Note: This is a very odd story and I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote it. It gets better later on so bear with me.

Competition Chapter 1

*by Panny*

Water splashed over Pans naked body. A gentle breeze rushed over the water, making her shiver lightly. Suddenly she felt someone watching her. Pan quickly pulled herself underwater, then let her head emerge. Looking around, searching the shoreline of the entire lake, she found no one. After double-checking, she relaxed and began to float on the surface of the water again. She rested, letting her mind wander, until something pulled her down. She yanked herself away, her body tense, scanning the area around her. She spun around, and found a man there, smiling at her.

"Oji-san! What do you think you're doing!" Pan covered her chest, trying to hide what her uncle had already seen.

"Relax, you're my niece, I don't care. Besides we've bathed together hundreds of times."

"Yeah, when I was four!" Pan yelled sarcastically. She floated above the water intimidatingly, her arms crossed over her chest, Vegeta style and keeping as much hidden as she could. "What are you doing here anyway?" she asked, in the hardest voice she could manage.

"I'm just hanging with Trunks." He pointed to the shoreline where Trunks stood laughing, and holding up Pans dress. She blushed, seeing him, and ducked underwater. Goten jumped as he felt Pan pull on his pants, leaving him in his boxers.

"What are you doing down there!" he yelled into the water. Pan splashed back up, wearing Goten's pants as high as she could to cover as much of her body as possible. She quickly flew towards Trunks and grabbed at her clothes, but Trunks snatched them away.

"Did you want this?" he taunted. He held the dress over the water threateningly.

"Don't you dare!" she yelled at him. She flew at him several times but he easily dodged her attacks. "Fine then! Take this!" Pan screamed as she quickly fired an energy blast at Trunks. He jumped out of the way, dropping the dress as he did so. Pans eyes widened as her clothes fell apart and dropped into the water in nearly a hundred pieces. It was the only dress she owned and she'd promised to wear it today. Trunks and Goten could barely contain their laughter.

"I wouldn't be laughing if I were you." Pan said casually. "But forget that for now, I'll deal with you later, for now let's just swim since we're all here."

"You're not mad?" Goten asked suspiciously. Pan smiled back at him. "Not really, I don't like dresses all that much anyway."

"Okay then!" Trunks pulled his shirt off and dove into the water. "C'mon in Pan!" Trunks watched her walk slowly to where he had dropped his top.

"You're more gullible than I thought!" Pan yelled, laughing. She put his shirt on, rolling up the sleeves, then pulled Goten's pant's to a comfortable spot and began to cuff the bottoms.

"What are you doing!" Goten yelled, trying to walk to her through the water.

Pan laughed, and flew up in the air. "Well, I couldn't show up at Marron's birthday without clothes, and look at the time. We all have to get there fast, or else we'll be late."

Trunks and Goten stood with their mouths hanging open. "You sneaky little brat" Goten muttered.

"Let's go!" Pan grabbed the two of them and flew off.


"Looking good Bro!" Gohan, laughing hysterically as Pan set Goten and Trunks on the ground.

"Ooh, is this my present?" Marron asked, leaning against Trunks. "Pan, you shouldn't have."

"Oh, yeah well, they were just lying around and I had no use for them. I'm glad you like." She replied.

"I AM NOT A PRESENT!" Trunks jumped away from the girls, and stood beside his father, a safe distance from the others.

"Oh who cares! Let's party!" Chichi stumbled around the island, as Muten Roshi came outside the house after her. "Hey Gohan!" he called. "Your mother doesn't hold alcohol too well, just thought you might want to know that." Gohan groaned and took his mothers hand, leading her inside. While everyone else continued to have fun. The time passed quickly and soon it was time for everyone to leave.

"Dad?" Marron approached her father slowly. "Can Bra and Pan sleep over?" Kuririn rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "I guess so." Marron threw her arms around him. "Thanks Dad. C'mon guys." Pan and Bra quickly let their parents know what was happening and followed Marron inside.


"Hmm I pick truth."

The three girls were sitting on Marron's bed, playing truth or dare. It was Bra's turn.

"Okay," Marron began. "Did you, or would you ever, kiss Goten!" Bra began to blush as her friend leaned closer. "Okay, I kissed him once. But that was all."

