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All It Takes

By Tadashi

Chapter 1: Unordinary Day


My name is Yuugi Motou, I'm 15 years old, I attend Domino High, and I'm vertically challenged.

So, what's your story?

I see.

Well, my life is flat out boring. That's all I can say. I live in a little Game Shop in the middle of Domino City's peaceful surburbs with my Mom, Dad, and Grandpa. (An: not sure where Yuugi's dad is in reality but he plays an important role in this so shush.)

School's okay. I get straight A's, and I've been labeled a weirdo because of such. But I don't care. People pay a lot of money for tutoring, you know. I attend class with my friends Jou, Anzu, Ryou and Honda. They're nice, I guess. Anzu's been my friend since my early childhood and, since she's so damn boring, I tend to stay away from her at times.

Ryou undergoes these sadistic changes at the most inconvinient times, and that lands him in trouble a lot. But he's not a bad kid… he's just undergoing this weird, and albeight frightening, teenage angst stage. The rest are just as boring as I am.

My life is even more boring due to the fact that I have psychic visions, so I know what's coming. The only exciting part is the fact that they come unexpectedly and, at times, inconviniently. I've never told anyone, though. It's the one thing nobody knows about me.

Oh I almost forgot to mention my most prized possession. No, not that, you gutterbrains.

It's a golden necklace in the shape of a 3-D upside-down pyramid. It took me quite a while to do. But it's not completed. Know why? The last piece is missing. Yep, you got it; I'm wearing a broken piece of jewelry; another reason why I'm weird. A lot of people ask me why I even bother wearing it in the first place. I don't know why for myself. I found it one day while I was looking through the Game Shop's stuff. It was in a small brown box, all dissassembled. And when I went to add in the last piece, it wasn't there. And trust me, I've looked in every square inch of suburbia.

Didn't look downtown though. I'm not allowed down there, anyway. It's full of punks, whores, and drug-vendors. I've already been down there twice… nearly got myself into a gunfight, among a few things. But trust me, I didn't lose the piece down there.

I'm beginning to think they sent us a defective necklace and that's why it hadn't been sold. But I'm hoping that someday it'll find its way to me… kinda stupid though, ne? Like someone'll just come up to me one day and give me the missing piece.

I begin staring lazily out the window. Same blue sky, same quiet little city. It's at times like this when I feel the most comfortable. I daydream about all the stuff a normal teenager dreams about; or, more specifically, what I wish my life were like. The one thing in particular that I dream about is… well, romance.

Now, you'd think that this is something a girl does, right? Well you're wrong. Anyone can make up his or her own proper romance tale in his or her own head. Well I'm 15 and I've never had a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Never been on a date, either. And I've never had my first kiss… call me pathetic if you will, but I've heard stories about people dating the wrong kind of guy/girl, so you can imagine why imagination can sometimes be better than reality.

"Hey Yuug, wanna go for burgers after school?" Jou asks, approaching me.

"Uhn?" I ask, looking up.

"You space out again?"

I nod. "Yep." I'm prone to do that a lot, but my friends all know that and they usually don't bother me unless it's an emergency. A small vision then hits me.





"Because–" I don't have time to finish my sentence when a pencil case came flying through the air and collides with the back of Jou's head. Hey, had he ducked, he wouldn't've gotten hit. Not my problem though, is it? Had I not seen it coming, I would've been shocked and maybe somewhat angry.

"I warned you," I inform him in a singsong voice.

He completely ignores me, turns around with the pencil case in his hand and yells, "Allright, which one of you morons threw that?!"


I'm on my way home from school now. I know the way; been walkin to and from school since I was in grade 3.

I'm off in la-la-land again when suddenly, I get this vision. A figure shrowded in shadows stands before me. I can't see his face but he has an air of confidence around him, but he seems angry about something. My vision fades away. Makes me wonder who he was…

Well I haven't the time to find out when Ushio, well-renound school bully who specializes in beating the bloody hell out of innocent victims, approaches me. Wonder what I did now. I can usually tune people out when they talk to me, but in this case, Ushio's yelling so damn loudly you'd think the world was coming to an end or something.

I finally pay attention to him when he grabs me by the collar of my school uniform and lifts me off the ground. Okay, that's really not good.

I tune in just in time to hear him yell, "Oh? Not talkin to me, eh? Well maybe I can make you talk!" and he just sorta walked off with me still in his hand. Um, okay, lemme down now, please. I like life, thank you. And though it's boring, I don't wanna die via horrendous, bloody massacre.

I don't really wanna be remembered as, "Yugi Motou… you know, that bloody smear on that wall over there."

He pins me against the wall and possibilites of what he could do to me flash through me like lightning. Either way, the pain will be great and harsh. I wish I had seen this coming as opposed to the profile of some masked man.

Rather than describe my beating, let's all just say that I'll have a fat lip and a black eye in the morning. "Talk, you little runt!" he bellows at me, slamming his fist into my stomach. I still have no idea what he's talking about and I can't reply well with my bleeding lip. I also think my left eye is broken…

"Hey you!" A voice yells. Ushio stopped dead.

"Drop him," the voice commands. Ushio gladly drops me on the ground and I land on my ass with an uncomfortable 'thump,' and I know I'll feel that in the morning.

I crack open my good eye, my right one, and I'm amazed; it's the person I saw in my vision before Ushio decided to to beat me senseless. I still can't see his face but I know what his voice sounds like… and I like it.

Both guys take turns cussing each other out like truck drivers. I hear a gunshot ring loudly in the alleyway walls. My world then went completely black.


When I awake, my vision's melted into a completely unrecognizable blur. I nearly panic when I can't open my left eye. That's when memories of what Ushio did to me come flooding back like a tsunami. I shut my eye and groan when a major headache makes its presence known. I raise my left arm, moving my hand to my left eye and touch it gently; it'll be a shiner in no time. I hope Ushio rots in the deepest, darkest, pit of all the seven hells for this.

Frick… I feel like I got hit by an eighteen-wheeler truck.

I try to sit up and decide not too when a sharp pain in my stomach from where Ushio nailed me tells me otherwise. My entire body's aching. I decide now I'm allergic to pain of this, and any other, magnitude.

I attempt to open my eye again after rubbing it a few times. It feels like forever by the time my vision comes into focus. I'm in my own bedroom. And I'm really wondering just how the hell I got here.

Maybe I can just lay in here forever and never, ever come out.

"Yuugi?" I can hear my mother's voice. "Are you awake?"

I feel like rolling over and dying but mom decides I'm good, so she opens the door and walks in, accompanied by my dad and Grandpa. God, can no one take a beating in this house without everyone else knowing about it?!

Actually, no, I'm glad they're here… I hope someone came with a rifle or something so they can put me out of my misery. No such luck, though.

"How are you feeling?" mom asks, and I feel my matress sink a little; she must've sat down on my bed.

I groan, shut my good eye and roll over onto my right side, facing the wall, hoping they'll catch the hint and leave me the heck alone. Mom pats my back. She then leans over and whispers in my ear, "You were badly hurt but by some miracle, a wonderful young man managed to get you home. Count your blessings, son." And with that, the three of them tiptoe out of my room. I bet they thought I was asleep or something.

I decide to take mom up on her offer; but rather than count my blessings, I'll find my blessing. As soon as I feel less like a corpse and more alive, I'll go out and find the guy who saved me.

I don't have much to go on; just his voice and a shadowed profile, but hey, how hard can it be?

~*~ To Be Continued ~*~

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