Summary; George has died, now Fred. What remains for Angelina? Disclaimer; Don't own the characters do own a computer. A/N Very depressing, could be a sequel to 'Inseperable'

The icy rain fell, it bounced of her upturned face already wet from tears. She sighed taking a steadying breath of air, she lowered her head in sorrow, the water dripped from the ends of her now limp hair. She remembered a time not so long ago though it felt like a lifetime. She'd been happy and he'd always had an aura of good humour, almost always.

She twisted her ring, wedding ring. The gold band glimmered and the diamond dug into the inside of her hand . She clutched it, th pressure almost broke her skin, it was admittedly sore. But nothing compared to the pain in her heart. She'd been shocked at the extravagance. He had laughed and told her that he didn't care about the price as long as it made her happy. He spun her around after she had said yes. He didn't look it, but he was very strong.

Oh, the past tense, not that long past but still very tense.

She kneeled by the graveside, the topsoil turned to slushy mud, her fingers traced the letters of his name. She knew she should be getting home, the baby would wake up soon, but she stayed.

She collapsed at the grave side, twin graves.

"Oh Fred!" sobbed Angelina.