"What? When?" Pan asked excitedly. "I'm not telling." Bra stuck her tongue out at them. "Fine." Marron said. "It's your turn to ask now Bra."

"Okay, truth or dare, Pan."

"Dare." Pan smiled slyly at Bra. "Do your worst."

"Okay then, I dare you to fly us to my house, then flash my brother!" Marron began giggling and rolling on the bed.

"Too late." Pan said still smiling. "What do you mean too late?" Marron lifted her eyebrow suspiciously.

"Didn't you notice Oji-san had no pants, Trunks had no shirt, and my clothes were too big."

"What happened?!" both girls yelled at once. Pan stuttered, wondering if she should have said anything at all. "Nothing really. I was just swimming and accidentally burnt up my dress and that's when they showed up. They didn't see much, they turned when they saw me, and gave me their clothes to wear."

"I don't believe you." Marron lunged at Pan and began to tickle her. Pan laughed hysterically. "Tell me or I won't stop." Bra soon joined Marron. "Stop!" Pan yelled between giggles. "That's ... all that happened. I I swear!" Marron and Bra pulled back and Pan began to gasp for air.

"Fine." Bra said. "But you still have to do the dare."


Pan landed near the Capsule Corporation, holding Bra and Marron. She ran around, glancing in windows until she found Trunks resting in one of the rooms. "Good thing he's on the first floor." Bra whispered. Pan frowned, she had hoped he would be where they couldn't see him. "Time to go." Marron whispered. Pan nodded and ran to the front of the building. A few minutes later they saw Pan enter the room.

"Hey Pan, I thought you were staying at Marron's."

"Yeah but, umm" she glanced nervously out the window. Trunks barely noticed the subtle movement of her eyes. "I have to" Pan quickly flipped her shirt, and yanked it back down, but Trunks' hand blocked the way. Marron and Bra's eyes widened.

"T-Trunks?" Pan tried to back away but Trunks pulled her back, holding her tightly. Pan swallowed hard, confused by what he was doing. "It's so nice of you to come by. I was just thinking of you Pan. Maybe you might like to help me with something upstairs." He lifted her up and began to walk from the room.

Bra and Marron ducked down and looked at each other. "What have we done?"

"I guess, maybe, my brother really liked Pan?"

"NO WAY!" Marron covered her mouth, smiling sheepishly at her loud outburst. "Sorry." She whispered.

"Hello Bra, Marron. How are you two this fine evening?" Bra and Marron jumped up laughing nervously.

"Hi Oni-chan. H- hi. We were just, looking for Pan! Yeah, that's it. C'mon, Pan. You know better than to wander off." She and Marron backed up nervously. Trunks laughed, setting Pan on the ground. "Keep me out of your little games next time okay?" Pan nodded enthusiastically and flew away carrying Bra and Marron who were both laughing.


"I don't believe you made me do that!" Pan yelled at her friends. "That was so embarrassing, and on top of that, Trunks scared the shit out of me!"

"You and me both." Marron grumbled. "Oh shut up Marron!" Bra yelled. "You were part of this too. Just cause you have a crush on my brother doesn't mean you don't have to take the blame!"

"What are you talking about! Why would I like someone related to you!" Marron yelled back.

"EXCUSE me!" Pan yelled at both of them angrily. "I'M the one who's supposed to be angry!"

"Oh shove off Pan!" Bra yelled. Pan jumped at her, and Marron attacked Pan. In an instant the three girls were scratching and pulling each others hair on the floor.

"Y'know girls, people are trying to-" Muten Roshi stood, staring at the girls as the flopped around on the ground in their nightgowns. "Thank Kami" he muttered happily.

"HEY. KNOCK IT OFF!" Kuririn yelled, as he walked in. The three girls stood and towered over him. "Uh, what I mean is maybe you girls could do this outside?"

"Forget that!" Pan huffed, walking out. "Wait Pan!" Bra yelled. "How will I get home?"

"You should have thought of that before you tried to scratch my eye out!" Pan flew into the air and took off towards her house. Bra growled and turned back to Kuririn.

"Well, thanks to you, my ride is gone. Gimme your car!" Kuririn was about to protest but Bra stood, looking down on him and he gave in. Bra flew away, glaring back at Marron as she went.

"Some birthday!" Marron scoffed, then turned and went up to her room.