Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans. I'm not too sure about Star's past but I'm making it up and it'll be fun!

                She stood on the balcony to her room and ignored the chill that made cheeks stain with red. They had finally earned their victory with their greatest foe… Slade. She thought back to the journey they made to catching him and how rough it had been, especially when it came to Robin. Oh, Robin… She would never have stayed on Earth if she had never met him. She remembered when she met him for the first time… it was a rather cold night like just like the one she was greeting from the balcony.

                She had come to Earth by accident; she had originally been searching for her sister since Blackfire had been engaged and the wedding day was growing near. She had expected to get herself together before taking off for her search once more but she met him. She had been innocently talking to some guys who seemed a bit unusual. They tried to give her this white powder telling her it would make her feel good and forget about the injury had left a big purple bruise on her side. She was going to accept this 'miracle powder' when something had whizzed by her ear and pinned the bag to a wall.

"I suggest you don't take anything from these guys…" A voice said from the shadows. When he stepped into the light the three punks ran off bumping right into her making her bruise worse. She lay on the cold concrete before she felt him move next to her. "Are you okay?" He asked in all tenderness.

"I hurt…" She whimpered out before she felt him lift her body. She would've tried to struggle against him but she began to feel tired from her travels and merely relaxed into his hold.

"Did you ever manage to find that blip you saw on the screen?" A voice came to her ears as light poured into eyes making her wince. The voice was kinda deep and playful at the same time.

"Yeah Cy, I did…"

"You mean he wasn't imagining thing?!?!" A slightly higher pitched and playful voice reached her ear. "Oooh pretty girl…" She heard the second voice say.

"You can place me on the solid ground now." She told him and she stood, wobbly but she stood. She opened her eyes and saw two gaping beings looking at her. There was a taller being that looked rather funny with his plates of blue covering patches of his skin and one red eye. The shorter one looked rather sick since he was green from head to toe and chose an odd combination of colors for the clothes her wore, pink, silver, and black.

"Easy…" She heard the original smooth voice of her savior say before grasping her waist to steady her but she went rigid in his grasp as hid hand was placed on the bruise. Her legs began to give way as his grip became tighter of her.

"You're hurting her even more, idiot…" An empty voice, but feminine voice, reached her ears. Suddenly a black aura surrounded an odd piece of furniture and settled next to both her and her savior he let her go and she fell against the soft couch. "Out…" The word was short and simple but held much meaning to the guys in the room. They left the room so the girl could be tended to. "Some of these injuries are old and deep."

"I have been traveling much." She told the girl wearing mostly midnight blue. She relaxed against the softness of the couch and soon fell asleep.

'Is she going to be okay, Raven?' The voice of her savior seemed full of concern and worry.

"From what I can tell she will be." Raven spoke, almost immediately she woke up and looked at the group. They hadn't been really looking at her… in fact they weren't even in the room. She stood up and sighed not forgetting the mission she had been sent on.

"I really thank you for caring for me, but I must take flight for I have a mission to complete maybe I shall return someday to recite the poem of appreciation for you all … Starfire." She wrote on the table in front of her in a pen she had carried from home. She then snuck out of the place she had been at only to find it was a tower in the shape of a capital 'T'. She flew across the water well tried to anyway since she was still injured beyond belief and was greatly fatigued from her travels. So she opted for walking to the side of the building and resting there for a little longer. She rested her hand on her side where the bruise had been. Who knew that those giant brown sticks with green feathers would hurt during her crash landing? (It was a tree if you didn't catch that)

"I thought you were leaving." A voice came from her right. It was the voice of the boy who kept her from the 'miracle powder'.

"I would leave, I want to leave but I do not feel well enough to take flight yet."

"Take flight? You can fly?"

"Yes, if I had more strength. It appears as though my journeying through the galaxy has finally punished my body for working too hard."

"Journeying through the galaxy?"

"Yes, you see my sister, whom I cannot get along with at all, has been engaged and is supposed to marry the Prince of Garthos. She ran off and I had been sent to look for her."

"It's a big galaxy out there…"
"I am sorry, forgive my lack of manners. I am Starfire…"

"I know… you wrote it on the table." He said making her smile a little bit. "I'm Robin."

"It is nice meeting an inhabitant of Earth. I do not understand why you wished I do not accept the gift from those three boys before?"

"You've got to be careful of who you talk to. Some people will get you in trouble." Robin told her.

"Then thank you." She said standing up. She glanced up at the stars still holding her bruise.

"How about you stay here with us until you get well again then you can go find your sister?"

"That sounds like a good idea, but will your friends have a problem?"

"They'll be fine…"

"I never did follow after Blackfire. Good thing I did not for I fear that if I had I would have been in jail for her crimes."

"Starfire, BB wanted me to tell you it was time for dinner. It's his night you know/" The voice of Cyborg reached her ears. He watched her turn from the balcony and closed the double doors leading to it. He then noticed how empty the room was. "So you decided to leave?" He watched her pick up the suitcase.

"I know it will hurt everyone greatly but I do not think I could take it if another friend becomes obsessive over our next foe. I barely survived the Robin/Slade thing. Besides I think it is time I go back home" She said as her green eyes filled with tears. She put a disk on her bed. "I will miss you greatly Cyborg." She said opening the balcony doors and closing them once more as she took to the skies. Cyborg picked up the disk and went back to the kitchen.
"Isn't Star coming to try out the new dish I made?"

"I told you nobody likes tofu!" Cyborg said balancing the disk on his finger tip. "It made her leave… for good."

"She what?!?!" Robin heard that despite the wisecrack on Beast Boy's cooking.

"She left… her room is empty and all that was left is this." He threw the disk like a Frisbee towards Robin's head. Robin caught it with ease… 'Bie Liao…'

"That's Chinese…" Raven said softly. "When did she learn Chinese?"

"When I told her she had to learn Chinese or Japanese if she wanted to watch Animes, can't stand animes…manga's better…" Cyborg said. "She decided Chinese was easier… until se realized there were other forms of Chinese."

"What's it mean?"

"Farewell, never to meet again, blah blah blah." Cyborg said as silence filled the room.

"Why did she decide to go?" Beast Boy asked almost ready to cry.

"I wish I knew…" Robin said looking at the light reflect in the disk.