Pan shifted nervously at her desk. It was her first time in school and she had already gotten in trouble for getting in late. On top of that she wasn't doing too well in class either. She had barely passed her entrance exams, but because of her fathers position at the Satan City University she was put in an accelerated class anyway. She was stuck in her father's shadow, and was expected to be just like him. Well behaved, kind, smart. Perfect.

Pan barely got through the first half of her day. She kept yelling out the few answers she knew. It wasn't her fault the teacher only called her name when she didn't know. Her classmates didn't help either. Nearly all of them were rude and obnoxious, and Pan had the temper of a Saiyan. It was only 20 minutes into her first class that she got into a fight. The worst part though was that she wasn't punished. Again her father's influence. Every teacher assumed she was just adjusting, for the daughter of the great Son Gohan couldn't be rude and misbehaved. Of course not

During lunch Pan stayed in the classroom while most of the student's went out to eat. A few other students did stay behind, for Pan. Three guy's her age came to where she sat. "Yes?" she asked, less than sincerely to the largest of the group. He was tall and built, and he wore a tank top to show off his cut body. The large guy smiled as his friend moved towards Pan.

"Do you know who you're talking to brat? This is Singo, the strongest kid in the whole school."

"Not anymore" Pan muttered under her breath. "What was that?" asked Singo, with a voice to match his image, "I thought I heard a stupid ass comment. Y'know it's not a good idea to say stuff like that, if you wanna live to match your father that is" Pan stared at him with the sweetest smile she could manage. Then she ducked under her desk as he swung at her. Pan jumped out on the other side of her desk, and swung around behind Singo.

"What I said was not anymore', you're not as tough as you look". With that said she punched him, as lightly as she could, and sent him reeling across the floor. Of course that was when the teacher came in. Again she was excused because of her father.

The final bell rang as Pan let out a relieved sigh. Not wanting to get in trouble again she stood and walked out slowly. When her parents asked about her day, she would simply tell them it was fine. She didn't need them bothering her about how important education was, or that without it she would be nothing. She was a fighter, not a scholar.


Pan flew toward her home, but instead decided to take a detour, and stop off at Capsule Corporation. She walked in and headed to her best friend Bra's room. Bra was the lucky one. She was so rich and she didn't even have to go to school cause her brother ran Capsule.


"Oh, hi Bra. I was looking for you."

Bra walked over to her in her typical attire: a mini skirt and a tight shirt, with large hoop earrings. Pan had to admit she always felt a little strange when she saw Bra. Her clothes were a lot nicer and made Bra look more appealing. At least Pan's clothes were practical.

"So what's up?" Bra asked as she walked to her room with Pan. "I just needed to relax, today was my first time y'know" Bra stared at her, and then began to jump up and down squealing. "Oh my god! Oh my god! I don't believe it! It's about time but, wow! So c'mon tell me, who with huh?". Pan sat there with a blank look on her face, trying to figure out what the hell Bra was going on about. Suddenly it hit her, making Pan blush as she yelled at her friend "Not that! Geez I'm only 17, I don't even have a boyfriend and I'm not like you I meant my first day of school." Bra stared at her friend with a face so cold it could match her fathers.

"Not like me? Ha! Now I get it. Is that what you think of me Pan? Fine then, goodbye!" Bra stomped out leaving Pan behind.

Friends. They say real friends are the ones that fight all the time. If that was true Pan and Bra were the best of friends, so Pan wasn't too concerned when Bra had stormed out. However, she still needed a friend then, so she went to Trunks. Next to Bra, he was probably her best friend, despite the fact that she didn't see him often because of his job. Pan went to Trunks' room, but he wasn't there. She walked through the long halls of Capsule Corporation, checking in every room she could think of but she couldn't find anyone. Admitting defeat Pan left for home.

"So how was school today dear?"


"Did anything important happen?"


"And you didn't have any trouble?"

"I said it was fine mom. I'm going to my room now"

"Alright. Make sure you get all your homework done"

"I will."

Pan flopped down on her bed, staring at the ceiling for no particular reason. She had plenty of homework to do but she wanted out of school and doing homework didn't help with that. Pan turned over onto her stomach and began thumbing through a magazine without paying any attention to what was on the pages. Without realizing it she had fallen asleep, and awoken to another day of hell in the city.