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Stephanie softly caressed her daughter's hair, assuaging the nightmares that had awoken her during the night. The four year old closed her eyes, clamed by her mother's comforting presence. She whispered sweet words of comfort into her daughter's ear. She knew that the little girl was still missing having her ex-husband in the house.

Of course it was odd, he hadn't been gone long enough for anyone to forget his commanding presence. Unfortunately for her, but more unfortunately for her two little girls. She knew however much she hurt, her daughters were hurting a thousand times more. They had only seen their father a few times since he had left them, about 8 months before.

She hated him, and yet she still loved him, if for nothing else than her two little girls. She looked down at her daughter, her soft blonde hair luminous in the dim light from the nightlight she insisted she have on. She looked like a little angel, her sweet face bringing a smile to Stephanie's face. She wanted to hate him, desperately, but he had given her the two beautiful, sweet little girls.

Not that he even cared. After he had torn his ACL, it was the beginning of the end, but she hadn't seen it. She had continued to live as if her life was perfect, and as far as she knew, it had been. Physical therapy he had said, when she had inquired as to why he was gone all the time. She knew she wasn't a fool because she had believe him; he would've done anything to get back in the ring again, not letting age or a bum leg get in his way. He had the perfect cover, and everybody believed him, believed the lies. That was...until that night.

She had been out with the girls, and they were supposed to stay overnight in New York. But Keagan had forgotten her teddy bear and there was no way that she could sleep without it, so they had headed back home, scrapping the overnight stay. She had driven home, arriving well after midnight, the two little girls asleep in the backseat. She had gotten out of the vehicle, intending to asked her husband to help her bring Keagan and Ferris inside the house.

She walked inside to the sound of moaning from upstairs. She laughed, thinking that he was having a little fun with his hand. Hmm...maybe they could have some fun tonight, she had mused to herself. It had been a while since they had been together like that. Unknowingly she had walked upstairs to greet him.

She saw it and wished she could burn the memory from her brain. Any other way she could've dealt with. If he had said, calmly, that they had grown apart, she would've handled it better. But finding him on top of his fucking physical therapist, she couldn't deal with that. She gasped, swore at him, and walked right back out again, taking her and the children to her parent's house.

Then he had left her. No remorse, no sadness, he had just run off with his mistress, Shayna, her name was. Left her, but also left his daughters. Left two helpless, little children, and for that he was a bastard. What kind of man left two of the most beautiful children in the world?

Telling them their daddy was going away had been the worst part of this messy divorce. Having to tell them why the man, the father they adored, wouldn't be coming around anymore, was bar none the hardest thing she had ever had to do. Answering their questions, seeing their broken little faces, staring into their teary eyes, she had wanted to kill her ex- husband. If he had seen those faces and still turned away, he would've cemented his place as a cruel, heartless asshole.

"Mommy," Keagan said, turning to face Stephanie.

"Yes darling?"

"I want Daddy," she said softly.

Stephanie closed her eyes briefly. She knew this had been coming. The divorce had really affected Keagan more than Ferris, Keagan being the younger of the two. Ferris, at seven years old, was able to grasp the concept at least a little. But Keagan, well, sometimes Stephanie caught her staring out the front window, waiting for her daddy to magically appear. Stephanie would have to gently tell her that Daddy wasn't coming home.

"Sweetie, what did Mommy tell you?"

"Daddy went away for a long time," she said, repeating what Stephanie had said time and time again to her and her sister.

"That's right, but he'll come see you once and a while," she told the little girl, hoping that was the truth.

"I miss him."

"I know sweetie, I miss him too sometimes."

"Where he is?"

"Mommy doesn't know sweetie," she answered, but having heard that he and his new girlfriend had moved to California. This was after he had quit the company.

"He here?"

"No sweetie, he's not here."


"But I'm here sweetie, and you know I will never leave you."

"Ok," she said, "Daddy no love us huh?"

"He loves you so much," Stephanie said, hugging the little girl to her, "Don't ever doubt that."

"But he not here."

"He just had to go away for a while."

"Ok," she said yawning, "Night Mommy."

"Goodnight my sweet girl," she said, leaning down to kiss her daughter's forehead.

Stephanie got up and walked to the door. She stopped and looked back. Keagan was holding her teddy bear in her arms, clutching it tightly. Stephanie smiled softly and closed the door behind her, leaving it open just a crack. She walked down to her room and paused as she saw a picture of the newborn Keagan being held by her doting father.

She damned Hunter to hell.

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