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Drifing Away- A Different Story


Tea's POV


            I woke up today in the afternoon. The pang in my head won't go away, yet the memories of last night did. I clenched my hair, shutting my eyes from the sunrays falling from the window. I fell back onto the bed, tearing away from my surroundings and just falling into a pool of darkness. I rolled onto my side allowing my hair to fall over my face, my hands making a pillow for my head.

            It's weird. I feel…so different. It's like I wake up one day and I'm not human anymore. I was never one to believe that things change automatically. I always thought everything went out slowly in time. Careers, families, love. But now I know better.

            I'm human. As much as I want that to be, I know that inside…I'm not. I'm just a hollow shell. I'm a machine. I tell people what they want to hear, act the way they want me to act. And when I finally become my old self, no one is there. No one is there to pressure me, to define my personality, to live my life.

            And that is when I'm most at peace, when I'm alone. When I'm alone looking at the sky, dancing in the rain, looking at my reflection at the fountain. And even then, I still feel so hopeless. Looking at the sky to find some meaning, to understand why I came here, who I am, where I will go. Dancing to in the rain, just to cover the tears in my eyes from all the unanswered questions building up in my heart. Looking at my reflection, trying to make it happy. But the end, it's all lies though.


            Monday came. Kaiba walked through the corridor, fumbling with his hands. His meeting with Max was disturbing. He stopped at a door, peering through the crack to find Tea putting her hair in a neat ponytail in front of the mirror. He frowned.

            He wanted to protect Tea from what ever Max had planned. What did he want with her anyways? But that question, he knew, wouldn't be answered for a long time. He looked at Tea again, her eyes puffy and her face pale. Still, he saw her sigh and pull a smile on her face. He smiled inwardly, leaning slightly on the door.

            Things had been tough on Tea. He didn't need to add on to that pile.

            Lost in his thoughts, he did not notice Tea walking up and opening the door. With Kaiba leaning on it, he soon fell on top of Tea. Tea gasped and Kaiba grunted. Soon, their faces were looking at each other.

            Tea smiled shyly as Kaiba blushed madly. He soon got up, pulling Tea with him.

            "Sorry about that," Kaiba said timidly. Tea smiled on one said, her eyes dancing.

            "What were you doing at my door, you stalker," Tea teased. Kaiba chuckled, kissing Tea's nose.

            "What a stalker always does" Kaiba said. Tea laughed, walking down the stairs with Kaiba beside her.

             Mokuba was eating cereal in the kitchen, legs swinging back and forth. He jerked his face to the young couple and smiled cheerfully at them.

            "You guys take too long, you know," Mokuba said. Kaiba messed with his younger brother's hair and smiled. The threesome ate breakfast together, having a pleasant conversation of things going that week. All three were laughing, smiling, and having a good time. Tea looked at her watch.

            "Oooo, It's 7:00. Seto, we better get going. I'm going to get my purse outside." Tea said, while running upstairs. Kaiba nodded.

            "I'll go start the car," Kaiba added, "See ya after school, Mokuba." Mokuba smiled.

            "Okay, bye."

            All three were separated. Mokuba was still eating his 2nd bowl of cereal, Tea was closing the door and getting her purse, and Kaiba was shutting his car door and starting the car. All three looked around, sighed, and continued doing their regular routines.


            Yami sat behind Kikyo, admiring the back of her. He smiled, truly amazed that he was lucky enough to have such a girl. He watched quietly as the young girl gazed at the sky through the window, her head leaning on her elbow.

            Kikyo looked at him with the corners of her eyes. Yami caught this and immediately went back to doing his work. She smiled, moving her elbows to his desk and staying in the same position that she used to be in. She eyed him playfully and naturally, her dark black eyes dancing. Yami pretended to not notice, but his face showed that he wanted to smile. Kikyo realized this.

            She touched Yami's hand that was holding he pen. Yami stopped and stared at Kikyo. Kikyo smiled with gentleness and peace. Yami smiled at her, gazing into her eyes.

Their teacher's voice beginning and the door being shut immediately interrupted their utopia.


            Max typed endlessly into the computer data and resources concerning his company. He searched through all of the companies, analyzing their statistics and income. His mouse pointed to KaibaCorp. Max stopped and stared at the name, a feeling of anger and envy flooding into his veins.

            It was annoying. Kaiba had everything everyone wanted. He was number one at everything. He was everything and yet he was filled with so much greed that he wasn't completely happy. Kaiba just couldn't have enough.

            Max sneered. Kaiba should be happy. Not every one has it good like him. Not everyone got their job by just winning a stupid chess game. Not everyone got their job by standing around ordering everyone around. Other people actually had to work to get a living. Other people had to do what they least wanted to do to get where they wanted.

            To him, Kaiba was an obnoxious being whose only goal was to put people down enough for them to realize that he was the best. To him, Kaiba didn't know what "hard work" meant. To him, Kaiba didn't know what it meant to have been tortured and threatened his whole life, knowing that any second is a second worth living. And any second, his life could be washed away just by a click of a finger. But he did. Max did. He had to work to earn a living for his brother and him. He had to do things…things that he didn't even want to do to keep it.




            Max watched as Kaiba placed his magic card Reborn. He smiled inwardly. Such a stupid person to think he win that easily.

            His hand crept to his face down magic card, waiting for that right moment for defeat. But all of a sudden, his worst nightmare came true.

            He jerked his head to find a man in a leather black suit sitting behind his brother, Don Don. Don Don didn't seem to notice. His brother's face shown brightly, sitting at the edge of his seat, his brownish black hair resting just above his face. His eyes shimmered with the admiration and pride for Max's awaited victory.

            But there was one problem that kept Mark from winning. His uncle. His uncle demanded him to forfeit the tournament when in the finals with Kaiba, saying it wasn't time to destroy the young billionaire. His uncle thought highly of him. One of the many qualities Max favored. That his uncle never had a doubt that he and his brother could succeed.

            Max respected his uncle to a high extent. After all, it was he who brought his brother and he in a decent environment. His uncle never abused them physically or verbally. He was smarter than that. Instead, he used their passion against them to force them to do what he wanted.

            And what his uncle wanted him to do now was to lose. Max didn't want to and he didn't intend to, but he was deathly wrong.

            He watched as the man pointed the silver pistol at his brother's head. He watched in horror as the man sat still, his hand never shaking away from Don Don. Max's hand quivered, but finally moved its place on the card. He looked down.

            Kaiba won.

            A few seconds after, Max jerked his head to where the man used to be. But he was nowhere to be seen. His gaze went to his little brother, who still sat there on the edge of his seat, staring at the field with disbelief. His hands gripped the edge of the empty red seat in front of him, biting his lip to fight the urge to cry.

            Max clenched his hands and look down in disappointment. He let his borhter down. His hand crept to the magic card still on the field. He flipped it over. De-spell. A card used to destroy any selected magic, such as Kaiba's Reborn.


            Max banged his fist silently onto his desk. He calmed himself down by breathing in slowly. He should have won that duel. He should have made his brother proud that day. If it weren't for Seto Kaiba, none of this would have happen. He would have been the world champion, his uncle didn't need to do all this planning, he wouldn't have to do all this work, his brother would have a pure life. They would live perfectly happy lives. But all of that did happen all because of Seto Kaiba. Max thought to himself again, maybe all this work to destroy Kaiba is worth it after all.

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