Pan shifted on the dirt ground, staring up into the heavens. Behind her she heard the clinking of Trunks finger against his juice can. "You know, you should get home." He told her. She shrugged. "It's almost midnight." She shrugged again. "You're father's gonna be pissed." She shrugged again and sighed.

"Can't you just sit there and be quiet?" she asked. "So what if it's late? I don't have any school tomorrow so why worry?"

"Fine." Trunks let out an exasperated sigh and walked up to sit next to Pan. "I just don't see what good it does to just sit in the dirt like this. We could at least go to a beach or something instead of this decrepit field." She shrugged again and smiled at him. "I suppose we could, if that's what you want. Come on." The girl grabbed his hand and stood, pulling him up. Before he could question her she started running down the dirt road they had stopped on.

"Wait up!" he yelled, chasing after her. "Where are you going?!"

In a matter of minute he could hear the sound of water, waves crashing into the shore. Running faster he reached the hill Pan had ran down and found himself looking over a large stretch of water. "Amazing." He muttered. "I had no idea the water reached so far inland."

"There's a large inlet about a mile out." She yelled up to him. "It lets just enough water in to make this just like a regular ocean beach." He nodded and started down the slope, then followed her to the waters edge where she slipped off her shoes.

"What are you doing?" he asked. "What does it look like. You said you wanted to go swimming right?" Much to his dismay she headed into the dark water. "Pan! What are you doing? You'll ruin your clothes." She laughed and fell backwards, soaking herself.

"So what? It's just water, so what does it matter. Besides it's not like I'm gonna be wearing this again so who cares if it gets ruined."

Trunks chuckled and started to take off his jacket, then emptied his pockets. While Pan was wading to deeper water he rushed to catch up to her. When he had reached her he pulled her back so that he could pass her. Angered she jumped up to push him under. He came back spitting water in her direction, making her shriek. "What'd ya do that for?" she screamed, pulling away. "I could ask the same of you." He retorted. "Maybe I should do it again." He went under water and came back spraying again. She yelled and started swimming away. He laughed and chased after her.

"Don't tell me you think you can get away from he." He taunted chasing after her. She went under water so that she could move faster but he caught up quickly. Grabbing her waist he yanked both of them from the water and spun her around. "See? You can't get away from me."

She laughed and kicked in the water and he span her around. When he stopped and she slid back down they found each other very close. They stopped moving and stared at each other, dripping wet and basking in the moonlight. Timidly they moved towards each other until their lips met and locked. When they both pulled back they continued to stare and smile until Trunk spoke.

"We should, probably get back now." He said, almost afraid to suggest leaving. She nodded shakily. "Yeah, yeah we probably should." They both waded out of the water and walked to the top of the hill where it was fit to drive. Trunks released a car and they both stepped in. They sat uncomfortable in their wet clothes and even more uncomfortably in the silence between them.

When they had arrived at Pan's house she got out wordlessly, then turned and smiled. "Thanks for the ride." She whispered. He nodded, wondering if that was all she would say. She stayed leaning against the cars open window for another moment, then stood and walked into her house. Trunks sighed and leaned back, waiting until the light went on in her room before driving off.

Inside, Pan grabbed a towel from the bathroom, then went to her room to remove her wet clothes and dry off. Once dry she pulled on a pair of pale green pajama's and ran a comb through her hair.

Standing by her window she looked out at the full moon in the sky, captivated by it's glow and remembering the soft light it had cast over the water and the man who had shared that almost magical moment with her. Her fingers lifted to her lips involuntarily and she closed her eyes in regret. That had been a moment of genuine peace and happiness, but all that followed had been filled with confusion and fear.

He hadn't spoken a word to her in the car, and when she had turned back She cursed herself for her fear. She could have said something then and there, apologized, or questioned him, but instead she backed out; and he had as well. He just stared at her dumbfounded while she waited nervously for one of them to open their mouths.

"Pan! Phone."

She slid off the bed headed downstairs. "I'm coming Mom!" she called, walking lightly on the steps. When she got to the both she picked up the phone in the hall. "I got it!" she called, then waited to hear the click of the phone before speaking.


"Hi Pan, it's me Trunks."

"Oh hi." She felt her face heat. "W-what's up?"

"Uh. I know you don't have school tomorrow so I thought you want to go back to the beach?"

She found herself smiling for a reason unknown to her. "Yeah." She answered, all worry relieved. "That'd be great. I'll talk to you later, okay?"

"Sure." He answered. She could here the relief in his voice as well. Saying her goodnights, she hung up the phone and returned to her room.

She closed her window and walked over to her bed then flopped down across it. Not yet tired but still feeling some desire to lay against the soft surface. She rolled over onto her side and curled up, staring at her reflection in the mirror of her dresser. She smiled then at the girl she saw. Simple black hair splayed out from the weight of water, simple face with a gentle smile, simple girl. That word; simple, had always bothered her when I was used to describe her, but in this instant it seemed picture perfect. And she was certain that tomorrow she would feel the same as well.