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"Kill Snow White?!?! What?!?!" Cyborg stood up and glanced at himself and nearly jumped out of his skin. He looked… normal. No Machine parts, just flesh that had been covered in a green tunic. Beside his feet were an axe and a boar.

"Will you do it? I will make it worth your while…" She threw up the coin bag before emptying its contents into her hands. Several gold coins sparkled in her palm.

'Say yes!!!' A voice echoed in his mind.

"Y-Yes, I'll do it." He said taking the coins from her. For some odd reason he found himself following the female.

"Snow White, wake up you useless girl!!!" The queen muttered.

"I'm up…" She lifted her head letting her dark locks slide away from her face. Cyborg's eyes nearly bulged out of his head as he looked at Snow White. In all honesty she even seemed shocked to be in that position.

"What are you…?"

"Shut up you stupid girl… Go with this hunter… He's going to bring something to palace later, you are to follow him and make sure he does his job." The voice commanded. Both Cyborg and "Snow White" Looked at the Queen and saw it was one of the two twins.

"Uhh, yeah…" Snow White got up and grabbed the cloak being held out to her. She was partly thankful it was a dark colored Cape. She followed Cyborg who was just as clueless as anything.

"Okay, Raven… WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!?!"

"It seems like we're stuck in Fairy tale land…" Raven said frowning in disgust her dress. "It's yellow…"

"There's blue in it…"

"Not dark enough…" She gave him the eye. "This is where I leave you now." She said.
"What?!?! You're going to leave me here with this nut case place?"

"I have to… it seems we're following Snow White and the Seven Dwarves."

"But… but…" He Sighed. "I don't even LIKE fairy tales." He complained while Raven tossed a rock in his direction… it just went through his head. "Hey watch where you're chucking stuff!!" He then realized his hand went through it all. "We can't touch anything?"

"Anything that shouldn't happen isn't allowed to happen." She concluded.

"So what now?"
"Kill a boar put its heart into the box..." Raven said rolling his eyes.
"Alright…" He looked at his arms. "No communication either… boy. So I guess we play our roles and see what happens?"

"Guess so…" Raven looked at her dress again before cringing.

She proceeded on her journey to the little house that was supposed to be her "safe haven" Till the poisoned apple bit. Once at the house she cleaned the pig sty house with anger bulging on her forehead as the sound of the little feet reached her ears.
She glared at the dwarves who came in all of them filthy.

'They better not ruin the mess I just cleaned up.'

"I don't like it here…" Blaze murmured to himself looking around in search of another soul… not one. "I wish Kori were here…Or anyone…"

"Ugh… I can't believe I'm stuck in this ugly dress." A voice made him jump. Blaze stood up.

"Bluestreak??" He called out ignoring the fact that his shorts were highly ugly as well as the moment. Immediately a tall figure appeared. Bluestreak with her black hair sticking up in every direction possible in a green and red dress. Immediately the boy cracked up laughing.
"What you laughing at?" She looked at his attire and began laughing.

"Shut up!!" Blaze frowned before noticing a funky house on a hill before them. "Maybe who lives there can help us out!!" Blaze cheered rushing to the house.


'Who's Blaze. His name is Hansel. Understand Gretel?' A voice in the back of her mind spoke up making her wonder a bit on the situation.

"What dumb names. Hansel and Gretel."

'You will follow script or something horrible will happen to your princess…" The voice became more and more intense. One "Gretel." Caught up to the young "Hansel" She noticed Echo answering the door in attire that didn't seem normal, even by earth standards.

"Echo…" Blaze took a step forward only to find Echo's eyes held no recognition. "Echo what's wrong?"

"Come inside, children."

"Echo…" Bluestreak waved a hand in the females face getting no true response.

"She is no longer your Echo. Because she refused to conform to her role, I made her conform." The voice let out a malicious laugh.

"Kori…." Bluestreak gasped realizing the very same to her princess could happen.

"Something wrong, Gretel?" Blaze asked with his innocent child like light in his eyes. A wave of relief washed over her as she could only wonder who else had to "conform."

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