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Starting Over

Do you know how some times when you start staring at something, after just a few moments your vision flurries and you get an empty look on your eyes? It's funny how when things that are bright and shinny in one moment turn into a dull and shapeless image before you. That's how Kagura viewed the world now.

She sat in her room staring outside her window. The chirping birds outside didn't seem to have an effect on her; usually when she came across a nest on her way to Shigure's house, she'd stop and listen to the little birds chirpring, drawing a smile on her face. But now there was not. She just sat there lost in her own thoughts. Her thoughts about him and the conversation they had had a couple of days ago.


Kagura sat on the porch of the main house, it was a clear spring afternoon and the breeze blew softly all around her. She held a cute pout on her face as she played with her fingers on the floor.

"Mou! Kyou-kun never wants to hang out with me! Even when he knows we're engaged he treats me like he's scared of me or something..." suddenly her sweet expression turned to that of a maniac as she punched hard on the wooden floor and her eyes got widened."THAT KYOU-KUUN!! HE'S ALWAYS SO CARELESS!!"

Kagura's outburst suddenly stop; her eyes widened in surprise and fear as she felt all her body stiffened when she felt a cold stare coming from behind her.

"Kagura..." the tone of his voice made her shiver. Just as cold as ice, his voice seemed to have frozen her whole body, her spirit.

She turned around slowly only to face the one she already knew was standing there. Her eyes met his cold stare and made her stammer.

"A-Akito-san?" she asked softly, fear and confusion reflected on her tone of voice.

"What are you doing here... Shouldn't you be with Yuki and the rest?..." he asked slowly, an evil grin drawing on his face.

"H-hai... but I came back early..." she stated as she she followed the akito with her eyes. He had walked next to her and started staring at the sky.

"And why is that?... did he throw you out again?..." he sopke so slowly and in such a low tone of voice she had to make an effort to understand his words.

"Eh?... you mean Kyo-kun?... no, he didn't..." she was cut off by him before she could finish her sentence.

"Hai... did he throw you out of Shigure's house like he usually does?..."

"Eh? N-no... you're mistaken Akito-san... Kyo-kun has never done that..."

"Oh he hasn't?..." Akito drew an evil smirk. "Doesn't he reject you all the time?..." Kagura's eyes widened in surprise. "Doesn't he tell you to leave him alone? That you annoy him?..." he paused for a moment before he continued. " Doesn't he give you a disgusting look whenever you're around him?"

Kagura turned her face away with sadness filing her eyes. The young man standing next to her grinned as he saw her expression from the corner of his eye. Kagura faked a smile.

"Kyo-kun... he doesn't do that... he just..." she was cut off again by Akito.

"Stupid girl..." he stated with an evil smirk; she widened her eyes in surprise as he continued talking. "I understand now why he despises you so much..."

"Eh?..." Kagura didn't dare to look at him, for she already knew the expression he held on his face; an evil smirk and cold eyes she would've found if she had turned towards him.

"I used to think of the cat being stupid... but now I see I was wrong... you're even more stupid than he is... you cant even see why he hates you so much..."

Small tears begun forming on Kagura's eyes. " 'Kyo-kun... hates me?'" she thought to herself.

"Who would like a girl with two personalities... you are weird... you are weird and that's why he hates you so much... you cant control yourself when you are around him... and you hurt him..."

Kagura's eyes widened even more as she continued listening to Akito's cruel words."You're stupid just like the boar you represent... the boar was the last one in the row, it only followed the rest of the animals... it was the last one, just like you are..."

Tears rolled down her cheeks and met the curve of her lips. She had faked a smile before and she had kept it, though it was just a fake smile, only a fake smile.

"But you know the main reason he rejects you?..." Akito asked slowly. "It's because you're never going to be like her... she doesn't carry the curse with her, she doesn't expect him to do anything for her... she doesn't hurt him like you do..."

Those last words stabbed Kagura in the heart. So that was the reason? Because she was never going to be like Tohru? No, maybe it was one of those other reason Akito told her. Maybe she did hurt Kyo too much. Maybe she pushed him too much. She hurt him... she hurt him.

Kagura just sat there emotionlessly still holding that smile of hers as tears rolled down her cheek. She didn't even notice when Akito left. He just walked away without making any noise, not before glancing one last time at his latest 'work' and getting a smile of satisfaction on his face.

"I hurt Kyo-kun?..." she whispered softly. " I guess I really am stupid... how come I didn't notice before?... Am I that stupid?..." All the words Akito had said to her kept coming to her mind.A cool breeze blew making her tears flow in the air.

*End of Flashback*

Now in her room, she sat on her bed holding her kitty bag tightly agaisnt her chest. Her eyes didn't reflect anything anymore, they were empty. The usual smile on her face had turned into a forced and faked one, just like a doll's one.

"I've got to go to Shi-chan's house today..." she stated softly while getting to her feet and hanging her bag to her back. " I promised I'd go help with the cleaning... yeah... I promised that to him..." She walked towards the door of her bedroom and opened it. " I better hurry..."

Kagura closed the door behind her and walked away. From behind a wall, Akito showed his figure; that evil smirk on his face hadnt vanished since the they of their encounter.

" 'I wonder how you'll manage to fix this problem...'" he thought to himself. Then he turned around and started to walk away.

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