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All It Takes

By: Tadashi

Chapter 12: Burning Hatred

Story is back in Yuugi's POV until I say otherwise

When I woke up at 10:18 am this morning, I nearly had a heart attack ("I'm late for school!") Yami informed me that I'd actually said I wanted to stay at his house today. ("What? When was this!")

So, since I wasn't going anywhere, I found it most unfortunate that I had no more clean laundry. Yami actually suggested I stay in my pajamas all day. I told him to forget it, not with Pegasus roaming the house. At this, we both laughed a bit uneasily.

Yami, being more ingenious than I (in some aspects), suggested we just put them in the washing machine. I told him I was still not walking around the house in my pajamas, so he came up with another idea; just borrow some clothes from his closet. I told him I was going to pick them. Yami pouted, I threw a pillow at him. It was at that point that I noticed he looked kinda sleep deprived... but decided against saying anything.

After 15 minutes of rummaging in the closet (which was almost COMPLETELY filled with leather and tight clothes), I finally found a pair of jeans that were too big for both him and me, and a big black sweater. I'm still not taking my chances with Pegasus around. I honestly don't know why he has all these tight things if he knows Pegasus lives here part-time. We were all stuck indoors today; Yami was doing the laundry, Pegasus was doing paperwork, and I... well, I sat around and watched TV, but mostly followed Yami all day.

Pegasus kept shooting me these looks throughout the day, as though he was trying to see past the bulk of my clothing. One time, it almost looked like he did… and whenever Pegasus looked, Yami shot him a horrible face. When Yami made a face, I always wondered if he'd ever tell me what happened between them that would make Yami so bitter.

At about 2 o'clock, Pegasus went out to run an errand. The second Pegasus was gone, Yami made a beeline for the stairs. "I'm going to have a shower; if Pegasus comes back and I'm not out, you're free to lock yourself in my room." He called over his shoulder.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say that Yami was afraid of Pegasus. Well, I don't blame him, he creeps me out too… but I've never known Yami to be afraid of anything. I'm sure Yami thinks that Pegasus is up to something, like he's gonna pull something on Yami when he least expects it. It's at times like this that I wish I could predict the future deliberately, instead of having random visions.

I spent 10 minutes wandering around the house aimlessly, looking at the bits of oatmeal still stuck on the ceiling, and the burnt toaster and wrecked microwave I left behind. I wonder where Yami's parents are. He told me that he lived with them, but I've been here twice and have yet to see them.


Doorbell… hmm, Yami didn't tell me what to do if the doorbell or the phone rang… on one hand, it could be just a salesman. But on the other hand, it might be Pegasus; I can't tell, there's no peephole. A thought dawns on me; what if it's his parents? There's no way I could pass as their own son. If they're anything like mine, they'll freak out that their son has had his boyfriend over for the entire weekend without their knowledge.

I open the door and my heart jumps, then sinks like a stone. It's a parent, alright; my dad is there!

Uh oh…

"Dad… what're you doing here…?" I force a smile. Somehow, I know I'll be in for an earful later.

"What else? I'm here to bring you back home."

In the back of my mind, the perfect response to this would've been, "What, you just today noticed I was gone? I've been gone since Saturday night, fool!"

Instead, my response was, "Did the school tell you I wasn't there?"

"Yes, but I noticed you were gone on Sunday morning."

Haha… take long enough to find me… it's Monday.

"Oh, well, I suppose I should get my stuff…"

"Yes. And speaking of 'stuff', that sweater isn't yours, nor are those jeans."

I looked myself up and down. Uh oh. I can just imagine what my dad is thinking…

Thought number one: They became so close they share clothes now.

Thought number two: My son is wearing the other guy's clothes because his own clothes are full of incriminating evidence from sexual activities.

Or, you know, one could lead to the other. Either way, neither option is the right one, but he'll never believe me if I tell him.

"What did you do this weekend?" he asked.

Well, that's just perfect. He thinks I had sex with Yami.

"Not sex if that's what you're thinking." Why is it that people always assume we're involved like that! I have no stinking sex life and I don't want one! I'm only fifteen!

Yes, though my 16th birthday is in three days, I still don't want a sex life!

I decide to get my stuff out of the wash (it's in the dryer now), but first I need my bag, so I need to run upstairs and get it. I tell this to my dad, who was standing in the living room. He lets me go.

Halfway up the stairs, I crash into Yami, who was in nothing but a pink towel with white lace around the edges. Normally, I'd lie down on the stairs and die laughing, but this is the worst time for us to bump into each other. That's the second to worst getup he could be wearing; the worst would be one of his (numerous) bondage outfits, or his birthday suit.

"What's going on?" Yami whispers. He's blushing on account of being caught wearing the towel.

"My dad found me," I whisper back. "I'm getting my stuff; just try to be nice."

Dad turns and sees us stuck to each other. "Well, if it isn't the man of the hour." I smile weakly and run upstairs. Hopefully, Yami can handle my dad in a civilized way. They've never met until just now...

I grab my bag, my pillow, and get out in a flash. I dash hurriedly to the laundry room to get my clothes, and as I passed Yami and my dad in the living room, they were in a heated argument.

Jeez, this does not bode well.

I stuff everything in my bag and as fast as I can, and on my way back to the front hall, when all of a sudden I hear the loudest yell…

"I'm no one's bitch!" 1

Uh-oh, seems that Yami couldn't handle my dad after all.

