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It was passage into another realm, another place, another being. The earth surrounded him and he seemed to float to the core.

"I'm home."

"Welcome home."

There seemed to be water running around him, channeling existence to its core. God found that his thoughts were fluid; he found that he was Shinji Ikari. He gazed upon the world. It had been destroyed by an apocalypse, but even more by man. It was beautiful now, even at this moment nature seemed to be re-growing itself.

"It is so peaceful now."

But he was lonely. He wanted another to hear his thoughts, to hear the words of God.

"Yes it is peaceful," he responded to himself.

God could see Shinji Ikari standing before him, he could see himself.

"Why is it peaceful?" he asked himself.

"Because you made it peaceful," he told himself.

Shinji agreed with himself.

"Yes," God thought, "I must have made it this way."

Time passed because he made it so.

"Peace," he decided, "is not happiness."

The Shinji that stood beside Shinji agreed.

"Yes, I think that is true."

Shinji gazed upon the world once more and a notion came to him.

"There used to be people alive on this planet, do you remember Shinji?"

"Why yes Shinji, I do seem to remember that. Others that were not myself."

"I miss those people."

"You do?" he asked himself.

"Yes I do. But only because I am all, and I have made it so, isn't that right?"

"There is no right. For you define the question and the answer."

God melted into the blue depths of his world and sat for a time pondering thoughts that he had both created and answered already.

"There was another before me. I wish to speak with her."

"Really? But you already know what she will say."

"This is true. I will make myself again. This time I will not know."

Shinji Ikari became aware outside of himself. He was awash with emotion and fear.

"Cain is gone. I destroyed him. But where…where are all the others?"

He could see Rei Ayanami standing before him. She was young, only 14, and wore a school girls outfit.

"Who, who are you?" he asked.

"I am the lord, your savior and salvation, I used to be God."

"Used to be God?"

"Yes. Before you existed in this place."

"I am God?"

"Yes. Though you have been created by yourself to still have limits. To be able to speak to me and still…and still be able to wonder."

"I see."

"How did you come to be?"

Rei turned and looked into the blackness around her; looked up into the sky.

"I am the final step of science. Mankind's final creation. I come after the Evangelion."

"You were created by man?"


"But why?"

"To save the human race. A man created me, a very wise man. He could see that men were corrupt, and that eventually they would destroy themselves. When man began to harness the power of the human soul in the Evangelion he understood that there was no escaping this fate. Thus he created me. I am a soul that has no human traits, and therefore exists without thought and emotion and pain, though I know of and understand these things. I have one purpose: I possess the ability to create another soul."

"To make the AT field?"


"The man gave me a book. It contained stories. Tales of suffering and penance and valor and much more. The keys to moral society. But eventually society declines. Science brings this decline. Thus he told me to destroy the world. And I did so."

"The first impact?" The Shinji who Wondered asked.

"Yes. But in reality the phenomenon you have experienced is not the third impact, but the 455,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,234,561,001th impact."

"Oh. You have existed a great deal of time."

"Yes. When I destroyed the world, I let the planet begin anew. Though in reality the world was not destroyed. Merely humans. Creatures survive, in fact they evolve. This is how dinosaurs came to be. Birds evolving after man's death."

"You always kill mankind?"

"Yes. Whenever science comes near to creating God, I end it and then let it begin once more. I create an AT field and send it to earth. His name is Adam, and I love him very much. But he must love another; another who is made from himself."

"Eve?" Shinji wondered.

"Yes. And thus society begins again."

"So the bible is true?" Shinji asked.

"Yes. I took the stories of my creator and made it so."

"So mankind never progresses farther than eva before it is destroyed?"

"Yes. My Angels come and destroy it. They wish to save your race as I do."

"But you are no longer God. That means something must have changed. Something is different this time."

"Yes. For the first time mankind has destroyed itself willingly, of its own accord. Just like God, I, would have done. And, in doing so, produced a God. You are a God Shinji."

"But how is that possible?" Shinji asked.

"Mankind has evolved over the millennia, at last it understands that the pain of death is also its savior, its rebirth."

"But man cannot change by itself. You were God. Therefore you must have changed."

"Yes. That is true. Like all other beings in existence I have evolved as well. Evolved beyond what my creator intended. I have done what all other living things strive to do: I have reproduced. I have created another God. My child, my offspring. You."

"So you have become like a human?" Shinji asked.

"Yes. I no longer simply understand what it is like, I feel what it is like."

"And now man has begun to think like a God, to destroy itself in order for the species to survive?"

"Yes. I believe that this is the cycle of the universe."

"So it has always been this way, or is this just evolution taking place?" Shinji wondered of the pail girl before him.

"I do not know. And this very fact makes me imperfect. Whether this is a cycle from the beginning of all, or the evolution of existence itself I cannot tell you."

"I…I miss those that I have left behind."

Rei stared distantly at Shinji Ikari.

"I too now feel this sadness. Whenever I create Adam, I know that I can never be with him. For I am not human. I love him very much. But perhaps now I shall."

"Is this what caused you to change? Did your love make you wish to be with him?"

"I do not know. Goodbye Shinji."

"Goodbye Rei."

The world sank back into darkness, though the Shinji that was able to wonder still existed.

"Mankind should not be destroyed. It should continue. I believe that it can endure, and its continual destruction is not necessary."

Suddenly The Shinji Of Wonder faced God in his entirety.

"So you wish for the human race to survive?"

"No. I do not wish for it to survive. I merely wish for it to progress, to continue."

God smiled.

"What do you wonder about little one?"

"This continuance. Is this natural selection, like before, or is this something new?"

"This day dawns a new existence for man."

The third child awoke on a beach of white sands. The sky was dark, and he could see nothing but ocean for miles. A woman lay next to him, and the third child knew her.


The red-headed girl sat up slowly, and yawned.



"Where are we?"

The third child heard her words, but did not respond. Instead he leaned his head forward and gently kissed her lips. Within them he found the entirety of the universe, the meaning of existence. There was no war here. There was no peace here. He merely found what he, and indeed what all others are searching for, happiness.

After a millennia, or perhaps only a moment, he broke the embrace and looked around himself once more. He could see his friends lying on the beach around him, they were beginning to move, and, slowly, to wake. He cast his eyes out over the ocean and watched as the sandy beach upon which he sat began to rise up as it was joined by other masses of land, and soon he could see buildings and animals and people walking with their children.



"Is it over?"

"No, Asuka, I believe it is simply beginning."