Pan walked down the streets of Satan City, stopping in a childrens playground. She sat on a nearby swing and rocked herself slowly. Her thoughts wandered to the past, when she had been happy.

"Way to go Pan-chan! You beat Goten!"
"Tank you Twunks!"

"Wow, you sure awe stwong Gwanpa."
"Heh heh. You'll be as strong as me one day."

"Who was he? Did you kiss him?"
"Eew, gross Marron. How could you kiss a BOY."
"When you two grow up, you'll understand."

"Man! When'd you get so strong kid?"
"You just got weak Uncle Goten."
"Why you little."

"I'm so lucky to be going out with you Pan."
"I feel the same way to."
"So what do you wanna see?"
"This one."
"I'm sorry, the theatres closed because of the bank robbery."
"Fine, I guess I'll have to take care of it."
"Hey you robbers! Give up those hostages now."

"Sorry Pan, I just remembered something I have to do."
"You stupid kid, it's all you're fault I got dumped."
"Grandpa Kame Sennin."
"I'm taller than my grandpa?"

"Pan, why are you here?"
"Let's go!"

"Trunks! No Trunks!"
"I appreciate your concern, but I'm alright."

"It'll be alright Pan-chan. I know you miss him, but you'll see Gokou again, I'm sure of it!"

"No way! That ones mine!"
"I saw it first!"
"Bra, Pan. Why don't you just get two?"

"Just forget him Pan. He wasn't right for you."
"You're right! I just have to forget. From now on that's what I'll do if anyone hurts me, I'll forget."

"Oh, did you want this dress?"
"Don't you dare!"
"Ha ha ha ha ha. C'mon, you can do better than that."
"Take this!"
"I wouldn't laugh if I were you."

"C'mon in Pan!"
"You're so gullible!"
"What are you doing?"
"I need clothes for the party, don't I?"
"You brat!"

"I dare you to fly to my house and flash my brother."
"Too late."

"No matter what's happens with Trunks, we're always friends, right Pan?"

Tears welled in Pan's eyes, threatening to spill over. She stood and left the park, walking towards her new home in the city. She pulled from her pocket a crumpled photo of all her friends.

She was only four when it had been taken. Gokou was holding her up and her parents were next to them. ChiChi had her arms around Gokou. Bra and Trunks were standing next to their parents and even Vegeta had something of a smile on his face. Goten was standing next to Trunks. Yamcha was beside Pan's family with Puar, Oolong, Kuririn, #18 and Marron. Tenshinhan was standing behind them with Piccolo, and Chaosu floated above them. Mr. Satan was sitting on the groud next to Buu and Ubuu. Although he couldn't be seen Pan remembered Kame Sennin was the one taking the picture.

Pan closed her fist around the picture and shoved it back in her pocket. She didn't know why she still carried it with her. She had long since left that life. She stopped talking to her friends, and not long after that she moved from her families house. They visited her often, but finally Pan told them not to. She had too much to forget in her life to be constantly reminded of them. They tried to come back but she refused to open her door, and if she saw them on the street she would quickly change direction. The last time she had seen any of them was over five years ago.


All of Pan's friends missed her. There wasn't a day that went by without a thought of her. Each of them had a separate note she had written them not long after she moved which they kept in their own individual place.

Dear Mom,

I'm sorry to do this to you. Understand
that I love you dearly and I don't want to hurt
you. I left for my own reasons, to escape my
own problems. Please forgive me for doing this
to you. I will never forget the time and love you
gave me, and I don't wish to. If I could, I would
stay, but I don't have the strength to do that.
Don't forget that your daughter will think of you

Love Forever,

To my Father,
I know my actions are confusing to you,
and I doubt that you will even understand them.
Just know that I am doing what I feel is best
and try to understand that. I love you so much,
and it hurts me terribly to leave you like this
but there is no other way. I don't know what else
to write except that I will always love you. Keep
Uncle Goten in line for me kay?

Your daughter,

Uncle Goten,
Sorry to do this to you. You know I love
you and that I wouldn't do this if I could find
another way. I wish you only the best. Remember
me like I'll remember you. Keep training or Vegeta
will get on your case, got it? I love you.


I don't doubt that you are taking this worse
than anyone else in my family. I don't know what to
tell you to ease the pain I've caused but I'll be okay
and I'll take care of myself. I'll always remember
all that you taught me, and we'll always be tied in our
grief for Grandpa. I love you more than anything and
I'll cherish the thought of you forever.

Love always,

To my best friend Bra,
I'm gonna miss you. Never forget all the fun we
had hanging out together and going shopping because I
won't. You were always there for me and I'm sorry I
won't be there for you anymore, but I'm sure you'll make
it just fine on your own. I just hope you know that you
have nothing to do with my leaving and you've always
been the best friend you could be.
Friends forever,


To tell the truth I'm having trouble writing this
right now. I'm sure you've figured this out by now but
I've been in love woth you for what seems like forever.
I hope you made the right choice when you decided on
Marron. Please don't feel any guilt for that because I
want you to be happy. Take care of yourself and train
every once in awhile or Goten might get stronger than
you. I'll never forget the fun times we had together. As
much pain as they cause I'll never give them up for
anything. Remember me, but when you do, don't feel pain.
I love you.


You better take care of Trunks for me okay? I
know I said that Trunks' decision wouldn't end our
friendship, and it hasn't, but I have to leave. Seeing
everyone hurts me too much. I hope you understand. You
were always a good friend to me and you taught me a lot
about all I know. Thank you for that.

Always a friend,

To Bulma and Vegeta,
I'll miss you both. Bulma, without you I never would
have fun in space with Grandpa and Trunks. You took care
of me like a second mother. Always remember me as the
second daughter you never had. Vegeta, we were never close,
but I do care about you, even if you never cared for me.
The few times we talked were always special and I'm glad I'm
as close to you as I am. Make sure you keep Trunks and
Goten in line. If you keep training, maybe you'll meet up with
Grandpa and beat him, always keep that dream in your heart.
Take care of each other.



I'm glad the story fixed itself enough to make this ending work. I really like this end even if it is sad(hmm a lot of my endings end up like this huh?) and I hope you do too. Please let me know what you think.