Title: This Isn't Right...

by: LilyP_Writer@yahoo.com

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Chapter 1: Why Me?


Ginny was walking backwards up the stairs to Hogwarts on her first day of her last year at Hogwarts. She was listing her top 10 reasons why this year was going to be the best year. "Number 4: We all have our Apparating License, even though we can't do it on school grounds."

Ginny suddenly felt the trilling sensation of falling as her foot slipped on the wet stones, but fortunately, her fall was broken by the steps rushing up to smack her bum. "Oww..." She opened her eyes and saw all her friends laughing. She laughed too, and allowed herself to be helped up by Helen 'Kiki' Jones, who was a beautiful, slender, but shallow blond who happened to be Ginny's best friend. "Hey," Ginny would respond, when people asked how they could be friends, "opposites attract." On her other side, Dawn Davies helped her up. Dawn was a smart girl who would laugh at anything. It was not uncommon for someone to say, "Dawn, it looks like it's going to rain," and she would laugh her head off.

Ginny glared at the two boys in her group, Colin Creevey and Kyan Jeffory, "Some gentlemen you two are." Ginny then dusted off her back side and continued to walk. She stole a glance at Kyan and glared at him. He laughed. Kyan was the complete opposite of Colin, who looked as though he just got out of bed and was ready to face the world. Kyan, on the other hand, looked as though he spent more than 10 minutes in the bathroom before he was ready to get his school bag out of his trunk.

"Alright, two more. Number 2: We are considered adults even though some of us don't act like it." She took this moment to start walking backwards through the Great Hall between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables while glaring at the two boys. "Ok, finally the Number One reason that it is great to be 17 years old and in our 7th year at Hogwarts," she gave a dramatic pause and continued, "No-"

She had bumped into someone, whose arms where clutching hers so she didn't fall. She turned around, "Harry!" His green eyes were twinkling at her from behind his glasses. It was so ironic, she was going to say Harry. The Number One reason that it is great that they are 17 and in their last year at Hogwarts is no Harry, no butterflies, no resurfaced feelings, no knight in shining armor, none of that.

"Hey, Ginny, its good to see you," He leaned down and wrapped his arms around her, pinning her upper arms to her side. She felt warmth rush over her and the familiar feeling of butterflies and not being able to form a simple sentence around him.

"Harry, w-what are you doing here?" 'Good,' she thought, 'I managed a complete sentence with only one stutter.'

Harry let go and squeezed her arm, which made her melt. "You'll find out soon." He gave a cocky grin and winked at her, then turned back to the Head table and started to talk to the Headmaster.

Ginny was staring after him with the dazed eyes she usually had when looking at him. She blushed slightly when she realized that he had just gave her a hugged and winked.

"Ginny? Hello?" Dawn began to wave her arm frantically in front of Ginny's face between giggles.

"Sorry," Ginny turned and sat down, "what did you say?"

"Number 1? No-what?" Colin asked in his high pitched tenor voice.

"No Harry." Ginny sighed and looked back up to the table where Harry was now talking to Hagrid. Harry sat on the edge of his seat as if he really didn't belong in it and was waiting for the owner to come back and claim it. "Guess it changed to my top Nine reasons." Ginny rested her chin on the palm of her hand.

"Gin, you so pathetic." Kiki said while examining her red finger nails.

"Thank you, Kiki, for being so sensitive," Ginny said sarcastically.

"Shut up," Kyan said, "Dumbledore is trying to talk." The five friends shut up immediately and looked up at the white haired headmaster who was looking quite old at the moment.

"Welcome newcomers and welcome back to those who have been here before." Dumbledore motioned to McGonagall to bring forth the Sorting Hat. Ginny listened quietly to the Sorting Hat's annual song and gave little bouts of laughter directed toward the First years. She cheered along with the rest of her table as the small children became Gryffindors and ignored the yells and cheering from the Slytherin table when they acquired any new residents.

"Well, now that our new students have found their new houses, let me welcome our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, whom I am sure most of you know, what being Harry Potter and all." There were a lot of cheers at this moment. Ginny looked up at Harry who was sitting between Hagrid and Professor Flitwick.

Her eyes looked the size of Quaffles she was so shocked, she didn't even start cheering until halfway into it. Harry looked through the crowd at her. She felt the breath get caught up in her throat. Ginny gave a weak smile and Harry winked at her. 'Two,' she thought lamely, 'two winks.'

Their eye contact broken, when Harry turned to Hagrid who began to shake Harry's hand with tears in his eyes. Ginny thought that if Hagrid didn't stop giving his congratulations soon, Harry might have tears in his own eyes. Ginny tore her eyes away from him just as Flitwick praised him too.

