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Synopsis: What if Buffy had allowed herself to believe that she was in a mental institution at the end of "Normal Again"? What would have happened to her "friends" that the doctors insists are in her mind? What could bring her back? And knowing me it's a B/A fic.

AN: Ok, I know I promised I wouldn't start a new fic until I finished one of the other ones, but I just watch the re-run of "Normal Again" on FX and got this totally awesome idea. If anyone had the same parallel to this, it's not an intended rip-off. But here we go.

{{{{Story between brackets is a thing from mental institution Buffy's life.}}}}

Normal typing is The Slayer Buffy's life.

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Chapter One: Two Buffys; Two Worlds

{{{{ Buffy Summers sat on her white sheets thinking very hard about letting her friends - no they're not her friends, the doctors say so - her enemies go. It was hard, she felt like she knew them. Everything she had known for the past six years, she was about to get rid of. It physically hurt her, but she was tired of her life there - in her mind - she knew she could do it.

She could rid of the beautiful redheaded Wicca she had named Willow Rosenburg. Such a pretty name. Such a wonderful person, so strong, so caring, so - no, she couldn't think of that. Not if she wanted to go home with her parents. She could get rid of them.

She could get rid of the striking man she had called Xander Harris. Such a funny name. Just like him - NO! Stop it! She could do this.

The brunette would have to go too. Her blood. Dawn Summers. If only - Concentrate! Get it over with.

She could do it. She had killed before. It didn't matter if she loved them or not.

She was ready. }}}}

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"BUFFY!" Tara yelled as she ran down the basement steps. "NO! Don't do this!"

Buffy ignored her as she continued to watch the released demon make its way slowly to the three people on the floor.

"Buffy, please!" Tara pleaded. "You don't want to do this!"

"Why?" Buffy asked. "Why not?"

"Because," Tara insisted. "They love you. They're your family. And you love them!"

"Love didn't stop me the first time," Buffy replied emotionlessly. "Ran him right through, didn't I?"

Tara realized that Buffy wasn't going to do anything. So she took it on herself to help her friends.

"Buffy," Tara whispered. "I'm so sorry."

With that, Tara swept her hand out and a blast of white magicks flowed from her hands. It threw Buffy into the wall opposite of Tara. In her weakened state, Buffy couldn't take it and immediately collapsed to the floor.

Tara let a jet of magicks flow towards the demon. But instead of killing the demon like she had hoped, it just irritated the demon. He left his prey on the floor and headed towards Tara as she scrambled up the stairs.

Knowing now that it was going to take more than a mediocre spell, she left herself give in fully to the magicks. Her entire body hummed with the power of the forces she could manipulate. But, unlike Willow, she hated it. It scared her to death. But it had to be done.

The entire room lit up with Tara's white power. The demon howled in agony and his skin burned off his flesh, revealing his bones, and his tough muscles. It burned through the organs until there was nothing left of the demon but his ashes.

Tara collapsed onto the stairs, just as Spike ran into the basement. He looked at the scene, then at Buffy lying across the room, then at Tara.

"Buffy's- not safe," Tara breathed. "Get other's up- keep Buffy away- away from them. Keep her re- restrained. Hurry."

"Don't worry, Wicca," Spike insisted, understanding what had happened. "I'll get it for you. You rest it off now."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

{{{{ "NO!" Buffy Summers yelled into the silent room. The doctor and her parents stared at her, hoping for some kind of sign that she had eliminated part of her fictional world.

"She- she," Buffy whimpered. "She stopped me. I had them. I was ready. She stopped me. Tara stopped me."

"Tara?" Joyce Summers asked.

"The other witch," the doctor explained. "Willow's lover."

"The gay one?"


"I want to go home," Buffy yelled. "I want to go home with Mommy and Daddy. I don't like that world anymore."

"You can as soon as you cut yourself off from your fictional world," the doctor insisted.

"Honey," Hank Summers said, grabbing his daughter's hand. "You can do it."

"I can do it," Buffy agreed. "I want to go home. I want to see, Pike? Yes, I want to see Pike."

"This is good!" The doctor exclaimed. "She's asking for the real world again."

"Honey," Joyce smiled. "You can see Pike when you get out. I promise." }}}}

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Well, Buffy seems to be really making a break-through in the mental institution. What's going to happen? Which world will she decide is real? Review, and you'll find out.

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"She's hasn't talked in a month," Xander exclaimed.

"She needs something to jolt her out of it," Willow reasoned.

"I have an idea," Tara supplied.