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~I think of you and that alone is enough to make the tears start to flow now.                                                                                     My Will, Inuyasha

Chapter 1- Unexpected News

            "I don't care if you have to go across state to get that package," Kaiba yelled irritably into his cell phone, "I don't care if you have to go around the world to get it! Just get me that package by Thursday or you'll have bigger things to worry about!" Kaiba snapped his cell phone and dug it inside his pocket.

            Tea walked inside the room, peering through it as if she was a stranger. She spotted Kaiba and smiled at him. Kaiba jerked his head and looked awkwardly at her.

            "What," Kaiba said suspiciously.

            "Grouchy this morning huh," Tea smiled and cocked her head. Kaiba shook his head and stared at the TV screen in front of him.

            "Whatever floats your boat," Kaiba said blankly. Kaiba stopped staring and looked at her curiously. "How did you get inside my house?"

            "There's a thing called a door, Seto," Tea said, smiling like a little child. She carried the plate of cookies across the room and sat down next to Kaiba. Kaiba smiled at her and took at cookie. Without looking, Kaiba took a cookie and took a bite of it, still smiling at Tea.

            "And I guess you got this on the table," Kaiba asked. Tea laughed.

            "Where else," Tea asked, "You know I can't cook." Kaiba smiled and nodded his head in agreement.

            "That is true," Kaiba started, "Compared to your cooking, this cookie is one of the best foods I ever ate." Tea shoved the rest of the cookie into his mouth and smiled victoriously at him.

            "Good going there," Kaiba said sarcastically, trying to swallow. It was two days after what happened in the park on Christmas Eve. Since then, everything changed. Kaiba's attitude toward some people, Tea's feelings, and the gang's perspective all changed.

            All of a sudden, Tea's cell phone started to ring. Tea happily flipped it open and spoke into her cell.

            "Hello," Tea's voice asked. A man's deep voice arose in a very strict manner.

            "Ms. Gardener," the man on the other line spoke gravely.

            "Yes," Tea's eyebrows rose up in worry. Something in the man's voice shook her into trembles.

"It's about your parents," the man said in a low voice. She listened for a moment and stood still as her face went pale. Kaiba looked at her worriedly. Tea's mouth dropped slightly as the tears welled up in her eyes. Tea let go of her cell as it dropped and crashed to the floor. Kaiba stood up immediately to look at the pale stricken face. Tea's hand suddenly covered her mouth as she began to fall to her knees. Kaiba caught her in time as they both fell to the floor with Kaiba holding Tea. Kaiba looked at her and saw the familiar face that he once knew. The face he had when he was young. He knew what happened. Tea's eyes were wide with fear as she breathed in deeply. Things were changing almost too fast. Tea just sat there staring at the floor with Kaiba's arms around her, unable to stop the tears from flowing down.

~-My distant voice can't reach you now, but so that someday it definitely will…

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