"You know, Ginny," Kyan said, as the cheering died down and the food appeared, "its not right for you to have a crush on a teacher." Ginny picked up and dinner roll and threw it at Kyan. He laughed heartedly.

Ginny found that she couldn't eat more than a few spoonfuls of soup and a swig of pumpkin juice. She kept looking over at Harry who was in deep conversation which Flitwick. Every now and then he would look up at Ginny and smile, making her blush and feel the butterflies again. 'Stop looking if you don't want him to catch you,' she kept telling herself.

After dessert, which she found she couldn't eat much of either, Dumbledore made his usual announcements. Which included: no magic in the corridors and the Forbidden Forest is just that, forbidden. Ginny got up and began to walk out of the Great Hall with her friends. They were talking animatedly and Ginny stayed quiet.

"Ginny!" Harry grabbed her arm and she turned around. So did her friends. "Ginny, isn't this great?" He looked like a little kid in a candy store who just got the key to the back room.

Ginny smiled. "Yes, but," Ginny paused. 'Something witty, Ginny, say something witty,' she yelled at herself. "I won't have to call you 'Professor Potter,' now will I?" 'Ah,' she inwardly shrugged, 'it will do.'

"Of course you will!" Harry said, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"What if I don't, Harry," she emphasized his name.

He smiled and leaned in with that cocky grin of his and his eyes twinkled again. He looked as though he was about to burst out laughing. The mirth ringing in his low tone as he said "You'll get detention." Then he walked off.

Ginny smiled and fell back into Colin and Kyan's arms. She struggled to stand up but she could still feel his warm dinnermint-y breath on her face.

"Was he just flirting with Ginny?" Dawn asked Kiki.

Kiki rolled her eyes, "With him, who knows." Kiki turned to Ginny, "Of course you know him better than we do, was he flirting?"

Ginny shrugged and was all pink and flustered. "I don't know. But, Oh Merlin, I hope so."

Colin slapped her hand. It was joke they shared for a long time. Anyone in the group who had a bad idea or a bad thought got a slap on the hand. "What?" Ginny asked turning to him.

"Ginny, he is a teacher. You know how many wizard and muggle laws that you would break if you and he got involved?" With that, Ginny received three more slaps from Dawn, Kiki, and Kyan. Everyone began to laugh.

"Colin," Ginny said suppressing a giggle, "just because I want him and I to be involved doesn't mean we are going to be. I mean, to him, I am just Ron's little sister. Also, think about it; Harry graduated last year with my big brother, Harry practically lived with my family every summer since I was 11, plus he doesn't know many people still at Hogwarts except me, so he feels closer to me than usual, he was probably just joking." Ginny said the last part with a little disappointment.

"Gin, remind me again why you had gotten over your crush on him back in 4th year." Kiki said with a rather bored tone. But Ginny knew better. Kiki was trying to get Ginny to remember those emotions she used to get over him, so that she could get over him again.

"It was," Ginny said, as she stopped as a large group of Ravenclaws passed in front of them, "when I had a boyfriend, Michael--" She trailed off because he just passed by in the group.

"Oh..." Kiki looked at Kyan to get him to help her change the subject.

"Well, that settles it then?" Kyan said and Ginny took her eyes off of her ex, who ignored her, so she could look at Kyan. "We get you a boyfriend." He said like it was as plain as day.

"A boyfriend?" Ginny bit her bottom lip.

"Its not impossible," Kyan pointed out, "I mean, let your hair down." He pulled the ribbon out of her bun and it fell to her mid back with thick curls. "Loosen your tie and unbutton one or two at the top." As he said it, he began to do as such. "Make your skirt a little shorter." He grabbed the waist and picked it up a little which made Ginny squirm.

"Hey, hey, hey!" She poked him, "Watch your hands." She glared at him and accidentally let a giggle out.

"Look," Kyan told the others, who lined up in front of Ginny, "I call it 'Hopeless Case,' but, it will do," he said like an artist. The others clapped politely or snapped their fingers like people do after someone reads a poem. Ginny kicked Kyan's backside as he took a bow. "Hey!" He rubbed his bum and added, "You do look good."

"Don't try to butter me up, Jeffory."

Kyan rolled his eyes, "Hysteria," he said and the portrait opened. "Good night, ladies," he said as he walked up the stairs with Colin. Ginny, Dawn, and Kiki walked up their own staircase. They were giggling about something when they entered their dorm.

"Will you please shut it," one of their roommates called, "we are trying to get some sleep before classes tomorrow." Ginny suppressed her giggles and tip toed around the room grabbing her pjs and pushing her friends.

As she descended into bed, she remembered that Harry was going to be her teacher. She just prayed that she didn't have him until Thursday, Friday, or never.


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