I run into the living room to see dad's stunned expression and Yami's angry disposition. Now would be the best time to leave… if only it weren't for Pegasus standing in the front door.

God! Could things get any worse!

"Your godson is a filthy teenager who can't keep his hands off my son!" My dad states angrily to Pegasus.

I wish I could just evaporate; three pairs of eyes turn right on me.

"And you!" Dad points at Pegasus. "You instilled that spirit into him! You and your perverted ways! You were with him at a young age and he's been turning this influence on my son!"

Now, I'm lost. Does my dad know Pegasus? He must, because those are some pretty hefty accusations to be throwing around.

Dad grabs my wrist and pulls me toward the exit, Pegasus moves aside. He glances at Yami out of the corner of his eye, who was making a quick exit up the stairs; most definitely to lock himself in his room.

Dad pulls the door shut and opens the car door and gets in. I follow suit, trying to see if Yami was looking out a window. He was, pointing at his right hip. I was confused but Dad drove off and began a long-winded lecture that lasted the whole ride and an hour after we got home.

I went to bed at 9 p.m. after a really long shower and long hard thoughts about today. I'm dying to know how dad found Yami's house and, more importantly, what Yami was trying to say when he was pointing at his right hip.

I get out of the shower and dry off, still thinking. Nothing is making sense. I'm holding onto Yami's sweater and jeans in case he comes to get them, or me; I'm most definitely NOT letting my dad burn them.

I go to sleep, still confused about the right hip thing… I miss sleeping with Yami right there… he's really warm.

... Just pretend I didn't say that.

Dream Sequence (haha, I've always wanted to do one of these! XD)

I'm walking around Yami's house as though I live there too; Yami's eating breakfast and I'm putting some water in a mug to make tea; things are domestic and happy. And most of all, normal.

Yami creeps up behind me, snaking his arms around my waist and kissing me on the neck; I blush and he mumbles something in my ear. I can't make out what he said.

All of a sudden, there's a loud rumble and we both look up, startled. A giant purple monster with a glowing, yellow, bicentennial eye just ripped the roof off and took Yami in his hand. This reminds me of when King Kong did the same thing to this woman as he climbed the Empire State Building.

I'm planted helplessly on the ground as the purple monster tries to eat Yami, who's resisting in an odd way; he's slurring at it to get the heck off him, as though he's drunk.

I suddenly feel something in my right hip pocket, and I pick it up. Hopefully it's a sword or something to banish the monster. But no, it's just a piece of paper…

End Dream Sequence

I wake up, startled. "Monster…" the word escapes but it's barely above a whisper. Man, that scared me!

A weird purple monster with a bicentennial eye… and a strange paper… where did I take it out? Which pocket… I concentrate hard… hip pocket… HIP POCKET! Suddenly the light hits like a ton of bricks. My jean pocket!

I jump out of bed and grab the jeans, which were folded neatly into a plastic bag, and sure enough, there's something in the right hip pocket.

… How did Yami plant that there? I was wearing these and I didn't notice him putting a paper in there! He's smooth!

I open the paper; it had a bunch of numbers written on it. It could be his phone number… I'd try it, but it's 4:37 a.m. I'll try after school tomorrow.

I get into bed happily. No matter what punishment my dad invokes, be it bars on the window or guards with me even when I go to the bathroom, it'll all be worth it because I've got Yami's phone number right here.

Dear old Yami… I smile and wonder what he's up to this very minute.

Meanwhile, at Yami's house… in Yami's POV, of course

I just had a gigantic fight with Yuugi's father… well, that doesn't help me become more likeable now does it? No it really doesn't… and what's worse is that Pegasus just saw me in my pink and laced towel, so I will have to move fast now.

Unfortunately, it was barely fast enough.

As soon as I saw Yuugi heading safely out the door, I'm going to make a break for it and try not to have a re-play of my 16th birthday.

I nearly drop my towel, making me stall in the stairs, all the while my fear was preventing me from doing things smoothly. Once it was fixed, I tried to run again, but Pegasus had my arm. He pushed me against the wall. "Hmm, looks like I'll get to have fun with you again." He murmurs.

Holy… freaking… hell… I will NOT let this happen again.

"Pegasus, I'm warning you… I'm not eleven, nor am I drunk, so I'll kick your ass I swear to Ra…"

Pegasus laughs. "Ra? What, are you Egyptian now?"

I scowl.

"Besides, we'll see who has the last say…" he's pulling at my towel. I'm hanging onto it for dear life.

I have to find something to defend myself with… be it even a small rubber bouncy ball, I swear I could gouge his eye out with it.

Then my left hand lands on it. Something long, metallic and narrow propped up against the wall. Whatever it is, I'll take it.

"GET OFF ME!" I brandish the weapon and narrowly miss Pegasus' head. It's a golf club! Perfect!

Pegasus backs up, startled. Bad move, Pegsy!

I take a quick aim, and deliver the following witty banter…

"And when I golf, I never miss balls!" 2

I swing the golf club right into his groin. With a grin, I watch as he crumples up in pain like the deranged, broken man he is. What a nice right hook I have!

And with that, I dash up to my room, lock my door, and look out the window. Yuugi's looking up here, and I point to my right hip. I managed to slip a piece of paper in there when we were making out this morning and he didn't notice.

Yuugi looks puzzled as his dad drives away. We're both safe, but I pity him for having to listen to the big talk his dad will give him.

To Be Continued

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