and with shock, Raven reached up and touched it.

"Face it Raven, you're all going to die. And until your pathetic friends get here, you're all alone. Hopelessly alone…"

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